Thursday, March 31, 2011

*** perfect ***

not my words, but thanks to pink, now you can read how I do..

Made a wrong turn,
once or twice
dug my way out
blood and fire
bad decisions
thats alright
welcome to my silly life..

You're so mean,
when you talk
About yourself
You are wrong
Change the voices in your head
Make them like you

So complicated
Look how big you'll make it
Filled with so much hatred
Such a tired game
Its enough

I've done all I can think of
Chased down all my demons,
lets see you do the same

The whole world stare while I swallow the
the only thing I should be drinking is
an ice cold beer
So cool in lying and we try,try,try
But we try to hard, and its a waste of
my time

Have a good day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Austin updates

When Im not getting up every morning, going to daycare, going to work, going to school.. and NOT having a job yet, I am staying at home, still getting up early, cleaning the house, chasing my dog and toddler, and sometimes losing my mind, oh did I mention I LOVE naptimes...

But, the upside, ( because yes there are downsides, like no money, no non dog and toddler time etc..) is that I get to spend all the time in the world with Austin, and everyday there is something new to smile about, to laugh about, he learns so quickly, and mimics EVERYTHING!!!

And ask my mother, she is the one I talk to most often on the telephone, I could flap my gums about Austin and what he is doing allll day long. And I do, I mean I flap them about other stuff too, but mostly Austin.

His new thing is, playing in his room, with Abby, and with the door shut. Its really adorable. I had to, of course, call my mother to see if this was normal, because this kid usually only plays with toys wherever we are hanging out, either the kitchen or livingroom. But this week, the door is closed, and I go check on him, hes talking to Abby, and playing alone. I find it adorable.

sitting at his table, eating cheese its ( reduced fat and sodium)

notice the ball, abbys ball, Austin seems to think its HIS ball.

but having it with him insures that she will follow him EVERYWHERE
His other new favorite toy, is his zoom zoom, he got for Christmas, its an indoor radio flyer car on wheels, that go everyway. I highly recomend this toy for all kids, he flys across the house, carpet, hardwood, it zooms..

notice what's in his lap..
But his most favorite thing of all.. Is not something you can buy at a store, its ABBY, his best friend. They eat together, play together, fight over tennis balls together. He really loves her!

notice the smile

he doesnt always want to throw the ball

but somtimes does.. as long as she brings it right back

she makes him smile..
 His favorite hobby is playing outside, but with the stupid snow and rain and wind, its hard. But we did today.
for a little while.

he was crying because she again, tried to take 'his' ball

in mid air

he makes me wear the ears.
Ever sinse we did our easter pics, he wears the ears alll the time, he makes all of us wear them too ( even abby)

All in all, I love these days where I can spend time with my little boy.
But still cant wait to have a job!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LOVE, LOVE, and more... LOVE

I keep telling myself that I shouldnt brag, or keep talking about it constantly: I love my life, but moreso I love the two men that I am so blessed to have in it. I am so lucky!!!

With everything that life throws at us, all of us, we move on, and we grow. That is also the point of marriage, to grow, to learn, to crash and burn, get back up and start it again. I am so lucky to have someone I want to do all this crazy stuff with, and someone who wants the same.
We dream, we laugh, we argue, we kiss, and mostly  love!
And I feel so lucky to have such a good man in my life, such a thoughtful and meaningful man, who is growing with me.

Equally, is the love I have for this little person, who was once, a very tiny person, but is growing up to be such a good, and smart and gentle little toddler. Who yes, has his days of yelling, screaming, and ranting. But also has these days where he learns new words, can count to 5!!!! and loves to play with his best friend - ABBY!!!

HMM.. Things are coming together, and I am just very happy! very.

Last night, we took our easter picture... It was a blast ( mostly) and we got a good one ( as shown at top of page) but it took about 23 takes..

it takes a lot of work to get everyone centered, and looking in the same direction..

..and to wear the ears

...and to not have things block their faces

...and not to look realllly angry

...or look away ( or smile really weirdly)

Over all, we are pretty amazingly awesome people..
And happy, and bunnys!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

fun fun and funish

Since I am DONE with school, and with my externship, I am in a limbo, between school and real life working, fingers crossed this limbo will not last too long, but for the week or so I do have, I am enjoying my house being squeaky clean, and spending all the time in the world with my toddler and puppy.

