Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good-Bye 2012, you did us proud

Well, Christmas was a complete sucess in all senses.. We have so many family members who love us, we had plenty of figgy pudding, parties and good food to last a month..

Everything was as amazing as I knew it would be, cousins who never see each other gathered around and played

And at home when we were all done fo the night, my kids played for hours with one another. Austin is so good with his baby sister, he knows just how to keep her occupied.

And they both loved their new toys from gandparents, while mommy and daddy sat back and watched. Banking the memory. Because it is amazing. I often caught Keith with a huge smile on his face. Because this is what parenting is all about, the joy we see in our childrens eye, the communion of family, even when babies are poopy and toddlers are cranky.. its STILL amazing

And our own family continued our traditions,
Christmas Eve pjs

Our milk, cookies and fruit for santa

On Christmas Eve we all went to bed waiting for Santa to come visit. We didnt even open our eyes a sliver because he would know.. When the morning came, Austin said " can we open our eyes mom?"
The excitment in his voice when the cookies were gone, when he saw his stocking, and the letter Santa wrote him.. A-MAZING

We were lucky to spend all day Christmas with family. Whom we love and love us.
It was a truly amazing year, and the best Christmas thus far in my twenty-four years

Now we are in vacation mode, lounding around in our pjs, watching movies, drinking coffee all day, eatin icecream, playing candyland and pretty much enjoying doing nothing.. The way life should be

We are saying good-bye to 2012 in style, that is if bedhead and sweats are stlyish.. potatoe potatato

I will be back next year, ready and rerring to go!
Happy New Year Y'all

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Well hello, it's been awhile.. Which soon will not be the case, not to mention it's one of my New Years Resolutions to blog twice a week.. Anyhoo since Turkeyday the big bad flu battled his way through the entire family, including Addy.. So needless to say I was not at my full blogging potential, what with puke, and rashes and fevers to contend with..

But I am happy to announce we kicked Mr Flus big butt outta here, and are all doing really well.

And also, in large part to cyber monday we now have a new family camera, one with a flash..

I am loving it, getting back into my groove thing, really finding my inspiration indeed.

It doesn't hurt that ITS CHRISTMASTIME.. seriously, the most wonderful time of year.. And having kids really gives me an excuse to live it up man. I'm talking twinkling lights, nutcrackers, christmas cookies, movies, late bedtimes.. seriously, I am one cool mom.

For our advent calendar this year ( thank dad)

I decided to DO something every day, instead of recieve something.. Because recieving is very fun, and awesome yeah, but really not the point, right?

To me, and my family ( because HEY, Im the matriacrch and am totally riding in the front seat.. oh yeah I almost forgot I have a handsome copilot, his names Daddy) Christmas is about being together, celebrating our love, GIVING to others, praying for others, eating great food, and doing fun things..

We've made a great selection of ornaments thus far, and baked some kick-butt cookies too. Austin is a master "egg cracker" and totally is gonna rock it out in the kitchen.
Another something his future wife will be greatful for.. My boy will be a great cook, AND he actually enjoys helpng do dishes.. something his daddy missed out on.. wink wink (Im assuming once puberty hits, maybe not so much? who knows )

I've been in such great spirits.. On days like today, when I woke up and made the whole day all about my kids. We got dressed up we went out to breakfast in Bethel at the school, there were craft tables, and carolers, and HEY, he got to meet THE santa clause. I had such a proud momma moment, he was so nervous it was palable to me. My heart was racing, praying he could muster the courage to meet the big guy. He walked up to him, all by himself, and asked him for a dinasour. He was so proud. I was so proud, and I may or may not have shed a little tear.

Hes really growing up so fast, and it means so much knowing that his brain is holding these memroies, and he may actually remember this day with his mom. Where he met the REAL snata, who knew his name, and rode on a sleigh with a big horse named Jingle.

His imaginiation will make this memory so big, and it will be something he'll never forget.. or at least thats what I hope for.

Today was also one of those days where you get the opportuinty to teach you child an enexpected lesson. Today a little girl rang the fire alarm, the entire building had to be evacuated, and it was quite the orrdeal. But it was wonderful to teach my son about it, and okay.. Maybe I'm just high on Christmas cheer fumes.. But I had such a great day..

