Thursday, September 30, 2010

Potty Training, rainy days, dancing, icecream, and YUMMY TREATS

Update on
"Potty Training" ( if you can even call it that)

Let me first give you a little taste of our parenting methods..
When Austin was first born, we were both amateurs, we had no clue what we were doing.
We were scared senseless of doing something wrong, or being bad parents..
The first two or three weeks we called numerous ( uncountable times) to the Doctors, nurses, and staff of the office( family..friends...the list goes on) for advice on silly things looking back, but we really had no idea..
And we weren't ashamed to ask for advice, or opinions..
We were so happy to have made a life, we just wanted to do the right thing..
But we got the hang of it. 
We got into the groove, of no longer being two 20-somethings who were self-oriented, and self obsessed, we were now young newlyweds AND parents.. 
It was a life rearrange-er for sure.
Had to re-prioritize, and no regrets..
absolutely none.
Sure... I, hell we all have made un-godly bad choices, in our life..
Some how having a child, brings hope, and love and a new perspective on things..

I'm rambling..

Potty Training is un-ventured territory.. and I will be honest, I have absolutely no clue what I am doing.
So.. I ask for advice, I listen to my Doctor. I listen to my mom, my aunts.. etc..
I try to put myself in his shoes..
try to talk to him, so he understands what I mean..
It is actually fun!!! teaching.. that is..
Everyday, I mean Gosh he's like a sponge.. He learns so fast, and retains things..
 babies are amazing creatures..
maybe I will him on start french lessons.. ( JK)
This is my son.. Taking off his diaper to go 
" pee pee"

Its a slow journey we are taking.. But the boy walked at 9 months. so hopefully he will learn before pre-k... 

Update on: rainy days..

We have had quite a few in a row here, and lets face it, a male toddler can get a little stir crazy..
in the form of terrorizing my furniture, or walking around naked... you get the idea..

We have built some routines, and one includes TUESDAYS.... 
Tuesdays are the day we mop the floors..
I bought Austin his own scrub brush to "help"

mommy's BIG helper

Eating Ice cream.. 

Austin was feeding himself.. I walked out, to a very large mess...

( Keith was half asleep)
and.. when it is NOT raining..
this is Austin's newest favorite thing to do..
( thanks to Grandpa)
rolling down our little hill in his coupy coup...

thanks grandpa again.. He really LOVES it!! 

and last but not least..
what would fall be without a grown-ups way of celebrating??
( after bedtime of course)

( celebrating a delicious fall flavor) 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Keith gets up very early, often before the sun..
 I usually sleep through it, and wake when he kisses me goodbye,

two days ago.. 

Keith was smoking at the range hood, and his BIG toe felt numb..
He looked down and there was a mouse BITING him....

It was all so gross..
He came to tell me that there was a trap, and not to forget about it..

for the rest of the night all I did was have nightmares about rodents in my house...

Last night, we took a trip to the market, and got like 6 traps.. ( overboard??)
and sure enough this morning..

*fingers crossed
there was only one..
but I dont know much about rodents... 

( so glad it wasnt me) 

Monday, September 27, 2010


Fall as officially begun..

That means crunchy leaves, brisk walks, gourds, pumpkins, apples... GALORE..
It also mean Halloween. Which I am very excited about.. We are ordering Austin's costume today!
He will be Yoda.. Very cool..

Also we are going on our 3rd Annual trip to Rangley, pretty soon. 
We hopefully
*fingers crossed
won't miss the peak this year...

last year it was so pretty..

Also... an apple picking trip..
Keith LOVES apple pie, and I need to get a head on my practice for my FIRST thanksgiving feast as a married women, and as my marital vows state, I must make good pies..
We are going to pumpkin land, pretty soon with Austin as well..
I saw that there was a petting zoo, and a bouncy house ( I think)
SOO excited!!

Like I have said a gazillion times over, Fall is MY favorite..

We have been hanging out, doing the usual..
Drama is but, a distant memory
( thank the Lord above)
And now I am resigned to cleaning, cooking and cuddling with my son on rainy days when he begs me to let him go outdoors to play..

