Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Some weekends we are super busy, but others, like this one, we did a whole lot of this:

bulit a castle for a sheep and a horse

no, this is not a gun, this is a leaf blower,

that daddy likes to "blow" Austin with,

He kindda likes it

We took a walk in the woods

Austin wanted a free ride

we sat on a log

we explored the forest

we "broke" our arm, and needed a cast,
*by broke I mean scratched, I dont know where he gets his drama queen-ness from

HAPPY boy!!
Have a good week y'all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today was a good day.

We decorated for fall -

Austin stuck all those stickers on, ALL BY HIMSELF

we picked apples, for our photo shoot
Basically, we did everything I love about my life - we spent quality time together, laughing, loving and having fun, oh, and making memories..

With fall basically in full swing, its time to whip up my fall to-do list,

Which contains, making a knock-you-off-your-feet chili, painting pumpkins, getting a bail of hay, having "crock-pot Sundays" " bake-a-thon Mondays" " Movie night Tuesdays" and lots and lots of horror movies, after Austin is asleep, of course. oh and picking out a really cool and unique halloween costume for Austin, we already have some ideas, but arent quite sure..

All the things that make Fall, fun!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Joaquin turns 3!!

my first nephew turned 3 yesturday, which is a big deal, I mean three! thats huge!

In three years, he has learned to speak, learned to pee on a potty, he wears big boy undies all the time,
he has grown up so much!!

He has a little cousin, a little brother, and a little sister on the way.

He is very blessed, and so are we to have such a good boy in our lives.

Not sure why its so hard to get all three boys together, even though we do live so closely.

BUT when we do, its cute, and HARD, to get them in a picture together. BUT sometimes it works.

and boy arent they cute??

Renee with baby Kiera

Nany and Austin

Keke loved his cake

ALL his gifts

the birthday boy

baby cole

It was a great day, and it has been a completely great 3 years knowing you joaquin, I cant wait to see who you become!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Then and Nows

Look at what a year can do?

THEN 2010

NOW 2011

THEN 2010, petting the deer

NOW 2011, no fear

THEN 2010

NOW 2011

And lastly my favorite comparisons, prarier dogs



Saturday, September 17, 2011

York Zoo 2011 and other weekend things

Is it just me, or is making family memories, like.. the BEST thing, in the entire world.

I mean, seeing joy on my son's face, when he is fasinated, or surprised, or proud, or learning something new,
this is what this momma breathes for.

My goal in life. My purpose, to bring joy to my children, to make sure they know they are love, and safe and supported no matter what. But until He grows up on me, right now in this stage, I.LOVE.ME.SOME.MEMORIES...

Today we took our SECOND annual trip to the zoo, not just any zoo, AN ANIMAL KINGDOM!!
you may remember last years trip

This year we went about a month later.
BUT THANK GOODNESS WE DID, or We would have missed this!!

not just monkies, which yes, are my favorite animal  EVER!

BUT BABY monkies, arent they just so. so.so. cute??

Austin also rode his first horse, ever! No fear, just eagerness. He was silently taking it all in.

There were, of course ducks. Which if you remember, he LOVES!

My second favorite animal today, were these guys, which by the way, I knew the name of, before we found the sign.. thank you very much!

CAPYBARAs, the worlds largest rodent.
looks like a giant hamster, eh?

But, by far, Austin's favorite animal, no matter what zoo we go to, are the DEER. But the cool thing about York is, you get to go in with them, walk with them, pet them, feed them. so he really loved it!

see his little hands at the bottom?
Other sights we saw

And last but not least, we let Austin pick a souvanier, he chose the pressed pennies, one with a Elephant, and one with a monkey ( thats my boy)

HE got to help daddy crank the dial too.

We had a great trip, a great time just us three, and came home to play in the yard, soaking up what's left of nice sunny afternoons, where you dont need flannel to survive ( not that Im complaining, I LOVE AUTUMN!!)

trying to get  ready for Tee ball, hes not that bad!

but of course, 'pooh' comes with him everywhere he goes

Other things we did this weekend included:

french toast for breakfast

taking a 7am walk ( brrr)

painting for the first time

not daddys first time, but he did have lots of fun

really concentrated

artwork, that is going on our artwork wall ( I just invented that)
And ALL day Friday I spent making, home made ( I might add, yes pat pat) Joaquins 3rd Birthday cake.

It came out nicvely, but boy was I tired after all was said and done. I hope he likes it.
heres a preveiw.

Of course, we have a very specical party tomorrow, and Austin is super excited to give Keke his gift, because Austin got to pick it out, even the card, alll by himself. He is very proud.

So, goodnight, sweet dreams, and happy memory making.