Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year Austin dressed as Yoda from Star wars, we got a lot
of " oh its shrek " " is that pooh bear" ( really people)
I liked this one
" he looks like spock"

well he was soo cute..
trick or treat

We went to great grammies where ALL the grandsons were....

Cole was a monkey..

Brotherly Love..
( with bribing of course)

happy monkey.

We got one of ALL THREE...

Opening gifts..

Bobbing for apples..

Yoda bobbing..

Yoda loves candy..

We had a really great, really long night..
and now that Yoda is snoozing away, I am off to date night with my hubby..

Our Hallo-weekend..

Its been awhile, and I dont want to sound like I am singing the same old tune, but school is really kicking my butt this semester. Its all HIGH level projects, and seminars, but thankfully I am staying on top of it, and have an  'A' in all THREE classes (so far)
* fingers crossed*

What else have we been up to?

Well I thought it had been a while since I had done a photoshoot of the boys, so I got all ready, and bribed, and begged, and squeeked, and laughed trying to get them to look at the camera, and after many many many attempts I finally got some good ones.
( it was ALL indoors, it was a very wet and windy week )

I dont know if its just me, or if boys are just harder to keep still, but boy does it wear you out jsut trying to get a shot.. AND FORGET about group shots..

It was totally worth it.

look at these handsome, handsome boys..


Believe it or not, Jo was the EASIEST to get, it only took TWO tries to get this..
Joaquin Alexandria
two years old
Austin Walter Robert
(almost) two years old
Cole Bailey
( drooly and teething) almost one year old..
Saturday was the first day of hunting, and because of the hectic-ness of this year, I never got my course, so I am not hungting this year, Austin and I decided to go to

it was fun. He got to pick out his own little pumkpin from the patch. There were ballon houses, and bouncy houses, and slides, and horsies..
It was a blast..

He saw the patch, and booked it to this one little pumpkin he found, it was the FIRST one, and he held on tight to it. He really knows what he likes..
( wonder where he gets it from)
( Im talking about me and SHOES)
this is MY pumkpin..

We had a lot of fun together..


where I fell on my rump, and got very muddy..
soon after, Austin too fell..
and we high tailed it home, to barney and sweatpants..
( hot cocoa too)

And what is tonight?
One of the funnest times of year..

Trick-or-treating tonight..
soo much fun!
and if you forgot..
last year on this very day..
our little monkey, took his first steps..

( and only had two teeth)
wow a lot can change in ONE YEAR!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just wanted to check in to 
"update" y'all on our week so far..

This online schooling is getting easier for me to deal with. Keith is so amazed at all the technologies there are.. It is like being in a class room, except better, because I can sit in my pjs, and listen to Grey's in the background.

The juggling the three classes is working out so well..

it doesn't leave me too much time to do other things. 
All the colds, and school, and Keith's massive overtime,
its so diffucult..
Tomorrow night is date night, our weekly 'Lost' night..
( almost done season two)
Saturday we are getting things done around the house, because we won't have much time..
HUNTING starts
NEXT week..
Which means, all evenings, and weekends, until dark Keith will be a stranger to us.. haha
He LOVES it!
AND we love him...

Whilst he is out getting us some grub, Austin and I will be attending a festical day at PUMPKIN LAND..
so dont worry.. LOTS OF PICTURES to come..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

One crazy jam packed weekend..

I don't even know where this weekend started or where it ended. 
We did soooo much! 

Saturday we went down to New Hampshire to get some winter apparel for the whole family.
We had never been, and the deals were fantastic..

Austin's winter clothes..

These outlet mall stores, are a secret treasure.. where everything is so much cheaper than the stores in the malls. 

Austins new KICKS!!

these are so special because he picked them out himself
The Christmas tree shop
another secret treasure..
Keith had never been, and LOVED it..
look what we got for 5$...
( yes we are going back very very soon)
I am so excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners this year..

Today I went to a couple flea markets with Austin and Gram. 
Austin has really been a trooper this weekend, having this cold, and not acting out too much while doing all this shopping..

I got this lamp, that looks like a Tiffany lamp ( MY DREAM LAMP) it was $5, and I had to have it.

Date Night.. was a ' lets-stay-in-night'
we watched season three of our newest favorite show "Lost"
( we have never seen it before so shut up and dont ruin it for us)
and ate spinach,Alfredo, and artichoke dip.. WOW, we are converts.. It was amazing..

What made our date night even better? Our two year old coming to lay between us, because he heard our T.V. on..

School has been going great. I am juggling the three classes quite well. 
It hasn't gotten overwhelming yet, and I think its because I am staying on top of it ( so far)

Austin got this too..