It was one for the books.. For sure

Somethings we'e been up to

the tree at  my mother's house

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mrs. Holiday ( no relation to Billy) *

That's my name, don't wear it out..

Coming in second to the most fesstive women to ever have roamed this earth, Mrs Clause obviously wins that hands down.. But besides her I bet I could win any pixie tossing, candy cane throwing, tinsil and garland contest there is..

Unitl I had children, I never grasped the awesomeness of the holidays..

OF COURSE, I understand what Christmas is all about, I was raised in a christan school, and I appreciate it, and even celebrate it. But am also thankful for the secular community's contribution to holidays, because part of being a child is really the essence of the holidays, not just the gifts, really thats the last best thing about it for kids.. Its the magic, the wonder..

And being the matriarch ( the coolest job EVER) of my family, I get to govern the magic and wonder of my childrens childhoods. and not just the Christmas ones... ALL of them..

The pen is in my hand, I am writing the story they will tell their children, I am holding the pink, frilly pen with the ink to their memories.. The way I chose to raise them will affect them for their entire lives, it will be with them and be their inner voice for their entire lives (believe me I know, I had parents) 

Our holidays kicked off in style, with our third annual thanksgiving dinner, hosted by yours truely.
And every year it gets better, and easier as a host. As I am growing up, and learning more, I find it funner. As a child I really disliked thanksgiving.. As an Adult its totally ones of my favorites..

And with Thanksgiving over, and our cornucopias away for another year, I spent the day relaxing, and vacumming, so we can unpack our nutcrackers, and snowmen..  We're gonna rock around the Christmas tree all weekend, dancing and decorating..

Because that's what we do.

* disclaimer : I have no clue who Billy Holiday is, I've heard of him though...

Monday, November 12, 2012

terrible twos?

Of course every mother looks forward to their children hitting milestones,learning new things, and discovering things they did not know before, at whatever pace it may be.
But thanks to tradition, and a few old wives tales all moms clear their throats, and dig their heels into the cold ground when their babies start hitting their second birthday..
Because apparently ALL children are terrible their second year of life.. Personally the second was a peice of decadant chocolate cake compared to the gruelling third year..
I'm being overlly dramatic.. sort of..
When the third year comes, and comes, and comes, and it gets closer to the fourth year, a young toddler becomes an active, imaginitive, wild preschooler. Who sleeps less, eats more, and never stops learning, (or listening, but thats a whole different post.)
They really develop their own personality, they start to realize they are their own person, which in turn makes them push their limits..
Anyhoo Im somewhere between a very good boy and a wild and limit-pushing one..
It comes with ther terririoty, but believe me, if you want to question your ability to parent, on a daily basis..Have a son.
I've said it before, and I still mean it just as much,
It's a hard job, it's tough and it pushes you to your limits
But, at the same time, the return is sweeter than anything else there is.
It's the most rewarding job I have.
I swear he teaches me more than I could ever teach him..
Not to mention, he's pretty handsome too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

pictureless post

So I've been without a camera for weeks, I can take the occasional outdoor photo, and I do. But with winter on the brink we are rarely outdoors, its COLD out there..
Photos have always been inspirational to me, they ignite my writing flames, they give me fuel to write. But without my camera I have found new ways to gain insipration, I find myself without many posts lately, and that bothers me..

Writing is my artist outlet, for many reasons. In years to come I will look back to these formative years in my marriage, and childrens lives and be able to remember things I wouldnt have otherwise.

Photos add to the texture, make the words I string together come alive, make it become a story that others can enjoy with us.

Since my last post, I have literrally taken zero pictures, but I have made memories.

We took Austin trick or treating last week, for literally five hours, he did so good. I could really see how much he is growing, and while it stung a little to realize he is almost four, it make my heart swell with pride. He went to the doors knocked, and was not shy, he would say somewhat timidly " trick or treat" and the people would oggle at his sister and how good he  was. It was fun.

Addison is too growing up faster than I imagined. She can sit up all by herself, play for up to 30 minutes without falling back onto her boppy. She is still having trouble with sleeping alone. Something I admit doesnt so much bother me when we cuddle all night.. A quickly passing phase I am grasping to for dear life. On any given night she will be found nestled between her momma and daddy. IF Austin wakes to find his siter gone he usually sneaks in as well in super stealth mode, I wont even realize hes there until dawn when Keith wakes up..

