Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pirate parties

We spent the weekend celebrating, blowing out candles over and over, opening cards in the mailbox from grandpa and other out of state relatives A child blowing out candles is one of my FAVORITE things. You capture in the shutter of your camera one magical moment, when a child makes a wish, and blows out those candles..

He loves opening mail addressed to him, so getting a handful of cards, simply made his day. When he opened his card to find money? He was off the walls excited. He responded and I quote " NOW I'M RICH LIKE DADDY!!!!"
Aren't kids so adorable in their innocence, they really say the darndest thing.

Austin had a party, in which his friends came, and played, danced and had a blast.

There is not much more fun than watching kids playing together, having the time of their lives..

It goes on my beltknotch of kick-ass-mothering, because in 10 more years who knows if I will still be the coolest person to my son, by then he'll be 15.. oh jeez.
That's okay too,

But this stage? This being my sons best friend, confindant, teacher and mom who gets kisses freely, gets to kiss boo-boos and reads in blanket forts? This is FUN! This is amazing, and I want it to last as long as it can..

And who can forget little sister? Who also had a blast at the party roaming from grandparent to grandparent getting her some loving and attention..

notice the sign behind her? " poop deck" how appropriate

Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, my not so little boy

Today you are FOUR years old, seems hard to imagine, because it seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms, smelling your new baby smell, dreaming of what you would grow up to be like.

And you are amazing.
The most amazing boy I know.

You are sweet, and sensetive, smart, and funny.

You have taught me more than I could ever teach you.

You are going to be going to school soon, and learning new things everyday.

I am so proud of you, and the big boy you are growing up to be.

We love you with all our hearts.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am finding it so hard to fathom the fact that I am twenty four! I mean, in the grand scheme it's really still young.. But to me.. I mean, it seems like so long.
almost a quarter of a century.. But I am so proud of my twenty four years, I have an amazing husband, and together we have made this beautiful family. Every day my son amazes me, he makes me laugh, teaches me how to be a better parent, and also.. how to stock my fridge - my son can eat ;)

Quite often Austin wakes up quietly before me and Addy, he gets dressed, and even gets his jacket ready to go before he even comes to wake me up. This morning was one such day. He came in wearing this outfit, very proud saying " look mommy, I look handsome for your birthday"

this had to be the best birthday present I have ever had. My son is constantly melting my heart, with his cute words of love.
I didn't even bother to tell him it didn't match, because he did it out of love, and it looked so handsome for his momma's birthday

This time last year I remember eating cake with family, I was pregnant with Addy, and this year she was with me, in my arms, wiggeling around, squirming to reach that frosting..


She succeeded in her mission.

She launched herself towards the cake during our photo opp, plunged right in face first, grabbed a fist full of chocloate and started feasting, and all in a matter of seconds..

Austin helped me blow out my candle

Addy going in for the kill

She then proceeded to grab some cake, some ice cream, and attempted to grab daddys drink,but failed..

Needless to say, one sugar crash later Addy feel fast asleep dreaming of chocolate no doubt.

and so a chocolate lover is born...

I had a really good day. At work this morning a coworker said to me, something a long the lines of remembering to celebrate oneself, its important she said.
It made me realize, she is  right.
We need to love ourselves, me aware of how awesome we are, how totally hard we work to become better, to provide for our familes, to learn and grow as parents and people.

Of course I dont think she meant become a egomaniac who is self obsessed.
BUT, there is a line, and all good moms and women in general need to be aware. They are amazing.

And I am proud, I love myself, I am setting an example of self worth and love for my daughter, and son too.
So today, I celebrated myself. with my family, the people who make me happy, who give me my drive.
And I am so happy to be twenty four,
here's to twenty four more years.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


a quiet week for us,

we really enjoyed our anniversary date... or more so getting to sleep in the next morning, thanks to Meme.

some of ours daily photos

Addy turns 8 months

Austin's fauxhawk

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I know I ramble at times about how precious life is, how I'd like to freeze time while my kids are little... This week, however... I am so excitedly stoked for Saturday the days can't go by fast enough..