Poor guy looses his mind on rainy days..
Before Mommy cleaned my room ( for the 50th time)

After Mommy cleaned my room

Austin has unfortunately inherited my gene for ear infections and colds..
And he has a cold now.
Doesn't make for easy sleeping, but he is a real trooper...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missing You

Most days I go on living like " normal" everyday life...
And everyday I am happy to be alive, and happy to have a healthy child and a happy family..

Some days, however, I think about you. 
And I open the box ( just a little) because I am not capable of having the entire box of reality open at once.
I often, do not let the fact that Loreda is not here anymore hit me, because I don't think I can handle it.
I dont do it, because I dont miss her, I do it for my own sanity. 
But, some days, I let that box open.. 
And reality comes pouring out onto my lap. And sometimes I am in the car, and it is a song, or sometimes I drive by her house, and there are no lights on. Sometimes I am just lying in bed, and my thoughts drift to her..

Two nights ago, we took at trip to the "city" to go to Home Depot, for some roofing stuff, Austin and I walked in, and already Holdiday tress, and decor decorated the store.
We walked over to the stockings, this is what opened the box...
I am always drifting to the fact that I  couldn't choose which one I wanted for Austin, and she never got to finish it.( or start it)
So I imagined her making the one I did pick....
and then understand that she never will be able to..
So We looked at ones that were cartoons, and Santa Claus, and it really hit me, that he wont get a handmade stocking like I , and even Keith got from her. 
He will have to have a store bought one, and in the bigger scheme of things,
that is really not that bad of a thing..
But.. it stings alittle...

Other times, like today, I come across her picture..
And the box, again, comes open..
Today I think, it opened more than it does normally..

And.. It hurts.. It does sting, and it makes my eyes fill with tears, but I push those back, because I also don't want to " get over" yet..
I still want it to be with me..

I love you Loreda.. I really miss you.. We all do..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans..

okay.. okay.. I know, I am getting ahead of myself here. It's not even October yet, and here I am making plans for the end of November..

Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays.
you know me - love traditions, and we usually watch the parade, go to Keith's Aunts for lunch and have our own version for dinner. ( that part is different every year)
This year is different though. 
We have been through hell and back, and wanted to do something different.( Keith's idea)
He suggested going to HIS mother's , with of course the obvious restrictions:
a motel within 25 miles,
padlocks for all of my luggage,
and a nice little nanny cam for when I have to use he bathroom and leave Austin alone...

I am of course hesitant, because they obviously do not like me, I know this because they tell me,

I was hesitant, for obviosu reasons, one being near them and letting them walk all over me and my family..
and 2, being so far away from my own home and family.. 

I finally agreed to it, WITH STIPULATIONS,
and we were set on it, and its been about four days now, and I still havent backed out..

I am a creature of habit, and Keith is not one to, on a normal day, inflict drama into his own life for fun,
so I am thinking it will less hurtful, less annoying, and more family oriented, if we have our own, at our own house, with our own family, this will equal no drama, no personal attacks on my obvious large head, and just plain fun....

Keith will go hunting ( unless he already gets one) 
and me and Austin will play in the leaves, watch the parade, the game and try to bake a turkey...

Monday, September 20, 2010


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Becoming a Better....

In my very serious to attempt to embark on the journey of becoming 
a better self,
a better human,
a better creature of God....

Think about remodeling your... say, Kitchen..
Think about all the work it takes into just planning it..
It first starts with dreams: dreams of your kitchen's full potential..
You picture new cabinets, and hardwood floors, black glass chandeliers, new dinner ware, and
an antique china cabinet full of souvenirs of your grandmothers, and her mother..

You start to plan. To get serious about your plans. 
You, or me, I should say, whenever I start to plan something new, I get antsy, and excited, and start to get sick of the old, and just want it NOW...
To design the PERFECT kitchen, or room. You need to take time, 
really plan what you need, what you want, and find the balance between the two..

Then.. The HARD part..
Sticking to the plan.. whether you hire out, or build yourself, you have to stick to it. If you give up halfway through it will be worse than before you decided to fix the, probably would have been fine if you never touched it anyway, room..