We have gotten down to a beautiful schedule, in the last few days.. Austin even takes naps after lunch.

Abby is where Austin is. ALWAYS

Thankfully mother nauture heard my pleas for some good weather, some melting of snow. And out yard has turned into a beautiful, snowless pile. of. mud. Which if you have mud boots is the funnest thing in the world.
Lucky we do.

he loves to hide her balls in his trunk
Saturday morning we got up and went to Cabelas. Which we have done tons of times in Austins little life, but he acted like it the was the first time, and even more, he acted like it was a zoo, with all the animals.. and fish.
he was in boy/man heaven ( because keith loves it jsut as much)

the African exibit

BIG kitty

trying to sneak over


driving the " the cah"

he wanted to take it home, but for 12,000 we just let him test drive
After, we came home and were lucky enough to play outside some before out sleepover with meme.



abby took "his" stick
It was such luck that Austin had a sleepover on Saturday night, on Sunday morning I woke up with, what I can only call the WORST day of my life, I was soooo sick, I wont go into details, lets just say. I am so glad it was no flu, and just a 24 hour bug.

Luckily Austin didnt get it, ( unless he had it and gave it to me)
Needless to say, I gave it to Keith, and yesturday was the same for him.

We are all better today. Austins booboo is healing great! and we are all great!!

Have a good week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Austin updates

It felt weird not having to get up early this morning, like I was accustomed to for the past 12 weeks.
However, I am also happy that I didnt, because I would have proablly had one heck of a day.

For starters, our little peach of a son, who if you are keeping track of, as reached a lot of firsts this past week...
First black eye, first stiches, and open head wound, first time getting stitches out.. well anyway, last night was his first ( be prepared for some graphic content) power puke. When he was an infant he did his share of spitting up like normal babes do, but this was a grown-up, spew through the air, land on daddys pillow, and full of yesturdays food, which is weird because the boy went through so many #2 diapers you wouldnt think there would be any food left in his little body..

I know thats gross, and belive me, he had no idea what had happened when he was done, we just told him "its all right" " its not your fault" and left him lay with us..
Because for one night, he actually came into our room sick, and not just pretending to get to sleep with us.

When bubba was at least 5 months old, I did what some mothers would never dream of, and sleep trained him, once he was sleeping through the night, he had his own room, and went to bed on his own. And he was always a good sleeper, but his daddy loves him very very much, and has given into his pleas of sleeping with him ( I say him because its dadyd he crys to, because he will know my answer) tooooo many times. Enough for me to consider taking Austins  room, because by the time day break rolls in my whole body is stiff, and seriously it needs to stop.

So. I will begin vigorous potty training motions, once Austin is sleeping through the night in his own room.. and by through the night, I Dont mean he cant get up, but he has to stay in there..
and I am lost as to how to make this happen.


Lets hope daddy can join me in the quest, or...

Some pics from our, not all bad, day together...

this was quiet time, where my naked son fell alseep in the cutest posisition...

this is how he woke up ( he is naked because he kept #2ing on his outfits)

This is my FAVORITE smile...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


well it seems my recently-turned-accident-prone two year old really likes to make my heart palpatate, I mean with the bruise, and the stitches, you would think he would NOT keep hurting himself.
He know climbs AND jumps on every surface not touching the ground, this morning he cut his little toe while running into the corner of the bed...

Now. Time for the good news.

As of Tonight at midnight, I am offically done with school, as in no more classes, no more teachers, quizzes, or tests. I am done I have a degree, I am a real girl.

The actual ceremony is not until June, which I cannot wait for.

This year is a really BIG year for me. symbolically and in realtly a lot is changing, it is the year of change. New starts, and really just diving into life.

Life is something that is so fragile, I am taking it by the 'horns' and just loving it for all its worth. and belive me, have you met my family? It is worth ALOT..

There is a lot of love to go around. And I have even more to give.

Tonight was spent hanging out in a real honest to goodness typical night at our house, it involved paper plates, wrestling, doggie treats, climbing things. But mostly?
Mostly it had a lot of laughs, a lot of smiling and not once did it have any tears.. ( thank goodness he didnt hurt himself again, right?)
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daddy and abby sleeping before school
everyone sleeping right before I left for class
wrestling after I got home

austin and abby ( notice his booboo is healing)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tough Guy

Last week was a blur.. It feels like ages since my last post.. Which is matching for the week we had.. FULL!!