In NUNNY news..
It is all gone, the last one went to Nunny heaven, and Austin fell asleep without it. It is about time, I know, I know.. 
And he was so tired he didn't put up much of a fight, and neither am I for that matter..
I am soo beat!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I gotta say - im spread pretty thin right now...

It's true, I just gotta say it.
Even though  I am not working right now, these past couple days have been of blur of busy, busy, busy..

Doctors appointments, sick baby, day care routines, school starting, I am taking TWO online classes, which sound really simple and easy, but its not, I actually think its more work than an in-class class..

I am overwhelmed because I am taking THREE classes, all of which I must get B's in... ( and by must, I mean I must because I am making myself have a good GPA)

I haven't received my uniform for my clinical, and class is TONIGHT, so I am gonna say, I will be the only one in street clothes, 

ahh that doesn't bother me as much as having a class with a professor who thought I was pregnant for the longest time, when I left school this summer, he must of thought something awful happened, because I AM NOT PREGNANT... I never corrected him the first couple times, just because it was more of an insult to me and my weight, and I didnt want ot be any more embarrassed or ashamed than I already was.. So I let him think it.. and say it...
oh whatever, I am not that big anyway... 
But I was big-ger this past spring..
maybe the couple pounds that slimmed off, will get him thinking that I am just a normal girl, not with child...

The house isnt messy, which is usually cause for chaos in my head, but the book shelf is not done ( this Saturday! * fingers crossed) so Austin's room is not the way it should be..

Nothing too exciting, but just busy for me.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night, its our date night, and we will stay in and finish season three of lost..

Thats what I am talking about..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My weekend - no ozzy, deer, painting, and FUN FUN FUN

My austin-less weekend, ( IN MY DREAMS) would consist of me staying up really late, sleeping in late, walking around in my pj's, watch some t.v., eat some food, and basically do much of nothing. 
But of course I am weird. And cannot relax if there is not a clean and tidy house FIRST.
Keith is is the opposite, he wants to relax then clean.
I want to get everything out of the way, then crack a beer and just relax.
Both ways are fine, I'm sure. But I secretly think Keith only does this, so I will do everything whilst he is relaxing, and by the time I am done he will be ready to help. 
It's cool, I like things a certain way, and so we sortta are perfect for each other in that way.


Weekends that Austin is gone, is nice to have a break, but when he IS gone, I tend to really miss him. I miss his playfulness, his toes ( they are really cute) I miss having him in his bed, to go check on...
But I know he loves going to great grammies, and it's important. 
( right?)
I always like to do SOMETHING while he is gone, so I feel like I wasn't a complete sloth while he was away.
This weekend was no exception. 
We put the boat away. fun-fun
I cleaned my car..
I painted a bookcase
BEFORE I painted the shelf!
this is after one coat
 I still have one more coat to do...

ALLLL the chores are done! Tomorrow morning I am not guilty to admit I AM SLEEPING IN!
which yes, means I have no bedtime. 
( if you feel bad for Keith, let me just say, he slept this weekend, to catch up on his zzz's)
We had a good weekend, I learn a lot when we go out in the woods scouting, Keith teaches me a lot, and I actually have fun. ( some may believe all I do is sit my ass in front of this screen alll day)
things I learn...

a male deer's pre-rut ritual. He will scrape away at the ground, underneath a fern tree, until it is bare dirt, and then he will leave his scent for a doe to find.. ( and yes, by leave scent I do mean, pee in)
and if you are wondering, when the doe comes across this, she will then pee in it as well. Usually it will mean that " she is his" ( so to speak)

Usually there is one dominant buck in the "neighborhood" this dude, gets first dibs on any doe he wants. and that means, sometimes, he steals his lesser-horned buck friends, pee mates, out from under him..
sometimes they FIGHT over her. ( how romantic, right?)
this was cool, because we could see his hoof mark IN the ground( it was fresh)
We came across this area, that have DOZENS of scrapes on the floor of the trees. It was so amazing..
the cold weather sends the boys into rut early. Which can be good for hunters like dear old Keith,( or should I say deer)
When buck are in "RUT" they are not on their best games, instead they dont eat, and act like horned up teenage boys.. This means that they will easier to track, or shoot.
By the end of the season, a 225 pound buck could be down under 200, because he doesn't eat, all that dude cares about is getting him some tail..

It is so interesting.. TO ME.. haha

This week is special for two reasons..
1) SCHOOL STARTS! I am soo stoked about it. I am taking THREE classes, so it will be busy, BUT totally worth it!
Did I mention... It is my LAST semester...
and 2) ITS APPLE WEEK, a self ordained celebration of apples, and autumn, in which I bake apple filled baked goods throughout the entire week, and... eat them... ha-ha
doesn't that sound good?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

lets get deep..