Metaphorically speaking, I have huge dreams for my kitchen. It is going to be grand. Right now, I am remodeling.. Taking my time, getting every nook and cranny, to ensure FULL POTENTIAL..
This redesign will take time, and in the end, will be worth allll the hard work, energy, and time spent.
MY kitchen, will still be recognizable to those who once visited it often, but BETTER..
Because.. I think..
Life is all about becoming better...
a better self.
a better human
a better creature of God..

Friday, September 17, 2010

this is not an " at least I ... " story..

This day-in-day out thing.. is not half bad. Because everyday something extra is added in, like a trip to visit a loved one, or a trip to the supermarket, or park or playground, I want him to have the best childhood ever...
( I am soo hopeful about it)
But today the ' something extra' was not fun.. It was horrifying...
I turned around from making a cup of coffee in my kitchen, to find my son with a permanent marker in his hand, with it all over his face, and hands, and shirt... 
my heart instantly stops beating for a nano-second..
I knew what it meant....
I slowly turn to see what he had done.. ( knowing it could not be good)
and look to find my entire couch marked up, like some picaso painting...
I was horrified.. I did yell at him, he didn't care. He thought it was funny..
Mommy was crying, and told him he was naughty and that it hurt her feelings what he did.. 
He broke my heart to see him so sad.. He knew he was bad, he knew it when he was doing it..
But he is only a toddler, and has to learn...
He got a spanking, he cried...
He got time out, he cried some more..
Mommy cried, he cried even harder..
my naughty son's artwork

I was horrified 
because we just bought this couch, and it was really NOT cheap.. it was expensive.. 
and its permanent marker, they must call it permanent for a reason.
Needless to say, I spent the next two hours researching, and making phone calls to local businesses trying to find a cure. 
The best I got, was rubbing alcohol..
Now, hours later, I am too afraid to use it, because if it ruins it more...
I will be in deep ____ ! 

But, to get to my point, or my title..
I am obviously not in the best of moods, it actually ruined my day, So..
when I hear someone say, " well you obviously were not watching him hard enough" or " how did he get a marker in the first place"
Do you know what it makes me want to do? IT makes me want to scream..
Because as much as in laws are naturally suppose to make you want to pull your hair out and go Rocky Balboa on their asses, it is not nice.. 
It makes me WANT to lecture you on the " at least I .."
for example " as least I am not as stupid as you"
But I won't, because it doesn't matter.. 

I guess it doesn't really matter what others think... Because 
.. well I dont know why..
But we could ask that about alll the other things my son does..
Like smearing poo all over his crib.. 
" well why did you let him have shit in the first place" 
I can put a diaper on his arse, I can put pants on his behind..
But if he passes a bowel in the middle of the night, and decides it would be fun to make art with it,
is that also my fault?
It gets on his pillow, and his blankets, and stuffed animals, and hands, AND HAIR.. And he has to take a 3am bath... But it happens, and I am sad to say, it has happened MORE THAN THREE TIMES...
When my son was 4 days old, we brought him home, put him on his changing table ( perpendicular to our bed), I unlatched his diaper, and poo when flying across the room, ONTO MY BED..
So, I must say that he is an expert poop smearing..
and there is so much more..
But because I carried him in my body for 9 months, labored him for 28 hours, got cut open in a basement OR, feed him my milk, FROM MY MOTHER-LOVING BOOB, got up and cleaned up those POOPY messes, and now, mother him EVERY DAY, you really do not get a say in the way he is raised..
Or in your opinion, the things I do wrong.
Because if you think you can do better, than have more kids and raise them.. just be careful because you will 98 when they graduate ( not that you have a good track record with your other kids on graduating)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scary but true...

Can you believe September is practically half over??
In honor of the BEST season of the entire year, I changed my blog color to Orange,..

For a while, and by a while, I mean like two or three bloody weeks, I opted out of walking with Austin.It was so hot, I had no desire to even step outside..

Well today, it was 60 degrees, at 8 o'clock ( yes AM, people, I get up before noon) we put on gloves and scarves, and got a blanket and took a walk.. It was beautiful out. The air was crisp, our noses were red, we heard so many different noises, birds, and chipmunks, and crunching of leaves.. 