Tuesday night I drove to school, and got a call in the middle of my class, it was Keith telling me that Austin was okay, but had decided to climb a cooler and fall over, only to hit his left eye on the corner of the coffee table..

Needless to say, one drink of milk, and one chocolate cookie later, bubba was feeling better. His eye, however.... BLACK&BLUE.. I felt so bad for the little guy,. He was a tropper though..

Austin also had started to get a little sick, runny nose, feverish, and a seal-ly cough that I wanted to keep an eye on, and by Wednesday night he was getting a little better.. So Thursday when we went to go to bed, Austin woke up and Keith let him lay with us until he fell back asleep..
However, we all fell asleep before we could ever get him back to bed. ( we went to bed early this night, Im taking 900)

Midnight rolls around, Austin somehow managed to roll his way over daddy, and onto the corner of the night table. We wake to screaming, and beleive me, more blood than any mother wants to EVER see come out of her child. We were out the door in less than 10 minutes. I sat in the back with Austin holding a cloth to his head, and Daddy drove us to the ER.

When we arrived they let us right in, and the bleeding still hadnt entirly stopped. But he got some numbing medicine and had started to calm down a bit.

After examination, and two attempts of glueing the gash shut, he settled on two blue stitches for him. I was expecting some struggle, however Austin surprised us all ( including the doctor, who said Austin was the BEST two year old he had ever stitched) and sat quietly and patiently waiting for him to get done.

Soon we were all home, and back to sleep.

After the medicine that numbed his head wore off, and were snugg in bed sleeping, Austin started getting a little sick, I guess the pain was just really sharp, and I had run out of tylenol. I tried soothing him like I use to do, and we finally got to sleep, close to 4 oclock.

Austin with his stitches

Friday, I took Austin out to pizza buffet with a girl friend and her very-close-in-age son, Austin and Jordyn had a blast, and we even got to go to a tractor store, where the boys played on tractors ALLLL afternoon..

Austin then had a doctors appointment, where we found that he has an ear infection, and a sinus infection. Poor Bubba. I got all our Rx's and some icecream and we had a sleepover ( ON SOLID GROUND) and watched Alice in Wonderland.

Today after Bubba got hom from his sleepover at Meme's house ( where he always has a blast) we had meme over for lunch, and daddy and Austin got to play outside for awhile with Abby..

helping abby find the ball

Austin found a rock

Babe ruth and abby fetching..

After all was said and done, Austin needed a change of clothes, mud season is upon us.. ( did I mention me and Austin LOVE to play in mud)

Austin is feeling much better, and is getting his stitches removed tomorrow evening.
So, lets pray that goes as well as inserting them were.
Have a great week!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

oh happy days!

I wanted to take a few minutes/ lines to really convey how happy I am, and how grateful I am to be eactly where I am in life, at this exact moment..

First, I feel that obviously everything happens for a reason, that mistakes play a major role in molding character, and that no one would be who they are today if it were not for their past.

Secondly I feel that for every "bad" thing that happens to a person, one or two good things come out of it. Whether far fetched or easy to see, everything turns around, and whether its what you planned or expected, you are better off after than you were before.

My life is not a very big  glamerous one ( like Charlie Sheen) but its the only one I want.

Being a mother, lifes greatest blessing, is the most important thing in my life. The love that is beaming from my heart is unexplanable..
Being a wife, to a husband who is exactly where I am, exactly on the same page, in our relationship, in our plans for the future, everything..
Being a friend, to those who have been there, who have been "weeded" out, and we really have only people who really care about us, and our well being in our life. These folks, are the most important people outside out family to us, and Hey! they are family too!!

Abby, is the greatest doggie, Austins best friend, and the fattest little girl I know..

So. Now that I have laid the gooey feelings on pretty thick. I will leave.
bottom line? very happy..


"ba-oons" are Austins favorite thing after parties, besides cake

my leather thimble, for crossstiching

Hubbies favorite thing ( yes his gift from me!)

PLUM nail polish.. MY FAVORITE!!

a gift for my irish hubbies BDAY!! ( yes it hold 3 beers)

daddies birthday cards

Austin loves oranges..

catching some zzzz's!!