Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas with the Crankies*

Monday was our first and second Christmas party and dinner..

First it was Austin's Daycare party, which consisted of 10's of Toddlers running around, eating candy, and having a ball.. ( we are so lucky to have our daycare family owned, so we are related to pretty much all of the kids..)
Austin always has so much fun with all his cousins..

Second, it was off to grammies and bumpas for our annual dinner - spagetti and meatballs, and we have a tree exchange
( where we give each other trees - HAHA just kidding)

I love, love, love family, they mean the world to me, and I am so blessed to be loved by such wonderful people...

As always the boys enjoyed opening gifts..
(  ahem. even if they did not belong to them)

Lastly, my newest idea, for the generations to come, and all the memories that we will make.. Our first annual family Christmas party Picture.. ( I wanna start doing this every year)

we had a lot of fun, and loved all our gifts.. we are so blessed


*And just for the record, no one was cranky at either party, but I liked the play on words with the title

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It was a "COLE" party

My weekend started out in a drag-my-heals-sort-of-way.
The middle was stressful, and the end was fun!! Actually it was all fun, just also other things too.

The most important news is my third nephews birthday party.

Cole turns one tomorrow, and we had his party today.

This little boy is the fist of all three big boys to turn one that has eaten his entire mini cake in one sitting..

I am sure he had tons of fun watching Joaquin and Austin open all his gifts for him ( he liked the paper)

For reasons un-benounces to me we stayed up until pretty much sunrise last night, and got up at 8 am... I didnt get to take a nap ( although both my boys did) and I am pooped. I was tired all day.
But I got up and went to the dump ALL BY MYSELF, for the first time.
Had this cole party.
Then Keith surprised me with a trip to the store, for an early gift. Thanks honey.

When we got home we ate ribs and potatoes, played Christmas music and yathzee, while baking cookies, cakes and goodies..

Merry Christmas to All.. and to all.. A good night..
sweet dream~~

10 Random Things about Me

1. I cannot swim.. ( dont do much floating either)

2. I love to sing. AND dance.

3. Family is my most important treasure

4. I beleive in second chances, but not third or fourth ( for the same mistake) ( I guess that is the difference between God and I )

5. I am a registered republican ( but vote the other way sometimes, shh dont tell my grandfather - The ULITMATE ELEPHANT)

6.  I LOVE Reality Television

7. I am not afraid to die, but miss those that have.

8. If I could live in one century it would be the 1800's ( If I was a dukes daugter or some equivelent)

9. I love my hair!!!

10. I call Mama when all else fails

Saturday, December 18, 2010

That really bugs me (volume one)

I am having a little problem..
Its not a BIG one, just a little one..
here goes
it can be compared to people pronouncing "Valentines Day"
" Valentimes Day"
( that really bugs me)
Because onbiously there is no 'M' in the word so why would people pronouce it so?
It is something I pretend doesnt happen, because if I didnt I would become so flustered I wouldnt know what to do with myself..

Apparently there is another similar debate that happens this time of year,
although I never knew about it because I use COMMON SENSE..
Now before I tell you.
I just want everyone to know, that I beleive in fredom, and equality and all that shiz, so you can disagree with me, but I also belive in common sense and just want to get it out there what it is in this case..

Today is Saturday, in one week ( seven days) it will Saturday AGAIN, and in another.. it goes on like this every week, which turns into months and so on..
Today is special though, because in one week exactly it will be Christmas Day. The 25th of December.
So. It makes sense, if one is counting down, to say
" only one week ( seven days) until Christmas"
I mean I count down from the Day after thanksgiving, and now with only one week to go, I see it as seven days till Christmas.

Some people count Christmas day when counting down.

Because if you were counting down til next Saturday just because you would say " only one week until Saturday"
But for some reason these weirdos ( who probally pronounce ValenTINES days wrong too) count Christmas Day..
The only time in which I would accept such nonsense, would be if they were have their gift exchange ON the day AFTER Christmas...
But, knowing me, I had to ask..
They are not..
I then tried to reason with them, saying
that if you count Christmas, when you wake up that morning ( seven mornings from now)
you will go to open gifts, look up at your count down chart and see that there is ONE DAY LEFT?
BECAUSE if one counts Christmas Day, then ON Christmas day there will be ONE DAY LEFT??

are you seeing what I am saying?????
Does this not bug you too?

