Monday, January 16, 2012

Anniversarys & Birthday party planning

 Hubby and I celebrated four years of marriage last week, it
was wonderful!!

We are total creatures of habit, and often never try new resaurants, so when we recieved a Christmas gift to Longhorns, I was alittle nervous...


It was soooo good!!

And we wll be going back!!


Austins Birthday party is all set and ready, now to just wait for the big day!

Our big boy will be 3, and he really wants to go to "pazza hut" for his birthday, so that is what we shall do!
Because turning 3 is a big deal!!

Austin loves swimming

and smiling

Baby Addison is doing great, I dont go back for a check-up until the first of next month, but when I look down at my expanding waistline, I KNOW I have gained weight.. But its fun to guess how much..

She kicks all the time, This past weekend she kicked her daddys belly.
It was very exciting indeed!

Now its time for us to watch Lion King, and eat popcorn!!


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