Saturday, November 26, 2011

I am ever so happy to report that Austin has made a full recovery from his tummy virus,
and his spirits couldn't be higher today..

he is loving his new snowsuit
We spent the afternoon decorating for Christmas and building snow -  people, and by me I , of course, mean me.. Austin had a blast throwing snow, and running and playing.. he did help too some.. ;)

featuring mommy on left, and Austin on left

my favorite guy!!

Then it was time for Christmas music, Christmas trees ( mini style 'till we get our big one) and hot chocolate...

wouldnt be complete without the Christmas mugs

complete with mini - ornaments

Life is GOOD, life is sweet - but most of all it's what you make it.

Im makin' this life beautiful!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Am I the only one who has all these fantasies about the "perfect" Thanksgiving or holidays?
Usually it includes the whole family wearing sweaters, sipping egg nog, eating great food, you know - the norman rockwell sort of fantasy. This is basically the epitome of me.

And usually it doesnt end up "perfect" as you planned, and things somehow go wrong, but it ends up being perfect because it wasnt "perfect"

This year was perfect, but not in the norman rockell sort of way.

I actually got ALL the food on the table, we all ate together, until Austin got sick.
Which didnt ruin it at all actaully.. I felt horrible for the little guy - to have a stomache virus on thanksgiving, not be able to eat the food, and just feel miserable. except that he felt great, was really active, just couldnt eat.

Needless to say, I went into paniced mommy mode, maybe hormones, but most likly just my normal motherly habits. Calling nurses.. you know. being me!

But at the end of the day, or 3 days that he has had the sour stomache, he is eating a little more now, keeping it down, and having a slumber party at meme's house ( which you know makes it better already)

our table
my favorite thing

Me and Daddy thought it would be super fun and stress free to shop on black friday. And while we DID have fun ( he loves shopping too) it did involve pushy people, agressive old ladies grabbing for the last tickle me elmo, and lots of PEOPLE shoulder to shoulder..

Anyhoo, Im glad we did it, we got ALL Austins shopping done, and WAYYYYY under budget..

I hope everyone else had their perfect holidays too.

To many more..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where have we been?

It seemed that last week drug out for months and months.. I had the worst cold.. EVER. or at least it seemed that way, because when you're pregnant you really cant take anything for anything.. NOTHING! So I suffered through my head cold all week, while poor Austin watched movies, and ate soup with his mommy...

Luckily Today, I feel much better, and Im glad it happened last week, instead of this - because I have a lot of food to make, and cheese Louis I would not have been able to do it last week.

BUT. Believe me you, I AM PUMPED!! I have all my fixings, minus a big turkey, flying in tomorrow ( and I mean that figurativly, because its frozen) and spent the whole day cleaning my house, which was neglected last week, the maid was sick, so was the cook. but thats just coinsidence...

It was really nice out,
Pooh got to go on an ATV ride

we played hide and seek

he hides behind his hands..
With Christmas hanging out next door, Thanksgiving never gets enough credit. As a child I HATED it, no gifts.. just food..
As a mother, wife, and adult I have grown to appreciate that there is a day for people to remember what they are thankful for, to hang out with family, without the stress of buying gifts, just enjoying one anothers company.
Its truly a reminder of how great we have it, even when its bad, its still great!

And I am thankful for my family, who trusts my cooking skills ( with their meal on the most important food holiday of the entire year) and travels to my house to sit with family, and remember how great we have it, and how lucky we are to have each other.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday excitment, flu shots, and voting

This past week has been full of sickness, thanksgiving planning, and playing outside.

There is not much to complain about these days, with gorgeous weather to play in. And we take walks every day. Today we saw a spider AND a baby catapillar crossing the road.

examining the "bugs"

We had an awesome family day this weekend, and hunting season is well under way, My husband has been in the male humans form of the "rut" for two weeks now, but the deer will hit theirs soon, and lets cross our fingers that he brings home some bacon, I mean deer.

Today Austin went for his flu shot, I explained to him hours before what they would do, and that it might hurt for a second, but then he would get a sticker and a bandaid and he would be okay.

Needless to say, I urged the nurse to grab some help, because this kid has got super man legs, and could kick a bouncer out the door, especailly if there is a needle coming his way..

At any rate, he did great! He cried, but only for a moment, and he did get a bruise, " because he was tense" (words from the nurse)
I didnt bother telling her that I probally got one too, because jeez THAT WAS tense..

his DAFFY DUCK bandaid
Then we headed to vote, where we got ANOTHER sticker.

AND of course what doesnt make a boo-boo feel better, other than a giant oreo icecream sandwhich??

I clicked as he was blinking.. lol
love his goofy smile!

he loves the "dangles"

Have a great night and week.

As for us, we will be having an asteroid party, with lots of snacks and movies all snuggled up together.

oh and T-minus two weeks till THANKSGIVING, where if you are here, I assure you, your tastebuds will never be the same again.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This morning we woke up, with not so much of sicky, yucky, achey bodies, and moreso really enjoyed our day, The weather was great, and although we are still in the stage of our "cold" that we seem to sleep more tha do anything else ( oh I also think growing human life makes me more tired too, but thats not proven)

 we got outside to enjoy the last remains of the "record breaking October snow storm" snow, it was tradgic and beautiful all at the same time - While I hate to see it gone, I loved to find this buried beneath a foot of snow.

a lone flower, that survived a storm...

Austin was the most sad, or is it saddest, to see the snow leave us. I tried to tell him that it would be back in a few short weeks, but he didnt get it!

he loves "stomping" in it
And with November in full swing, hunters are out on the prowl, which means we all need to dress safe. and really really orange... Which I might add, that while dressing me in orange really brings out the pumkin, I still kindda think Abby does better at pulling the whole look off..

Happy hunting!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our very spooky Halloween

I'm the type of mother who DE-LIGHTS in the end-of-year holidays, Halloween is the Big kick off, I embrace my sewing skills  costume purchasing skills weeks before I really have to, I decorate to the 'nines'
( pumkin lanterns and sticky leaves? )

This year, my little dinosaur came down with a nasty little cold, that continues to peak DAILY..

Needless to say, we did go out the night before to see meme, so he got the idea of what he was going to do..

Last night, just as we were heading out the door to go to a school function, Mommy got really sick ( another not so glamerous side effect of pregnacy)

And I, of course, was obsessing on how he missed out on the experience, and my father relentlessly reminded me that he wouldn't  remember, you know.. I get like this. I cant help it I love holidays, and making memories..

so I know, Im rambling, mostly because there is a metaphorical cinder block on my chest making it very hard to inhale deeply, I guess I am "catching" Austin's still-getting-worse- cold. ( hes doing okay by the way)

Bad news - I missed my ultrasound appointment today, BUT not to worry, we rescheduled it for next Friday, still in my time-frame..

SO anyhoo. on this note, I will leave you with my little dinos favorite thing right now:


Tomorrow we go to the doctors to get him checked up on, don't worry, the costume will stay home.. :)