* If you are one of the aforementioned weirdos I am sorry if I have offended.. ( but you are wrong)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what's the opposite of BAH-humbug!??

I dont mean to sound like I am singing the same old tune
for all you scrooges out there...


I seriously want to find a way to portray the love I have not only for this magical time of year, but for my family, and my child, and my health, and my life in general..

Let me sum it up...

I really think this time of here is magical. Just like Santa, there is something that makes my heart grow, and my love grow this time of year.
Yes, more people in lines, pushing and shooving ( that part I HATE)
but it is such a beautiful time of year, all the red hues and gold and greens..

Add this to the fact that even with 2010 ( the dreadful year) I am so blessed.
The bad has to happen so people can see the good.
I belive that with everything that has gone wrong in 2010,
2011 will be POLAR oppposite.
I dont just think, or feel.

and this makes me so happy.
On the rare occasion that I am not happy,
( when I dont get 100 on a final, or am called fat by my MIL)
I am still happy.
I hate to sound so cliche.
But I seriously love my life..

The joy of my world.
being a stay at home mom for the past few months, has made us closer, yes.
But also made me even more excited to start working..
IN MY CAREER... ( did I mention in less than a week I will be)

so happy!!!

I honestly wish everyone as much happiness as I feel, as much love as I have, and a Merry Christmas to Everyone.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas should be cliche- Im a Christmas junkie

This time of year makes me feel..

very... happy, very souful, very

Most mothers across this nation put up trees and make cookies and wreaths, and try to make memories for their children.
I am no exception to this rule..
After finding out I was pregnant with my son, a switch turned on,
I began thinking about what our family would be like, and how it would be differnt than ours was growing up..
We would sit around and talk about our dreams for our family, and all the things we wanted to continue doing that we did as children.
It was great..And now that I have a happy to participate toddler on my hands..



We can sit down and color, and paste, and glitter and cut contruction paper..

Today we made ornaments..

We traced our hands..

cut them out..

made some pops borders..

added glitter and some funky cuts..

(yes his pinky fell off.. )


More than normal, we have been baking away, every day ( it seems)
we make some new goodie..
Luckily we have such gret neighbors who LOVE being our guinnee pigs..

These are Daddys favorite..
and they didnt even make it into the cookie jar.

Today I tried something new..
Chocolate pudding chip cookies..
we made mini ones..
I cant wait to bring some to the neighbors tomorrow.


I have probally already told you about it,
but thinking about it melts my heart.
Austin is so adorable when he tries helping hang ornaments..
( he even trys hanging toys and food when I am not looking)

( "wow cools" )

HE even gets mad when he doesnt get to do it HIS way

This is Keith trying to trim the top..
It didnt work..
so behold..
 she sits on our counter, until Keith brings home the snips.

ALL our shopping AND wrapping is done..
ALL my menus and recipes are done..
Now it is just a numbers game, waiting for Christmas week to begin..


Hunting season is over..

wont get sick of these hanging around..

Here are some pics of Austin just playing..

( as if the extra R's really give justice to my addiction to Christmas)

Lets hope that Father Christmas will be working out some deal with Mother Nature so we can have 5 feet of SNOW!!!!
I mean WE ARE IN MAINE...  These dustings are such a tease, and we wanna make snowmen and go sleighriding......
Love, the Moshers..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

13 days till Christmas

I felt so swamped this weekend..

I had a cold for the few days of the week, my vacuume broke on Wednesday, I lost my scrub brush in the snow..and Austin wanted to give me a preview of what the terrible twos will look like..
(there I am done venting)

needless to say.. I was very happy AND THANKFUL
when he went over for a sleepover at great grammies house..
I sat in my housepants and didnt do a lot, except eat cough drops and watch Lost..