The depressing part was my camera.. I went to take pictures of Austin with his new gloves ( or I should say FIRST gloves, because he had them last year, but never wore them) he loved the things, he thought he was so cool wearing them around ( so much so he didn;t take 'em off when we got home)

The camera is not focusing, it is just a blurred image.. The lens isn't cracked or smudgy .. I have no idea what could be wrong..I am afraid to tell Keith, because he already hates it, and he may want ' to put it down'

and by  'put it down' I mean return and get another one..
AND I really love THIS one..

But I cant have blurry images... You need to see the cute little gloves and scarf he had on..
but you cant...

Fall is my favorite time..
reversely.. It is Keith's least favorite.
OBVIOUSLY I asked him why he hated me.. I mean Fall so much..

His response was sound in reason.
" because everything dies, it's so depressing"

It's true leaves, and flowers, and summer dies.. 
BUT I love it for just that..
A new start. Fresh, and the weather changes, and it makes you feel like you can do anything..
( okay, well ... it makes you feel good)

I love it BECAUSE it is colder, it is so darn pretty too. The colors - 
they aren't colors of death.. orange, and reds, all sooo great!

I am rambling.. 

I love Fall..

Keith does like it..
it is all he talks about.
OH and the new COD game coming out soon..

My life is great right now. We are doing wonderful, and I am grateful for those in my life who love me, and my family, and who are always there for us!
It is sad how some people are missing out on so much, for such petty reasons,
whatever the reasons..
IF you love us, we love you..
and we do.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

post holiday week

I always get thrown off guard, when a long holiday weekend comes.. Tuesday feels like Monday, Monday feels like Tuesday... soo confusing..

But rght now, not so much for me, I cannot wait until October 11th when school starts back up.( for me)
I am taking on an extra class so I only have one semester left to do. It will probably get stressful considering TWO of them are online courses, and I have never taken an online seminar.. I am alittle nervous..


Tuesday we took a trip to the mall with Auntie we had a lot of fun..
I made my first crock pot dinner, BBQ pork.. 
WOW! was it soo good!
I love fall ( i bet you didnt know that either)

This morning was our first time eating french toast... he loved it!

Tonight we went over to grandpas house and had spaghetti.. It was delicious..
Just hung out playing, and relaxing...

I am ready to go Mom, stop taking my picture!

Daddy let me drive home
( not really)
We do not have too much planned for the weekend.. We are rug doctorering this Saturday..
Doesnt it sound fun!?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Middle of the week survey

One of my 

posted a blog survey, and I thought that I, myself, would also add some spice to my 
bland blog... ( okay, I am anything BUT bland) 

Here goes..
all the really important things you NEEDED to know about me!!
( did I mention I LOOOOVE to do this sort of thing)

1. what's your favorite form of exercise?
MY favorite would be going to the gym, and doing 30 minutes of the elliptical, it makes me sweat, it makes me work.. I love the gym...

2. are you an early bird or night owl?
I am both.. Although I prefer to sleep in late, so I am actually more of a night owl. I usually stay up until midnight or so.. But unlike Keith, it doesn't take me long to actually get around to being a human after I do wake up.

3. what's the greatest lesson you learned from your parents?
Well.. Something we both agree on, We want to only get married once, hold this marraige to be sacred, yes we have made mistakes... BUT we are learning from them, and the mistakes of out parents.. ( love you guys)

4. did you choose the right major in college? if no, what would you change?
I am in the medical career, which is the one I LOVE!! But there are so many differnt things I want to do, so expanding my degree is my current goal!

5. what kind of driver are you? slow & cautious? calm & assertive? aggressive? road rager?

Well... I deffiantly have aggression towards those who do not know how to drive.. But I am safe, because of Austin, and this super sad video about driving accidents.. I now try to be better at it.. 
Although my temper gets the best of me at times.. I always drive safe AND cautious! But with a mild case of the road rages...

6. can you feel changes in the weather? stiff joints, crazy hair, changes in your skin?
I have such fair skin, that it seems just the thought of the sun can turn my skin to a lobster toned reddish color.. I have had so many sunburns, I am worried about the bad outcome of it.. ( I cannot say it out loud however)

And if you saw my hair, you would understand the HUGENESS of it all... at the  mere mention of humidity..

