Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good-bye August hell-o fall!

Today was the last day of August.. Which only can mean one thing - FALL! And even though September isnt really fall, quite yet, oh boy am I excited!!

Labor day is actaully the end of summer bash, and we will celebrate, in our own summer ways,


today - we celebrated the end of August..

By checking daddy's bear bait

walking down the trail

'land scaping'

cant forget pooh, can we?

aww! look! its bambies foot print..
We tried out our new car!

We played ball on the front lawn

we got mad.. too cute!

Good-bye August, I had fun! But its time for me to move on - to fall!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene Surival

We did what everyone else did, we prepared..

But, come Monday all we experienced was a lot of rain, and wind.. We bunkered ( or is it hunkered) down for the day, watching movies, playing board games, that is until 1 o'clock when our power went down..

and stayed down...

for 3 days...

luckily we do have a generator, which was so nice! We still got to watch TV, use the microwave, and sometimes flush

But we didn't have Internet, or a phone, or cable..

basically we were living in caveman days..

but it was surprisingly nice, not having any outside distractions, we all went to bed at the same time, woke up at the same time, and besides my mile high laundry and dishes pile.. All is right in the world..

our new recliner

this was all mine!!

on a picnic..

So, Irene while all the family time was great, I am truly happy you are gone.

for good!

and tell all your brothers and sisters, to head right back out to sea, where they belong..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


You know,  my blog shares bits and peices of our life, its only a fraction of what our life really means and is to me. I cut out boring, or un-blog worthy moments and try to weive them together with poetic wording to give a beautiful description of what our life really is.

Because life, or mine in general is not always so beautiful, I can add a picture with some good natural lighting, throw in some strong adjectives and BAM my day was interesting, it was blog-worthy.

On a typical day in my life, it gets messy, I mess up, I dont always have perfect hair, and the lighting sometimes sucks!

But its what I take from the "ugly" and make it beautiful, even if only me or my family find it beautiful, then it was a sucess!

Lately, with my unemployment status being longer than I expected after graduation, it leaves a lot of time to THINK. to ponder, to self analyze. Which is good, but too much, Im not gonna lie, can start wearing you down..

If you leave me alone with... well, me.. for too long, I start to turn into the 7th grade version of myself, where I was sure, the WHOLE world was out to get me, and that NOONE liked me!

insecurity is an ugly, ugly thing. And honestly I H.A.T.E. it, but a natural human instinct is to want to feel needed in a herd, to feel appreciated, and like you are contributing to it.

Right now, I am that over indulging rhino, who hasnt started working, who wont stop eating the grass, and is bringing her herd down.

