Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ending the year, with a jolly holiday

I bleed Christmas,
I bleed tradition,
I bleed memory making for my children

Christmas is no exception, in fact Christmas is the essence of teaching our children
what giving and recieving is, of really giving them a feeling of traditon.

And the extra magic that Christmastime brings doesnt hurt either.

A daddy and son.. doing what daddys and sons do

Our Christmas eve tradition, with some very special people

opening our Cheistmas eve gifts

His new Pjs and slippers

leaving some treats for Santa

reading The Night Before Christmas before nodding off to dream of those sugar plums

Look what Santa left us

Austin was soooo excited about the tree

He took his time with opening his gifts, stopping long enough to ask to play with each one

his FAVORITE gift from Santa, the CASTLE

his cho cho

Daddys, ahem I mean Austins race track

Christmas at Memes


I am a very blessed mama, with a great hard working husband, who loves us and takes care of us,
To have a healthy happy toddler, and a little baby girl on the way.
To have a great home, and great family and freinds...

2012 is a new year, one of new life, and new beginings..

Im going to be 23 soon, jeez talk about old, right?
Austin will be 3!! jeez talk about growing up fast!!
and my hubby, will be a quarter of a century old..

not to mention our baby girl on the way,
Addison Sophia Mosher!!!

Talk about a lucky girl!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peaking Excitment!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day,
it makes me look back, I am constantly looking through my scrapbook of my pregnancy with Austin,
Comparing how different the two are.

They really are, NOTHING alike.

This time around I have lost weight, felt morning sickness the ENTIRE 19 weeks thus far..

Some things are similar, the heartburn I get when I lay down, or the peeing at all hours of the night..

The baby started kicking and moving about 2 weeks ago, but the movements are becoming more noticable and prominent.

I havent really started "showing" but there is a very tiny indication of a growing baby.

Feeling the movement, and feeling this growing life is something that is so magical.
Having Keith to share it with me again, and making another gorgeous baby is so exciting.
This time around we have a big brother, to share it with us.

I have made it a point to keep him involved, we told him earlier than we did others, and he has come with me to almost all my appointments.

Tomorrow will be no different, he is a peach most of the time, and we are blessed to be able to bring him places, without the toddler tantrums, that yes he does have, but he is gracious enough to spare the public and have them mostly at home.

With Christmas just 3 days away, I am reminded of how lucky I am

To have the husband I do, really there is no other one I could ask for.
A great husband, a wonderful father.. seriously!!
I love this man. and in 3 short weeks we will have been married FOUR YEARS!!

A HEALTHY almost-three year old.. and a growing baby on the way!!

You wont hear this momma and wife complaining this Christmas!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

An Actual Christmas with the Crankies

remember last year  , when I implied that our Christmas party had cranky boys? Well I got my karma, fo sure!

This year we got to grammies and bumpas early, and Austin was sleeping. We laid him on the couch, and waited till the boys got their to wake him. anyhoo.. long story short for the first half of the night, all Austin wanted to do was cry. Poor guy was still sleepy..

But it turned out nicely.

ALL the cousins were together.. which is rare, or pretty much nver happens...

spagetti face Cole

Baby K

Austin, Cole, Joaquin

After dinner for everyone ( except Austin ) We had our tree..

Then Austin ate, by then he was not so cranky..

And we even managed to get a picture of everyone  LOOKING,

These 3 boys are learning to LOVE getting their photos taken, They just sit there and say "cheese" over and over..
very cute!!

The boys, as in Daddy and Austin stayed up until almost 1030, playing with "their" new hot wheels toys..
and the first thing Austin did this morning, which is usually ask for food, is ask to play with his cars..

not sure who loved it more..

And that is what he is doing right now as I type.. Talking for them and all. very adorable!

Only 6 days until the BIG day, but we have another big day this week..

Thursday afternoon, hopefully the baby will lay so we can see what he or she is.. so this momma doesnt have to wonder anymore.. ( I have my ideas, but Ill keep them to myself for now)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love the " Ho-Ho-Holidays" *

Last night was our first Christmas party,

T'was a magical night with Lots of food,

Lots of Family,

Lots of Cousin Lovin'
Which if i may add, is what my heart pines for

eating thier food

tattoo hugs

trying to get them to look at the camera -AT THE SAME TIME! ahhh!

all smiles..

Dont ask me, what they were doing.. they were waiting patiently for their gifts.

Of course the cutest guest of all, weighing in
at a tiny 6 pounds,

I cheated and used the flash.. isnt she just so edible..

Of course, what the boy's tried to wait patiently for all night


My handsome hubby

My handsome nephew

and of course, ( in my biased opinion) the most handsome man of all

this is his new hair cut!!

Last night was the epitomy of what I love, a houseful of kids running and screaming, laughing, and not breaking things, ( so far so good), lots of family, who all get along, and have little conversations, with Christmas music softly playing in the background. It was the blissful chaos that is what Christmas is all about.

Ah man, this chick loves Christmas, even though it really is a holiday* for kids, I am the magic maker of our family, and this mama is making her kids holidays* magical!!!!!

Before I leave you, isnt this so adorable?? They were wrestling..

And last but not least, my two favorite people in the whole wide world,
or should I say two an a half?

Offically only two weeks until Christmas, and

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Cooking

I've been pretty excited about cooking with Austin this year, he is so into the process, and I was even more excited about wearing these..

mommy and me aprons

He learned how to measure, and mix

He LOVED having his very own rolling pin too.

After hours and hours of cooking, sugar, oatmeal and M&M's, we took a very long afternoon nap together, got up and decorated our cookies..

But in the end, we created magic, memories and also... these tasty treats...


oatmeal           M&M
In the end we had a great day, but are both soooo sleepy.. Bathtime is calling, along with some ZZZZ's