MY bucket list

Things I want to do, in my life.. I am constantly adding, and thinking of new ways to improve my life. Ultimatly I want to do good, and be loved, and just be happy..

1.Go to 10 light houses 

2. to the circus with Austin

3. Go to church weekly, become an active member eventually

4.Go to the Pacific Ocean

5.Go to Vegas

6.Go to DC with Keith

7.Go to a NASCAR race

8.Be fluent in a foreign language

9.Be an active member of my children’s PTA

10.Never get divorced

11.Write a letter to everyone I love

12.Hot air balloon ride

13.Be a contestant in a tv show

14See the top 100 films of all time


16.Save 100,000 dollars

17.Host a family reunion
18.Build my ‘daughter’ a hope chest

19.Learn to play piano

20.Learn to knit

21.Complete my College education

22.Teach a college class
23.Make peace with my family

24.Learn to swim

25.Run a marathon

26.Go to NYC for new years eve

27.Earn 1,000,000 travel points

28.FILL my passport
29.50 states in 50 years ( ask me if you want some details)

30.Go to a Broadway show

31.Kiss a dolphin

32.Horseback ride, on a beach

33.Hike a mountain

34.Witness a solar eclipse

35.Write a play script

36.Go skydiving

37.Invest in the stock market

38.Join a gym

39.Save someones life

40.Go to Amsterdam

41.Watch the changing of guards at Buckingham palace

42.Be in a commercial

43.Spend a week in silence

44.Follow Marco Polo's route through all of the Middle East, Asia and China

45.Be a member of a jury

46.Eat a whole box of oreos in one sitting

47.Make someone happy

48.Be an extra in a film/tv show

49.Tell someone the story of my life, sparing no details

50.Brew my own beer

51.Shave my head

52.Send a message in a bottle

53.Learn to ballroom dance

54.Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home (just once).

55.Shower in a waterfall ( maybe naked)

56.Spend a night in a haunted house

57.Drive across America from coast to coast.

58.Go on a bike tour

59.Make a complete and utter fool of yourself

60.Go on the fastest roller coaster

61.Forgive my parent

62.Drive the Autobahn
63.Spend Christmas on the beach drinking pina coladas

64.Buy your own house and then spend time making it into exactly what you want

65.Spend three months getting your body into optimum shape.

66.Give a speech in public

67.Give to a charity -- anonymously.

68.Deep sea fishing

69.Catch a ball in the stands of a major league baseball stadium

70.Learn to bartend

71.Go to boston in the fall

72.Northern lights

73.Get into a [fist] fight

74.White water rafting
75.Dance in a public fountain

76.Give up television and the internet for one month
77.Spend a whole day naked

78.Look into your child's eyes, see yourself, and smile

79.Fly First Class

80.Set off a fire extinguisher
81.Win an award

82.Join the mile high club

83.Ride a mechanical bull
84.Mardi Grais

85.Broadway show

86.Be on the veiw

87.Become a world traveler

88.Spend a whole day in bed

89. Go to a huge rock concert, get pulled onstage

90. experince weightlessness

91. direct/preform a play

92. hang-gliding someplace exotic

93. visit the playboy mansion

94.  spend a week at a 5 star spa

95.  Be someones mentor

96.  Get hypnotized

97.  Win the lottery

98. Mud wrestle

99. Attend the midnight screening of a movie on the day it opens

100. Be remembered as a Good person