7. what's your best & worst memory from high school?
hmm... worst memory was the 8th grade Xmas concert.. ( dont go there) 
BEST: wowsers.. I LOVED my school years ( for the most part) so.. ALL OF IT!

8. if you're sad, what's the one thing that can make you happier?
getting my way.. does that count??
no seriously.. hmm I would say hanging out with my two boys.. or just relaxing..

9. what's your least favorite food?
 raisins... burnt biscuits, too much cheese, I really love MOST food!

10. as a past wedding guest, what's the one thing that annoyed you? how did you change it at your wedding?
hmmm.. DANCING!!! I made sure that we had HOURS of dancing.. I LOVE TO DANCE!!

11. what movie can you quote along with the best?

12. what's your favorite thing about blogging?
I like having an oulet to express myself, and keep track of my family memories.. It helps my family who lives far away to keep in touch with Austin growing up, and our life in general..
I am seriously thinking about getting it made into a book at the end of the year, I read it's not that cheap..
and it would make for a cool scrap book..

13. if you could live in another decade what would it be and why?
the 80's... I just cannot get over them.. The music, the style, the EVERYTHING!!
the 80's had A/C right?!

14. where has the best meal of your life been and what was it?

Okay.. have you met me??????
I have a minor addiction to food, and it would not be fair to narrow it down to just one.. I LOVE CHINESE, ITALIAN, hmmm... I LOVE ALL FOOD! I AM NOT IMPARTIAL!

15. what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
okay.. again.. have you met me??
If I had to pick, I would say the real world.. IT is sortta for teens, but I still love IT!
Now you know all there is to know about

Monday, September 6, 2010

What a weekend -- boy do my feet hurt!

Friday was spent with anticipation for the wekend ahead.. We packed, we cooked, and we loaded up.

It took me two hours to figure out how to put the tent up, but  I did it.

By 730 we were all settled in, eating burgers by the fire..
Austin was having a great time..

this was our tent
eating dinner..
sitting by the fire..
Then it was time for bed.. We all went to bed at 9:00, because Keith had to get up early to work.
I was laying in bed, while everyone one else was sleeping away, thinking, wow this is royally boring..
I was getting frustrated, because my flash light died, and I couldn't read, it was so hot that night, it made it miserable to sleep.

10pm rolled around, and the rain from Earl was pouring down. It woke us all up, Austin was not afraid but rather just wanted to play..

Keith and I were in agreement that it was very miserable..

Needless to say, soaking wet, 3 am, rolled around and we booked it to the car,
none of us with any sleep, all of us soaking wet..

The three of us went home, and Keith didn't even go to bed, he stayed up and worked..
Austin and I fell alseep around 4, and slept till 10 am..
Grammie took Austin for the rest of he weekend..

We went back to the camp ground, for a dance.. and it was soo fun! It was much cooler, and NOT wet, and we sleep like babies..

We got up, went out to dinner, went to a campfire with some old friends, came home, and watched Avatar on our bluray player..
It was soooooooooo GOOD!!
All I have to say is, it seriously is my new favorite movie..
and that is saying alot..

we got up, and worked ALL day today, things around the house,
I had gotten behind on laundry with all the fuss of camping, and I decorated for fall..

We are all home, safe and sound. Austin is snugg in his bed..
naked cowboy
I also baked some more cupcakes..

and tomorrow is the start of my crockpot and pies..
Steak for dinner.. YUM! 
Austin helping Daddy start the grill!
It was a good weekend... 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pre-weekend jitters

That really is not an accurate title, because it makes it sound like we are nervous,
and we aren't, we are super excited! 
But I couldn't think of another title..

Today we spent the day trying to escape from the blistering sun, what was planned to be a day, that we didnt leave the house even ONCE.. turned into a double trip to the super market, in preparation for the camping trip..

I also confess I bought another nunny, because Austin lost his old one.. I could have taken the opportunity to ween him off of it,but chose to spoil him because
1) its so darn hot, he doesn't need the stress
2) he IS an only child, so does deserve a certain amount of spoilage..

However, today WAS fun..
even if we did have beads of sweat dripping off of us..
Have I mentioned, I can not wait till Fall?

