Saturday, September 22, 2012


These past few weeks have been such a learning experience for us.
I was nervous to start work, excited too, but nervous for the reserved shy girl inside. Afraid of meeting new people, afraid of leaving my kids for the majority of the day. Of course I knew I had to get a job, because Lord knows I wouldn't have otherwise...

But starting new chapters can be scary. Change can be scary. When I found out I was prengnant with Addison, I was scared, among other feelings of joy and excitement, the future was uncertain, I was scared of the unknown. And when I met her, and finally held her in my arms, my heart melted and forgot the fear from nines months before.

I feel like everything is falling into place, I love my job, I am learning so much about myself, and actaully feel myself growing, becoming a better person. And in turn it makes me a better mother. A mother who will teach through example that it's important to work, to work hard for the things you want, to help people in need, and less fortunate than yourself, to always be giving, putting others before yourself. To love all people, the same, no matter what color skin they have, or what disabilites or handicapps they possess.

Those things, I have seen, and have learned do not define a person. A person is definied by the things they do, the way they treat others, the good they do. The courage they have to stand up for others.

I have had my wishy-washy-not-sure-if-Im-doing-whats-best for my baby days, when I feel emotional or over tired, or stressed from a hard day at work. I have questioned whats right and wrong, and thought hard about my choice. Some days regretting it, missing my baby so much.

One thing I know fo sure - I have such a deep respect for working mothers, super moms who seem to be able to do it ALL, AND have a clean house, and polite children. The juggleing act of parenting is setting a list of priorites, and working from the top.

For every family it's different. My TOP priority is family time, with my kids. taking walks, making dinner, having dinner TOGETHER, talking, watching movies, doing crafts. Sometimes housework gets left behind, but at the end of the day, with a pile of clean clothes in a laundry basket, and two sleeping babies next to me, I never feel more complete. and not a shread of guilt.

In ten years I wont remember a pile of dishes, neither will my children. They will remember this.

and this..

From me to you, have a good weekend, and week!
Today was the first day of Fall, and in this house,
that is reason to

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New job and four months old

I'm in my third week of working at my new job, I was waiting to write about it for a couple reasons, mainly because I was giving myself some time to digest my feelings about leaving the kids and being seperated for the whole day. every day. But also because I wanted to get established in our schedules and new routines.

For the most part the kids are doing really great. The first week was excellent, Austin had his cousins at daycare to play with, and also his sister to help with.

Addy did great transitioning into having bottles during the day, and having naps and all the good stuff moms worry about when it comes to their littles..

I was pleasntly surprised when Austin wasn'y upset to see me go, and I thanked the Lord above for this because it would have broken my heart. And I honestly, am doing okay.

But when you add a women and mother who has spent the better half of two years being a home staying mother, some residual pregancy hormones and a little baby at home it could have been trouble..

I remember on new years eve I told Keith that 2012 was going to be a great year, I was 6 months pregant waiting for the birth of my daughter and was very hopeful. 2012 has not dissapointed yet, we have worked so hard in all aspects of our lives and it feels so good to finally feel like it's moving along..

This mommy is happy, I have such a rewarding job, I know my kids are safe, and seeing them after being at work all day really makes our afternoons so much sweeter. My babies are growing up so fast...

AND also.. Fall is here.. hello - all my favorite things..

Summer just flew by, but it was amazing

. Addison is four months old now. She sleeps through the night still, eats rice at dinner time, poops ALL the time ( lol) She has the sweetest laugh, we call it a taradactal laugh, its really more of a screach.. but oh so adorable. She loves her big brother, and loves loves loves to sit up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What makes me happy

Have you ever been on a road trip with a husband whose been up since the break of dawn, a preschooler in his "why" phase, and a newborn? No? Well I imagine that you are imagining it looked something like this: arguing about what exit to take, while trying to keep a 3 yr old entertained and a baby happy who has to sit backwards in her seat..

And I'm sure it did look like this, but I choose to see a man and wife talking about their day at work, joking around like they always do, with a very well behaved toddler who never had one accident, and one very happy baby, who only stopped once to eat..

Because sure, life is full of circumstances in which we could easily find things to complain about, but really those circumstances are not what define us, the way we handle them, and ourselves are what define us.

Life is messy as it is, and by golly if having kids has taught me anything its this: Life is so short. And Im not going to waste it looking at the negative.

I try to write about what makes me happy, stay away from the negative, because as I have grown up, I have found that the more negative I am, the more negative my life is. Hence my rainbows and puppies writing style. Because while I do take things seriously and yes, talk about things that bother me, when I write its a theraputic, and nothing is more theraputic than happiness, man.

This Holiday weekend we took a little road trip, eight hours in a car with the people who mean the most to me. It was amazing. really, it was. We got to see some family and friends, and to see the look on my son's face while he was there, happiness 24/7, or 24/4 ( we were there four days)

To see how much he loves them, and how much he is loved. How blessed I am to have so many people care about my children. It touches me. To be accepted by my inlaws like I've always been apart of the family. It's awesome!

So this weekend we had impromtu dance parties, memorable trips to the worlds most expensice cardboard pizza shop, and 6 dollar icecreams..

But, wanna know what me and my children will remember??

They'll remember laughing, staying up late, getting candy from grandma, making cupcakes, dancing around and being silly.

They will remember being loved.

Because they are.