I was reading this blog post

and it was the first time  I actaully read the blog itself. But I really liked it,
1) not for what it was saying
( I seriously disagree)
but 2) I love to read different views, and sometimes it even changes my own.
It is so true.. If someone who speaks eloquently and is a  "good" writer they can change someones opinions on hot topics..
or make them learn something they never knew, and therefore personal growth was made.
and religion, sex, and politics are definitely HOT TOPICS right now.

That being said. I grew up in a church, BAPTIST, where being gay was defiantly NOT ALLOWED, where playing cards on Sunday wasn't aloud for CRYING OUT LOUD !!
Sex was first, not even spoken of, and any contact with the opposite sex was strictly supervised.. ( obviously that didst stick)
Religion WAS spoken of. and that was OUR religion. The only acceptable one to have. If you didnt, then you were surly going to Hades.

Having that experience taught me a lot. 

One: Austin will by no means, be going to private school like I did. Because we were sheltered, we didnt know what things were, we didnt understand, so we therefore explored, and rebelled against the beliefs being shoved down our throats, and went and found, 'sex, drugs, and rock and roll.'
Children at my school were still doing public school things, smoking, having sex, getting knocked up, getting tattoos, The only difference is I feel like I missed out on things all kids should get. like Homecomings, and proms, and trips, and freedom of speech and dress..
I dont want to feel like one of those parents who think they are better, because their child goes to private school, therefore looking down on others, and this was something that happened at my school.
At the same time I loved my school, for different reasons, for a different time.

Two: I still want him to grow up in the "religion" that I believe is true.( if he wants to be) And that doesn't mean girls have to wear dresses everyday, and you cant drink a glass of wine at dinner, and you cant work on Sundays, or be friends with "gays".. Its the belief that all people do bad things, but all people do good things, and those are the things that we should do, we should help others, and even pray... I want to feel like, at the end of the day, that my existence on earth is for the good, and therefore...

Being "gay" is something I always didnt know where I stood on.
I definatly do not understand it, but does that mean it is wrong? 
I dont think a "gay" person should be condemned because of their sexual prefernce, 
but at the same time, I voted AGAINST the gay marraige laws.

I still have no clue where I stand ( technically)

Even writing this is making me think..
If someone asked me, I am not sure what my answer would be.. yes, or no?

I tend to vote towards the right, but not BECAUSE I am a conservative, but because those views are the ones ( 99.7% of the time) I tend to side with. (The other .003 % is left to the lefties of America..)

Any day of the week, I will stand up for those beliefs and defend them to the best of my knowledge, and sometimes, someone comes along and teaches me something I did not know. And even can CHANGE my opinion on the issue. 
I would like to think, That I can do the same..

So.. what did I learn today?
I learned about the mating rituals of deer. 
nothing about this.

Does anyone else miss the days of black and white?
Where did all this gray come from for the love of all things black and white????

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am a scrapbook fanatic...
I had been slacking on this year's ( and part of last's) with all of the events of 2010, I didn't find time..
I have a ton of supplies, and this afternoon, the boys were napping I did it!!

I hadn't done Christmas of LAST YEAR (  I know, I know)

Austin's first Birthday!


The ZOO!!



The Park..

I have a lot more to do.. but by the time I did all this, two hours had gone by, and the boys were getting up..

Austin woke up very pink faced.. He had a slight fever, (100.5) in his arm and mouth..
we gave him some meds.. Hopefully it works..
I always get nervous when he gets sick..

Having a great week!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pajama Day

7am came all too soon for this girl. 
After getting up at 1 o'clock this morning to re-dose myself with NyQuil, my head was still pretty groggy..
Austin was not 100% Austin, ( but neither was I ) 
we had a slow start, and a slow alll day..
We didn't do much of anything, and even stayed in our p.j.s for the better part of the day
( yes, yes, call the lazy police on me AGAIN) 

* on a side note, we watched City of Angels for the first time. It was a really good movie.. then it was Barney and Rugrats for the rest of the morning..

At lunch time, we ate ( homemade mac n cheese) , AND had ice cream, then slept til 4 o'clock..
I admit, I even slept too.
And when we got up, it was like we were new people..
I felt so much better. We got showered and dressed, and the sun even made an appearance..
we spent the rest of the day OUTSIDE...
his hat makes him look like a football player
It was a pretty day for a 4-wheeler ride

walking up to visit our lovely neighbors

Blissful, peacful, calm, and 

these are words that are my life...