Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bottom line?

I love Family. I love family gatherings, I love special holidays that call for family to be together, but I mostly love when it happens on its own, for no reason, no presents, just family.. presence ( ha, get it? a little play on words )

Of course, I have these family fantasies involving family dinners, and BBQs, and trips to the ocean, and basically everything, everywhere is family family family.

bottom line? I love my family! I love being a mommy, and being the matriarch of my own family, carving these wonderful memories, and traditions..

Today we took Austin sledding

he loves snow
He of course, was hesitant at first..

daddy trying to show Austin that its FUN!
It got to the point where Keith motioned if I thought it would be okay if he sort of grabbed him and went, just so he would see that it really was fun! And being that, that method could have one of two outcomes, 1) being that we traumatize him and he hates sledding for his life, or 2) he sees that its fun and loves it!!
So me, being the special sort of mother I was, whispered " go for it"

so he did..

notice the whiney face

But much like Daddy expected - Austin loved and adored it.. and they went at least a dozen more times..

Being a mother has showed me amoug many things, that it is possible to know someone more than you even know yourself. That you can be so intune with another human being that you feel comfortable sending him on a sled down a hill towards a frozen lake because you KNOW that he will love it, once he takes the leap.

I also know how he likes his eggs, what shirt is his favorite, and what bear he HAS to sleep with every night. Or there will be problems..

Thats being a mother, and thats my most favorite thing about being a mother! Not putting a person first because you feel like you have to, but loving this little person so much that it happens automatically, that every choice you make is not for yourself first, but for them.

Of course, I fail, I dont always be the best I want to be, sometimes Im soo tired I put little effort into reading a story, and sometimes pjs dont match.

But the joy of being a mommy, is learning who you are too, not just your little.

I have learned more about myself, in the past three years than I ever did in the other twenty.

Even in the past three years, I am a totally changed and different person. And I have my children to thank for that.

They taught me how to love, how to care, and grow up!

And I love them for that, and in every moment I feel not good enough, there are a million other moments where I feel like the world's kickassy-est mother out there. Im just saying..

anyhoo, I babble when Im emotional, and my baby is turning three, not to mention I have a daughter growing inside me, and her growing kicks and punches are a reminder of just how lucky I really am..

Bottom line?


(he was saying cheese)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Anniversarys & Birthday party planning

 Hubby and I celebrated four years of marriage last week, it
was wonderful!!

We are total creatures of habit, and often never try new resaurants, so when we recieved a Christmas gift to Longhorns, I was alittle nervous...


It was soooo good!!

And we wll be going back!!


Austins Birthday party is all set and ready, now to just wait for the big day!

Our big boy will be 3, and he really wants to go to "pazza hut" for his birthday, so that is what we shall do!
Because turning 3 is a big deal!!

Austin loves swimming

and smiling

Baby Addison is doing great, I dont go back for a check-up until the first of next month, but when I look down at my expanding waistline, I KNOW I have gained weight.. But its fun to guess how much..

She kicks all the time, This past weekend she kicked her daddys belly.
It was very exciting indeed!

Now its time for us to watch Lion King, and eat popcorn!!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

a great start to a great New year!!

This year, thus far has been splendid.

A lot of relaxing, hanging out, spending time together!!

When just one sippy isn't enough

I have started planning Austins 3rd bday party, and invites are going out this week!!

As for Daddy and me, we are celebrating our fourth anniversary this coming weekend,
not to mention my birthday next week..

watching the Backyardigans while wearing daddys work glasses

'baby sitter' as Austin often referrs to my growing belly, is doing very well, we had one minor 'scare'
which turned out to be nothing, thank goodness..
I have gained 4 pounds since my last visit, and Addison is kicking like a rock star, Austin and daddy both have felt her little high kicks!

I love feeling her move, and it never gets old, even if I do pee a million times a night!!
She moves the most after I eat, speaking of eating
I havent really had any weird cravings. Only random things that I MUST have, then after having it once or twice I move on to the next weird thing.
one week it was ham, the next cole slaw, then pork chops, then sweet and sour chicken.. now I really want a maple filled doughnut from tim hortons..

With Austin it was peporoni pizza, which I had ALOT!


Ill be back next week, to write an ode to my 4 year marriage!!
( I know, be very excited!!)