Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our wonderful week..

This week we did a lot of this..

built a castle with daddy
took cool autumn walks with mommy

saw some "dangles" ( aka triangles)

had tacos for the FIRST time ever

Austin ate THREE!! he loved them!!
played in the leaves with 'pooh'

climbed trees

had a lot of fun

And tonight we had our first snow flurry
To say Austin was thrilled would be the BIGGEST understatement of the century!!

he was SUPER thrilled!!

look at this smile!!!

I went back on Saturday to visit baby Kiera, and she was under the lights, but as of today she is doing a lot better, off the lights ( I think) and they are talking about transferring her to Lewiston..

She is gorgeous!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

New life & yucky doggie booboos

This week was so very hectic, having a surprise visitor, my sister having a baby a few weeks early, and my dog getting sick!

austin put a flashlight in my gatoraide bottle...

this is AFTER the stitches, the BEFORE picture is really gross, so trust me when I say, it looks ALOT better

this is baby Kiera, born today 10-21-2011, weighing 3 lb 6oz
she is 9 weeks early

with lots of hair, and deep brown eyes,

she is in the incubator, but can do all bodily functions on her own, except eat,

she is tiny - but realllly long

This week was very very busy, But in the end, I have my first neice, and a healthy sister, and dog.

and cant wait until Decemeber 21, to find out gender our little angel will be this spring!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A day in the life..

Our days are usually quite consistent, we get up, we eat, we bathe, we watch mickey mouse, we play, we go for a walk, we eat lunch, we pee, we brush our teeth, we nap.. well you get the idea..

But in our predictability I find that we are so, not so predictable at all. Every day is different.

And I like it that way.

except when I have to drink this..

or have my toddler wake up from his nap like this..

but I like this..

and this..

and even this too..

I learn something new everyday!!

all because of this little boy!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Extending our Family

I have been thinking about how I would tell everyone in my life - close family, close freinds, facebook friends, extended family, I mean even my doctor. I am a worrier, I am an over-the-top, fully extentric, ful-of so-much-love kindda girl.
So. I, of course, was worried how the people in my life would 'take' the news.

So, when I found out, one afternoon, out of the blue, when I was least expecting it, that I was carrying Austin's little brother or sister. I nearly hit the floor in surprise.

We talked, we worried - about our future, we want the best for our children. Days went by, we told people slowly, and cautiosly, not because we were upset, but because being our third pregnancy, we knew that we needed to wait until we were in the clear, to tell people, to worry them..

So, now that we are in the clear, and by that I mean offically in our second trimester, with a little tiny peanut baby on the way to fill up our family even more. But when I say in the clear, I mean is a parent ever in the clear???  I still worry about Austin, still check on him when he sleeps later than I think he should, or sometimes I let him camp out next to me on the floor if he has a cough, I mean, I know - I worry ALOT.

But Austin has filled my life, in three short years, with more love than I ever knew possible.
I feel so blessed to get to me a mommy to another baby, and show them as much love as Austin has.

Im so blessed to have such a good daddy, as a husband. oh my, I could go on.
Did I mention I ramble too?

But, I mean, Im excited, and nervous, and little bit freaked out. ( like most mothers - I think) like oh my gosh, I have never been a mother to more than one person, do you know what this means??

It means you better get ready - becauce if I have twice as much love, I will be writing twice as much sappy, lovey, blog posts to tickle your gag reflex. ;)

Could we be any more Norman Rockwell, a family of four, a perfect dog, a cozy little life, full of so many people who love and adore us.
I mean we have our, Days of our Lives days too, but mostly?? Mostly I love my life, and I mean  that from the bottom of my heart,
I get to live out my dream -
to create this beautiful and meaningful childhood for my two children, forever!
our little peanut at 10 weeks!

Pumkins, apples, and halloween!!

Today we went on a trip to the orchards, it was Austin's first time picking them right off the tree ( actually mostly the ground) and he Loved ( with a capitol L ) it!!

trying to reach the trees

see! I did it!!

picking some apples!!

eating them too..

my favorite person!! EVER!!

he got his own bag
They also had the cutest, most, honest - to - goodness pumkin patch, my dream!! Im thinking next year we will grown our own mini-version patch

of course, he brings pooh EVERYWHERE he goes

they are soooo hebby!

loving his smiles!!!
And since Halloween is so far away, and Austin is so excited to show everyone, I will give you a sneak peek of his costume, that he picked ALL. BY. HIMSELF.

scary - right?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

Although it is fall, and the leaves are painted, and there are pumpkins, mother nature threw us some July weather this weekend, I 'm talking 80's all weekend.

So. This outfit wasnt really appropriate, but it was 8 in the morning, so it hadnt really gotten too hot yet.

Then we mosied on up to Papa and grammies, and played in some apples!!!

Keith was super sick this weekend, thankfully it was a 24 hr bug thing, but it really had his knocked out, thankfully though Austin and I were spaired! ( thank you GOD)

Daddy and Austin finally took a ride on the 4-wheeler, Austin has been too afraid because of the noise, so I gave him some earplugs, and BAM, worked liked magic, he had a blast!!!

Today we tried watching daddy shoot his gun, but finally gave up, because of the noise.. But those ear plugs really do come in handy!

not the best angle for any of us.. lol

This afternoon, Austin and I tried making some sugar cookies..

He didnt understand you had to cook them first, and this was the reaction I got:

just a tiny bite out of each one

But they were yummy, and he finally cheered up..

Tonight was night one of bedtime boot camp ( I just named it that, haha)

And Austin is sleeping soundly in his room, with no gate, all by himself..

Have a good week :)