its called limbo - or at least thats what I am calling it, what Im in right now, and I hope there is a light at the end of the unemployment tunnel, but currently there must be a curve in the tunnel. BECAUSE all I see is darkness!

~~~ And that my friend, is what happens if you leave me alone too long..

Seriously though, I am human, we all are, and if it were not for my amazing child to bright up my day and teach me something every day, or my equally amazing spouse who is clinging onto hope, because he has got his own black hole to fall in, I would not make it through the day!

Thankfully I love my life, and my family, and right now - it  has to be enough..

But for the record..


I can start tomorrow..

I am off, to answer those calls, the phones are ringing off the hook, you can enjoy pictures from our day!

I swear he uses that bike more than I do - it KILLS my bumm!

he likes to "swing"


my little monkey

but his favorite will ALWAYS ( for now anyway) be the slide

it makes him smile

him saying fishies, as I snapped the photo

he gets this habit from his daddy! MEN!

going for a walk

whatta veiw!

posing for mommy

LOVE my new camera features, actually they are not new.. my knowledge is just new!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy like Sunday Morning

 time waits for no man, that it is constantly ticking, like a heart beating, it never slows, it never tires, just a constant tick..tock...tick..tock..

Reminding us, that Spring is coming, or Summer is almost over, pretty soon it will be the snow we will be looking for.

So, as a eternal fall-lover, I am patiently waiting for that first fall leaf to turn brass, while my husband, the eternal fall-hater.. He is grasping onto summer nights, always eating dinner on the deck, always fnding some chore to fill his outdoorsmen time with.. ( tick tock)

I love each season, espeically Maine's version of each season, you see its not like other states, where you have hot, hotter and wow thats friggen hot!
In Maine we got EVERYTHING, we have freezing winter nights, cool spring days, HOT summer nights, and easy like Sunday morning Fall days..

Each season, means something to look forward to, and the most important thing to do, is recognize the beauty in all the differences.. I embrace each season, finding the perks and beautiful things about it.

I also can see the ugly side of it, like summers UGLY, nagging partner - ROAD CONTRUCTION..

HEY! people we live in Maine, you can either complain about it, or plan an extra 20 mins of travel time, and maybe get a nice view at your traffic stop ( and yes Im talking about the flagger, some times you luck out.. others NOT SO MUCH - but there is always next time)

So. in true Mosher tradition, with summer winding down, we grabbed it by the coconuts, acted a little spontaneious ( a virtue I must learn to love about my husband) and lived the good ole Maine summer life this weekend..

Which means.. Doing a lot of good ole nothing..

wore our flip flops

leapt through water

learned to blow bubbles - the right way!

accidentally got them in our faces.

and helped Daddy prepare his bear bait..

We are truley blessed. Can you belive my baby is 2 and a half? And on the good road towards being potty trained?

I remember when he was an infant, I couldnt even picture him sitting up on his own, let alone peeing on a potty..

It is amazing, but also scary.. Time is beautiful, in that it gives us memories, but also kinnda unrelenting, pretty soon my baby will bein school, and hae a girl friend, and drive a car..

The only thing we can do, is embrace it..

and jeez take lots of pics, because thats the only way you'll remember half the things they do when they are little!!

Loving life!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Potty training Progress

Do you ever have one of those days ( or for me, those weeks) when you just are a complete crappy mess, nothing can break your funk? you feel totally useless in any form.. Well lets he honest - we all do.
Im just the one admitting it..

This week was one of those...

you know the kind.

The kind, where if you know me, you steer clear. Because shes having " a moment"

Well it wasnt that bad, at least I dont think...

Anyhoo, I woke up on Tuesday, and thought - THIS is the day, the day where my son will connect the dots, and finally make some ground on this peeing on the potty ordeal.

And just like that, right out of left feild, there he goes, surprising us all, and even himself - im sure..

Now its Thursday, and after one impromptu trip to Walmart to buy more hotwheels, we have stayed home and trained ALL week, he pees on the pot every 60-90 mins, and even pooped yesturday!!

He gets rewarded with a car each time, originally I was doing M&M's for # 1, but let's face it, it wasnt motivating him

Im sure once he gets going in full swing, I will bring it back down to things like - if you pee you get a candy, if you poop you get a car.

Its a slow process, but THIS is what I needed,

to make me feel like I am doing something so wonderful..

And teaching your child something new, something he grasps with his little curious brain, that is sooo rewarding..

SO while my son is playing with cars as a reward, I am just sitting here watching the look of joy and utter pride on his face when he pees..

and this is my MOST PRICED REWARD - to date.. EVER!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Rite of Passage

Growing up there were certain traditions, or rituals that I knew I always wanted to "use" or pass on to with my children, like opening ONE gift on Christmas Eve, or hunting for eggs on Easter morning, or going trick or treating on halloween..

Little peices of time that will forever be ingrained in their memory - of holy-cow-that-was-awesome

And when you are a child every thing seems bigger, sweeter, and more colorful -- that's the way it should be.

Im sure half the memories I have, are on a children's exxageratted scale..

BUT when you look at life through the eyes of your child EVERY.SINGLE.THING. is a cool memory, everything is something you want to remember..

I have this one memory, of having just one of our average cookouts, wearing a one peice tweety bird swimsuit, eating corn on the cob, running around with my sister, playing with our stepdad, jumping through the sprinkler. I remember it because the water in the hose MADE A RAINBOW, the knid you see in the sky, and it was sooo big and sooo cool!

Now, as an adult I am sure that rainbow, was just a normal size rainbow that you get from water...
BUT to me, back then it was HUGE.. and it was AWESOME, and obviously it was worthy of me remembering it..