Some fun things we did do today...

Ate bananas like monkeys..
Monkey Boy
Colored for the FIRST time
and with his left hand, I might add ( Keith and I are both lefties)

which one do  I like best?

We had a story time after lunch..

he is really good at telling stories
..and they are FUNNY ones too!

Hung up some more wall decor..

'M' for Mosher
made a fort out of an end table..
(aren't we creative)

Had steak for dinner
He is drinking from cups like a champ now!
Fed ourselves
( in fact he wont let anyone help him)
very serious!
Played with Daddy across the table

Took a bath.. 

Austin LOVES baths!
he was brushing his own teeth too!
Got ready for bed.. 
and talked on the phone..

drum roll...

Slept in our bed with Daddy, because it is too darn hot in his room...

I am really excited about camping..
even if Earl ( the Hurricane may pay us a visit)
Earl can't bring the Mosher's down...

this is what mommy did after tucking her boys in..

my best( non human) friend.. I will miss you this weekend, but  I got better things to do ( I will always love you though)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Men - can't shoot 'em, and dont always want to live with 'em... but still love them ( sometimes its not clear why though)

funny thing about men, and no, I don't mean sitcom funny, although when it happens on sitcoms, it really IS funny!
And I am not talking funny- HAHA, as in that was such a good joke, or lets never forget this, funny
I am talking ' boy- I -wanna-whoop-you-upside-your-head' - funny.

Because yes, they are cute, they are cuddly, they fill the empty void that would not be the same without them, they tell our biological clocks that we are not going to grow up to be old maids,
sometimes, I think being an old maid, wouldn't be so bad..
1) you only have to pick up after yourself, which wouldn't be a lot because lets face it, men make the majority of house messes ( and that is including kids )
2) you never have to listen to lame ass excuses, or just plain dumb lies..
But I guess it could get lonely, and that's where men really do come in.
They fill up our time, 
when they get sick, they act as if they are pushing a human being out of there whoo-whoo
when really you just got a head cold, you just got a bee sting, ya just shut your finger in the door,
stop acting like a BIG baby..
I was in labor for 28 hours, and you never heard me complain like that..
( well maybe you did, but stop bringing up the past, get over it already)

jeezz.. but it would be so quiet, in an old maids house..
No video games blaring, no loud phone conversations,
because for some reason MY husband talks as if the person he is talking to is hard of hearing,
hello- grandpa, your the deaf one, NOT me.. I can hear you just fine, even if you cant hear your self..
nothing, just forget it..

I wanted to dedicate this post, to the man of my dreams, because in reality I really do love you,
I cant imagine my life without you..
seriously, your such a MAN!!

September First 2010

Today was September first. Unfortunately it was the weather of July 15th IN AFRICA!!
Sweating, cranky, melting, irritable, etc
( the list can go on)
all words to describe the mommy Mosher!
Unless you hand me a cool tea, an A/C and my baby boy, 
then I am happy as a clam on the 15th of July IN ALASKA..


it was a scorcher.. and not thankfully, but this weekend Earl ( the hurricane) may pay us some aftermath visits..
That would mean rain ( not too much if he passes by) and 70 degree weather..
now, thats my kind of camping..
However, if he choses to come visit us, then we will have POURING rain..
THE EXACT opposite of this week..
Ah well, either way we are going, if it rains we will play games under the canaopy,
if it is sunny, we will go boating..
I am really excited..

Keith worked late tonight,( as in is STILL working at 8 pm..)
but to make up for it he gets THE WHOLE weekend off, INCLUDING MONDAY!!
oh boy, oh boy..
So happy..
My husband has been being so kind lately, so surprising ( no offense intended)
bringing home rentals, or ice teas, telling me I look pretty, even though we all know the sweating forehead, is NOT my prettiest look!

things are great.
Tonight me and Bubba went school supply shopping..
we had a really fun time!
here's some pictures of us hanging out being silly.. 

Tonight we hung some more wall art..

whatta think?

Family - a gift that lasts forever
the best things in life aren't thing
God Bless our Home
Wonderful Day..
tomorrow we are staying home allllll day, packing for camping, and NOT going outside.