Wednesday, February 27, 2013

* Whatever Wednesdays*

So my previous title, has been replaced by "Whatever Wednesdays"
The theme is still the same however.
Each week we try something new, albeit a craft, a recipe, or a fun activty, that we discover on the world wide web, or mostly pinterest. And of course, blog about it :)

This week we ventured into the kitchen to try something, we have never done before.

Something for our fourlegged family member, who on the day-to-day sometimes gets forgotten with the hussle and bustle of our busy weeks.

Homemade Dog treats,
recipe found: HERE

It's really rather simple, and totally changeable to your doggies taste buds.

First we mixed our ingredients ( only four, peanutbutter, milk, flour and soda) The recipe called for what seemed like a lot of treats, so we cut our in half and it made a total of 24 treats

Next, be amazed at your momma's amazing ball forming talents..

this was not staged, he was just being a goof ball
Then use your rolling pin to roll it out, like cookies. You will need extra flour to make it less sticky.

using his rolling pin from aunt rere

Then  choose your cutter, we have this huge bin of cookie cutter shapes, but you dont need to make it dog boned shaped it can be anything, or even just round. Dogs dont really notice the details.. :)

Then cut them out, just like you would cookies

Put them on a cookie sheet, ungreased, bake at 350 for about 15 minutes, will get hard, like a normal dog treat..

Let cool.

And enjoy.

Abby very much enjoyed these, Austin however did not.

He asked to try one, and I figured it couldn't hurt. He spit it out saying " these are just for dogs, not people, mom"

So there you go.
ONLY feed them to doggies. Not kids

Abby Approved

Monday, February 25, 2013

happy bubble

Oh gosh, I have been in my happy bubble all weekend, spending time with my kids, and going on a date night with my Husband to celebrate a new and exciting chapter in our lives. I am so proud of my husband, and look up to him in so many ways. So congratulations to him! He got a job in his feild of study, and is so excited to start this new journey. It has most definlty provoked a fire inside to get into mine, but that's a different story.

Things Im so greatful for right now

My almost ten month old
Who went to her check up, and is GREAT! no pnemonia, no ear infections.. I am thrilled to have my growing baby back to her happy go lucky self.
Addy weighed in at 21 pounds, and 29 inches.
She sleeps through the night, eats three meals a day, CRAWLS, and TRYS to stand up. on ANYTHING she can get her paws on.

Did I mention she is Austin's biggest fan? She is always following him around stealing his toys

I am thankful for a gentle, and loving big brother for my little girl.

One who loves his little sister something fierce ( unless she is crying over his show or steals the wrong toy )

hleping Meme shovel

we had a pizza-making date at Meme's house

see smiley face pizza top right

And I just had to post this last one, although I know she may or may not kill me for it.

We are so thankful and blessed to have such a loving Meme, who loves me and my kids with her whole heart.

Who puts up with us, and entertains the kids on our date nights, and who is very much apart of my family.
I love my grandmother, a strong and loving woman!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's New Wednesdays***

I know I have mentioned my lack of inspiration lately, well I couldn't take it anymore..
I think it may be a mix of cabin fever, and a vitatmin D depreivation, I am in desperate need of sunshine, and blooming trees, and SPRING!

After realizing I could put my new addiction to Pinterest to good use. I go on litterally every night, and find all these amazing things I want to do and try, but what good  are they if I don't actually try them.

I decided to start utilizing some of the amazing ideas, and doing some more creative things with Austin.

I decided to start a new series " ", In which each week I feature something new we have tried that we found online.

This week we started with a craft, which is one of both of our, favorite things. When Austin sees me getting our craft table and supplies out, he goes giddy.

Tonight, after dinner, I told him to clean his room, and we would make a cool craft.
he replied " AHHH, a craft? okay "

And if I would have known that, that would be all it took to clean his room by himself with no fuss, I would be doing crafts every night at 6 pm.

We started with THIS CRAFT , waxed crayon pictures, all we needed was household things we already had, paper plates ( mine are Springy because I so miss it) crayons ( lets admit it, all mothers have a zillion crayons) and toothpicks

Then you color with desired color crayons in any design you want.

Then Mommy covered it all in Black

Then we used our toothpicks to etch pictures into the colors, sticking your tongue out is optional, :P

And Voila

Austin really got a huge kick out of this, what I love about this website, is you can find easy, free things that kids go gaga over. You dont have to spend a lot, or even any a lot of the time to make memories, and have a ball.

We of course, repeated the process a few more times, because he wanted, Daddy, Addy and Abby to have their own faces.

Then we made homemade chocolate chip cookies

A very Good night
Looking forward to trying out a new idea next week, I'm already on the hunt

*** the name for now, I am stil debating on the "series" name :)

Monday, February 18, 2013


Growing usually and mostly occurs slowly over time, so that it's not noticable, until it is..

Like my jeans becoming more and more snug, until one day I step on the scale and realize I've gained five more pounds..

When I realize my newborn is nine months old, crawling, waving, clapping.. When I was sure she was just a baby. yesterday..