Mostly because my childhood, however unconventional it was, had memories like that.. which I adore and cherish..

And honestly, being a matriarch ( yes I feel speical for using that word) of a family, is SOO important to me, anyhoo..

today we had a special rite of passage..

Austin's FIRST corn on the cob.
He loved it.

Nana gave it to him at her table for lunch, and his eyes were the size of golf balls..

" mmmm momma, this good"
" this soo good momma"

And just like that, I see the world through his eyes, where suddenly corn comes on a big round thing, and its good! wow!

So here is to us, may we never stop seeing the world through our childens eyes, hey! I bet a lot of wars would be solved if we all had to share like toddlers do!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Mosher Family Mission Statement


formal business statement of aims: a formal document that states the objectives of a company or organization

Church's and groups have them, and I have been thinking lately, just about life and priorities, and our goals as individuals, as a married couple, and as a family.
Being married is fun, and hard, but totally worth the effort, and in my opinion
( which yes, I know nobody asked for, but hey its my blog, so dont read it if you dont wanna)
if two people have a totally kick ass relationship, I mean ROCK SOLID marraige, that anything can be done, any dream or fear can be conquered, and goal can be reached, and it's so much sweeter when you have someone totally in tune with yourself*..
* yes I realize I used the word 'totally' like five times in that paragraph
I understand that a marriage like this is NOT a mythical thing, BUT it takes time, to learn  about each other, before you can say that you know the person 100% inside and out.
however, if you are constantly working on it, and constantly growing then, before you know it.. BAM
your there.
And that is my major goal in my marraige.
Having passed a few "hard ship" tests already, I know what we are capable of, and all the potential in the world..
And it excites me, and I totally didnt realize this post was going to be about my marriage, but like in real life, my marriage is the foundation for my family, and if we build it strong, then it will last..
When it comes to a mission statement for my family, and I still want to get the words all pretty and perfect, basically it states, that family comes first, that your mother and your father deserve respect, that your brothers and sisters are your best friends, that your grandparents are the heart and soul of your family, and that making lifelong lasting HAPPY memories is the goal.
So basically I just rambled for 10 minutes, but I need an outlet for all my creative juices, and BAM you just got a look inside my brain..
are you scared??
some days I am..
much love,
mommy mosher

Monday, August 8, 2011

what's that in the air?

This time of year reminds me of how cool it is, not to be the exact same person as your lifelong mate ( ie husband)

While I love looking forward to fall, and the scents of pumpkins, apples and soups, Keith holds onto summer with every ounce of his body, gripping harder, as each day gets shorter and shorter.

While I love the bright vivid colors of the leaves and the need to snuggle up in sweaters and fleece, Keith longs for those long summer,sweaty nights, where all you wear is the bare minimum to get by in the heat.

While Autumn to me - means new life, old things die, but new are born. Its not the same, but beauitful in its own right. It brings hope of change, and introduces the busy holiday season the next six months always bring..
Autumn to Keith - is the begining of the all things dying, leaves fall, flower wither, and the only bright side is the promise of November, when hunting insues..

For now, I too will grasp onto these nights where we cook out on the grill, relax on our shaded deck, drink ice cold coronas, and watch the sun set at 8 pm...

But dont be fooled, once september hits, its flannel, turtle necks and an ice cold pumpkin head for this little lady.. so what if the sun sets at 5?? That only means moving our party inside in front of our fireplace, playing board games all night..

and no, we dont actaully have a fireplace, but we do in our dream home, which yes, one day we WILL have..

ahh!! life is soo good!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I dont have ANY pictures to post, or ANYthing exciting to share, we had a very boring week because of my sunburn woes.. But Im back, and in leu of our very busy schedules latly this week is dedicated to family. The three ( plus abby) people that mean the most.. This week and weekend will be all about " us"

so you know those posts will be juicy!

Love ya!

Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend one was I was excited for, it was a complete date weekend, which we have had before, but none where little bubbs was gone for two nights in a row, without seeing us in between..

anyway, He did so great!,He couldnt stop talking about meme's house, and the birthday party, then bumpas and grammies house and the school bus and pizza and how much fun he had at both places..

We are so blessed to have such great grands, that want to spend time with our baby, who love him, and who we trust 100% with our child. Truly blessed.

We went Northern Pike fishing on Saturday, alllll day long, it was soo much fun, I could have stayed longer..

our guys.. in the front ( trying to find the way there)

they were in DEEP conversation about their team fishing stratigies ( girls vs boys)

we were more concered with tan lines.. Looking back, that may have been our down fall

while we sun bathed, and gossiped, they stratigized and planned

Looks like it worked too.. Bobby got the first fish of the day

I was happy for him..

aww!! I guess no hard feelings

YAY!! two points for the boys

three points...

four points.. but whose counting..
By the end of the day, the boys had seven, and we had nothing but sore bodies from all that sun!!

It was such a super fun day!!

We came home, showered and headed out to the Skunk Run for supper, came BACK home, played some cards and hit the sack early..

We had a BIG family day ahead of us, after all

checkin' out the DEER


MY FAVORITE Maine animal

the Poohs

The kitties
 I am kicking myself for not snapping a group or family picture, I was so sore, from my most recent blistering sunburn, I know, I know, I do know better, but somtimes I never learn.. Dont feel sorry for me, lol
I feel sorry enough for myself...


Im just a lucky girl, banking all these memories.
after all, I aint here for a long time, Im here for a good one!!