All in all, we are still here, kicking, and really enjoying our Holiday season.
This year a rather quiet Thanksgiving planned with only a couple family members, but so much love.
Im mostly excited because Austin is so into helping me cook lately.

Im off to cuddle and snuggle.
Happy Holidays

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catch - up

We've spent the month doing fall-ish things like raking leaves, and jumping in them

We had an impromptu costume day, where Addy wore Austins baby costume..
austins dinosuar costume from last year
Let me tell you, if you wanna get sentimental, just put your baby in your firsts baby's halloween costume... I had forgetten litle details from that day, when seeing Addy in it memories started flooding in.. We visted so many family members, had dinner and Austin ate squash in my dads high chair. Austin took his first steps at my step dads.. It was so sweet, and my babies look so much a like
of course I added a little girlish touch with the bow
 It was just what I needed after such.along.and stressful week at work,
Inspiration has been easy to find, but hard to hone in on lately.
Just call me Stella, Im trying to find my groove.. or get it back, with all this working, and sleepless nights..
 Sometimes it's easy to get a little cranky, the key I find, is to rally.. I fake it till I make it, including energy. When I have none, I hone in on some that I have stored in the recesses of my body and get the job done..

All in all, we are doing good, with the stressful comes the moments that remind you what you are doing, WHY you are doing it..

my reasons? My family. When work is so horffically stressful? I jump in leaves, or I have a reading picnic..

This past weekend was youth hunting day - Keith brought out his cousin.. We went shooting before, and unfortunaly they didnt see anything, but hey the season has only just began, and we are excited!!
( not abot getting up at the break of dawn)

Halloween is just around the corner, and its the first holiday in my magic holiday trio, I am not allowing myself to plan for turkey day until halloween is over, I gotta live in the moment, sometimes I get ahead of myself.. like planning Addys birthday? okay gotta slow down..

See you on Halloween with two cute little babies you just cant help but fall in love with.

Happy Halloween y'all

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

updates and routines

Well Fall is most certainly here,
And besides our Halloween countdowns, and pumpkin carving, and leaf jumping, and forest adventures, we have been getting into a full blown routine each morning, slowly working out the kinks, and trying to devlop some sort of routine

Two months into working and daycare one would think we would be all situated, but let me tell you...

EVERY. night is different. Some times Addy doesn't sleep, sometimes Austin has nightmares, sometimes we all sleep really great, but then forget to wake up at alarm clock and BAM we're late..

Sometimes Austin can't get to Nana's fast enough to play, other times it takes all I have jsut to get him out of his room.. Sometimes I remember everything I need, and sometimes I forget everything I can..

Some days are really great, and others are stressful. But no matter how hard, or easy, fun or stressful each day is, when I leave daycare, knowing my kids are safe, I go to work, and I work, and deal with whatever sort of day I am gonna have, and when I get home I try to leave it all at work, and dive into my afternoons with the kids..

Tuesady I had one of those days are work.. When I got home I grabbed a rake, and raked and raked until our pile was as high as the sky, and we jumped, and ran, and went for a walk. I dove right into my kids.

The ebb and flow of working and being a mom is sometimes hard. But knowing I have to, makes me feel like I am leading by example, what better way to show my children what good work ethics are, or how benifical and rewarding it is to help others in need. Not just words, actions.

I am blessed to have such a job, not something that gets me through the week, but something I love, and feel like I am making a difference in others lives. Hard work, but worth the work.

And working all day, makes it jsut that much sweeter when I come home to my kids.

This week Austin made his first cake - ALL. BY. HIMSELF. He will tell you " mommmy did the eggs, because those are hard" and also I put the cake in and out of the oven
But he mixed, poured, frosted and sprinkled ALL. BY. HIMSELF.

( sorry no pictures, my camera doesnt take inside pictures anymore :( )

BUT, we did go scouting, and Autin found some footprints, ALL BY HIMSELF..