FIVE years? wow, so much happened in five years, we've been through so much, had two amazing kids, and here we are.. I love this man, he is such an amazing father, the thing I love most about him..

He is funny, and kind.. and all mine.

Five years ago I was 18, I cannot believe I got married so young. Looking back we were so young and inexperienced. But we gained experience, and grew together.

He still gives me butterflies, and is the sexiest man I know, well okay, thats because I dont KNOW Will Smith.. but I digress...

I am so excited about our anniversary.. mostly about what it represnts. Five years strong..

Here's to Five more, and 50 after that..

Some of our 'photo-a-day's" for your veiwing pleasure

day eight - Austin making M&M bars 

day nine - daddy, add, ozzy playing

Here's to us :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

precious time

In the not so distant future my kids will be grown, and I will have only photos and memories of these precious times in their lives. They are ever fleeting, but oh so precious.

footed pajamas, hooded towels, spiderman lunch boxes, my little pony will be but  faded memories to look back fondly at.

And I just see it now, my heart pangs a littler just thinking about my babies growing.

These times are amazing, they are so special, they are my favorite..

I cannot freeze time or even slow it down, I can only hold my children tightly, give them a childhood with full memories, a strong foundation to leave my nest and make a difference in the world.

Right now though, all I have to do is hold them tight when they have a bad dream, kiss their booboos when they fall, just love them like only mamas can

oh and go sledding

take them out to eat for no-reason other than to spend time with dear family

My first baby is almost four, and that makes for some sentimental parents

looking back, at two years ago

look how small he was..

WOW. time flies

Friday, January 4, 2013


I am not such a big fan of New Years Resolutions.. especially ones where you set yourself up to fail like losing weight, or such things..

With that said, I would like to lose my baby weight, and get in shape. But I kept my resolution realistic, I want to stop drinking caffine.

I want to try new things, am I going skydiving? probablly not. So I am resolving to say "yes" to requests asked of me.

I want to be a better parent, will I be perfect? no, but I will spend more time, put more effort into my disipline and be more patient.

I want to be a better wife, and keep our foundation strong ( five years next week, baby) Will we argue and have silly fights? hell yes, we are both strong people. But we will put more time aside for just us time.

I want to tune into our spirtutual nature, will we be in a pew every Sunday? No, not every one. But we will go sometimes, and continue to pray at home, when we eat and go to bed. We will thank God for the sunsets, and the ocean waves and the birds when they remind us how beaituful life is

* I was going to add pictures from this week, but the blog will not let me..
but the kids are just as cute as ever

good day

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

I am welcoming this year with open arms, fully aware of how totally rad 2012 was for me. Last night I sat around my stepdad's table amazed at how much can happen in 365 days. Last year I was pregant with Addy, I had just learned she was a girl, and hadn't yet even named her. When we sat in a circle to give our resolutions mine was to get a job by the end of the year. CHECKMATE

And that I did, in August after the holiday I started work. And it forced me to become a different parent, to let go of my kids hands, to trust others with their daily care. and in turn it also pushed me to look at the world differently. It took weeks for me to come to a sense of calm about my job, it was hard, and it was so much to take in. But I love what I do, and what it represents, to me, to the world and mostly to my children. I vow to be a becon of inteligence for them, one of acceptance, tolerance and LOVE..

LOVE, my mantra for 2013. love my family, my job, my husband, strangers, myself. not in the i love you so much sense, because of course I love these people and things. But moreso, show love.

2012 was great, it gave me my daughter, the one whom I always wanted and couldn't wait to meet. It made my son a brother, the best there could be. And it helped me cross off some goals.

So, farewell 2012, you were wonderful.
and hello 2013, I can't wait to see what you have to offer..

I will leave you with a picture.
part of another, funner goal for 2013, to take a photo a day to create a scrapbook at the end of the year.

day one:

\From our family to yours
Happy New Years