Likewise, the little boy who made me a mommy, one of my soulmates, the little boy who completes me, is a full blown preschooler. With a larger than life personality, a thirst for knowledge, and temper, that I havent decieded where he gets it.

Or when I look up and see that my marriage hits its five year birthday, and has made it through the earlier, harder times, into a more balanced and thriving place. Married to my best friend, who makes me laugh, who hears my thoughts, and who tells me his.

I started this year full of hope for all the ways I would grow, personally, in my carreer, in my marriage, as a mother. I still always look inward to grow, to truly get to know myself, accept, love and acknowledge who I am, and for what I am. To know myself inside and out 100%.

I then realize something, I have grown, I can see it, I didn't realize it, because it happened right under my nose, but Im proud of who I am, who I've become.
But growing doesnt have a finish line, I want to grow my whole life.

Evolving into the person I will become, or already am, depending on how I look at it.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five Things

Five Things you may not know about me,

1. I do not know how to swim, not that it is something I hide, or am ashamed of or anything, I never learned. I do however, still love boating, and "swimming" with Austin, I still love doing this:

Ice fishing with my boy
2. I swear I love scary movies, or at least I mostly do. I love paranormal movies, and weird deformed, Hills of the eyes sort of scary movies, and I LOVE ZOMBIE movies... However, I do mostly watch through my fingers, heart racing, sitting on the edge of my seat and yes, I am that girl who squeals exsessivly loud and screams when the murdere is right.behind.her!!!

3.  I absolutly hate, or strongly dislike seeing the face of a radio personality I listen to often.. I am not kidding when I say, that I once had to stop listening to a morning show when I saw "Tim" in person, it totally ruined it for me.

4. I am not afraid to die, maybe this one is a tad morbid but I always had this fear of dying, or mostly missing out on things around me, people's lives going on without me. As a mother, I of course have a longing to grow old and watch my children grow up, and get married, have children, and such forth.

5.  I want to learn how to sew. and quilt. and knit, and all the things that will make me an awesome grandma, and mother. I fantasy about making homeade Halloween costumes, and recital costumes..
I swear, I will do it someday.

I hope you feel like you have sneaken a glimpse in the mysetery that is me.
haha.. I know..

Inspriation has been short lately, which is weird, because life is so great right now. Like, could it get any better, good.. So I  am thinking I need some inspiration.. I'll work on it.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

I love how as a wife and mother you are constantly adapting and evolving. Sometimes without even realizing it.
 Having been together seven years we have celebrated our fair share of Valentines Days, each with their special memories that I hold dear, one including going to Dennys at 11 oclock at night and eating cold pancakes, vowing never to go again.

Now, being a mother, learning the ebb and flow of our family, focus moreso on celebrating all kinds of love, not just mommy-daddy love. So we make heart shaped pancakes, and muffins, and cakes, and make cards, and I teach my children to love everyone, and always tell them.


The Mosher's survived Blizard Nemo, getting about 20 inches.. Which doesn't even seem possible, but we stayed inside for the duration, warm and safe.

Abby loves her some snow ( as long as it involves a tennis ball)

three feet plowed up in the road Friday

gotta have 4-wheel drive in Maine
  Other things we did this weekend

trailed around the house in our walker

played Match

made Valentines Day cards for Austin's friends
 Addy has started waving, she waves bye-bye, and hello. She waves to me every time I wave, and she waves to perfect strangers..

Addy turned 9 months old. She weighs 19 pounds, and is doing good. Such a strong little girl.

Austin is growing up so fast, it's crazy even looking back over the past 12 months.

His personality is BIG, and he's not afraid to show it, ;)

I never want to forget this stage

He is a great big brother, but does need reminders to be gentle sometimes :)

He absolutly loves to cook, mostly crack eggs, and taste test

We will be celebrating our Valentines Day denned in, cozy helping Addy feel better.
She is under housearrest for awhile due to pnemonia.
She is doing okay, and we are all feeling better

Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, February 7, 2013

flu season and fun

This week you can find me elbow deep in kleenex and tylenol, both my babies have cuaght this awful cold going around. Which means Austin just wants to rest and  has lost his apetite, which is really saying something,

I miss my babies, and feel so bad for them. Poor Addy is so out of it..

Austin had his check up today, and I am happy to repor a healthy four year old boy.

Things that I have been enjoying:

Addy roaming through the house

brother sister racing


watching their relationship grow

Sunday, February 3, 2013

superbowl weekend

Superbowl weekend is really like all other weekends, seeing that we only watch football on superbowl Sunday.. and thats mostly for the commericals, or the fights, or in my case checking out the players... ( shh don't tell )

But this winter has been so finicky, we havent even made a snowman yet. or gone icefishing..

But we did go snow shoing for Austins first time, and he had a blast.

Sister is so close to crawling it aint even funny.
She can wiggle and worm her away across a room, and don't get me started on Addy in a walker
Lawd look out..

Nachos are in, wings are cooling down, and Im rooting on the niners ( because there guys are cuter, the way I always pick teams)