He is growing up so fast, his birthday s right around the corner, and if you ask what he is getting its a kitty, and if you ask how old he will be he will tell you five.. He doesnt want to be four, he wantes to go to school.. so cute!

Today, Addison is five months old. Five months have gone by, but somehow I feel like I have known her my whole life.  She is so sweet, and is growing so fast. Minus her sleeping through the night mishaps, she is flourishing. She is stil lbreatfeeding minus two bottles a day at daycare. She also eats a veggie for lunch and for dinner. She can roll over, she loves het tootsies, and loves loves loves her big brother. He can make her laugh when even I cant.
Addy - we love you, and can't belieive you are so big!!

Mommy and Daddy are having a date this weekend, Austin askes me everyday " is it saturday yet" because he LOVES to go to his meme's.. But mommy is also very excited to spend time with her hubby.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mommy Vacations

Tonight I had the best sort of vacation, not the sort that involves taking days off from work, or even packing a bag.. No, mine was simple. I escaped to the bathroom, and took a shower by myself, with the door shut, hot water steaming the mirror, savoring the quiet time. I shaved my legs with shaving cream, heck even shaving them at all sometimes is a conquer. I followed the drections on my conditioner bottle, I showered until there was no hot water left.
 I really thought about prolonging what I thought would be a warzone when I exited my heaven, a screaming baby perhaps, a stressed out husband, or a naked toddler, any of these are plausible in our household.. But I walked out to a father and son building blocks next to their baby jumping along in her seat. It was so funny.

On days when my job is particularlly stressful, or Austin has one too many toddler meltdowns, or Abby gets into the trash I often too easily lose focus on whats really important to me.

Mainly and most importantly, my kids. Their future, their present really - their childhoods. I want to be an example, and teach them right and wrong, compassion and patience. And while when one asks God for one such a virtue it is not hand deilevered fed ex for your immediaite usage, no, when one asks God for patience or kindness, God gives you a situation in which you can triumph and use it.

Austin's first time washing the car

My mommy vacation really help reset my mindset, I took a little timeout, and felt so much better for it.

Sometimes it's all you need to help find focus. I found my focus and I am ready to finish out the week with an overabundance of paitience and kindness.

Who couldn't just pinch these cheeks??

Happy October

Saturday, September 22, 2012


These past few weeks have been such a learning experience for us.
I was nervous to start work, excited too, but nervous for the reserved shy girl inside. Afraid of meeting new people, afraid of leaving my kids for the majority of the day. Of course I knew I had to get a job, because Lord knows I wouldn't have otherwise...

But starting new chapters can be scary. Change can be scary. When I found out I was prengnant with Addison, I was scared, among other feelings of joy and excitement, the future was uncertain, I was scared of the unknown. And when I met her, and finally held her in my arms, my heart melted and forgot the fear from nines months before.

I feel like everything is falling into place, I love my job, I am learning so much about myself, and actaully feel myself growing, becoming a better person. And in turn it makes me a better mother. A mother who will teach through example that it's important to work, to work hard for the things you want, to help people in need, and less fortunate than yourself, to always be giving, putting others before yourself. To love all people, the same, no matter what color skin they have, or what disabilites or handicapps they possess.

Those things, I have seen, and have learned do not define a person. A person is definied by the things they do, the way they treat others, the good they do. The courage they have to stand up for others.

I have had my wishy-washy-not-sure-if-Im-doing-whats-best for my baby days, when I feel emotional or over tired, or stressed from a hard day at work. I have questioned whats right and wrong, and thought hard about my choice. Some days regretting it, missing my baby so much.

One thing I know fo sure - I have such a deep respect for working mothers, super moms who seem to be able to do it ALL, AND have a clean house, and polite children. The juggleing act of parenting is setting a list of priorites, and working from the top.

For every family it's different. My TOP priority is family time, with my kids. taking walks, making dinner, having dinner TOGETHER, talking, watching movies, doing crafts. Sometimes housework gets left behind, but at the end of the day, with a pile of clean clothes in a laundry basket, and two sleeping babies next to me, I never feel more complete. and not a shread of guilt.

In ten years I wont remember a pile of dishes, neither will my children. They will remember this.

and this..

From me to you, have a good weekend, and week!
Today was the first day of Fall, and in this house,
that is reason to