It was a MUCH NEEDED break..
and I feel refreshed and ready to go!!

only 13 days until the BIG DAY!!!

but what I love about us, we have so many differnt Christmas days to countdown to, its like all of December is Christmas..

Today we got our picture taken with Santa ( havent gotten it yet)
Austin loved Santa, unless he talked, or stepped too close..

Either way.. its all about the memories..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Top 7 Things you NEED to know..

This is an exciting time of year..
let me tell you why....
( in no particular order)

1. ALL, I mean ALL, literally ALL my shopping is D-O-N-E!! I am so proud of myself... so pleased,and yes I am giving myself a pat on the back as I type.. ( I am a very good multi-tasker)

2. I am almost done with this term, and have maintained an 'A' for ALLLLLLL my classes... ( three I might add) ...

3. I have found my site for my externship* for school.. -- at an Orthopaedic office very near to my home..

4. sinse we have soooo many people who love us, we have so many differernt dinners planned with our familes.. This is so exciting..

5. We are getting a puppy, FREE.. ( even better) I am thinking of convincing Keith to get two sisters, so they can grow up together. I think we are going to do it. I already have the names picked out.. ( I know, I get ahead of myself)

6. Austin is going to be TWO in about a month or so.. YAY!! I am going to be 22 YAY!!! ( oh for my birthday I want to go to a pirates game and the olive garden) and Keith and I will have been married for THREE years..

7. last but not least, we have an awesome, and very secret surprise for some special people in our lives this Christmas... And cannot wait to SURPRISE them.. so I cant tell you yet, or it could ruin it.. 

* I am required before I can graduate to complete 160 hours ( within a ten week period) working on site of a real doctors office. Then I may enter the real world, and get paid.. lol

My mother's love

I was recently - and oh so subtly reminded that my
write-something-I-am-thankful-for-every-day-in -November-PLAN
didnt really pan out.
I replied: I was so swamped with school ( did I mention I have three classes) 
I was so swamped with T-day, I was so blah-blah-blah...

However, I must say that there was not enough days to truly portray how many things I am honestly
thankful for. And most importantly ( to me) are the people who are in my life, who honest to God would jump in front of a bus for me.Who would do, literally, ANYTHING for me, or my husband or our child.
I am thankful for my mothes love!!
This is a mother's love. Loving this little human more than yourself, or any other person to EVER be created.
Thats when you know you are a mother.
I learned yesturday, that a mothers brain matter grows after having chilren, specifically the portions that control emotion, and thought processes, also the portion that controls judgment.

 there are so many things that force one to grow up, and 9/10 times having a child turns you into someone you never thought you could be.
I am so thankful for my mothes love to me. To this day, I am 21 years old, and talk to her ( over the phone) at least 10 times, if not more a day. That includes while I had a full time job AND I am going to school fulltime, oh and being a mom fulltime.
I always, just have the time, to call and talk, or sometimes we dont, we just sit there and do our own things while on the phone together..
We are so far away from one another, yet I feel very very close. Like she is in the room with me, or is driving with me, or shopping with me.
AND.. she actually makes/has the time to do it also..
I am so blessed..

I hope for my children, whether I raise them COMPLETLY differnt than I was, that one thing will be the same for me and my children, as it is for my mother and me.
I hope that they always, always will love me, always trust me, and always call ME..

I truly love being a mother. Every day I am still amazed that we made someone so special and perfect from nothing. I carried him for nine months, gave birth, and he is growing so much. I look at him ( when he holds still) and see myself and Keith in him.
I love that little boy, and one thing I know I inherited was my ability to love..
 I am thankful for that!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting the Perfect Picture....

Every year since Keith and I have met, I have always loved taking pictures in general, but
we ALWAYS take a family photo to send to our families..

First it was just us, then the next year I had a big belly, and last year we had Austin..

It is always a feat trying to get a toddler to sit still, AND look in the direction you want him to,
it usually takes at least 30 to get one that I can even maybe use..

It seems we are becoming professionals.
We borrowed my dads tripod, set it in front of the TV, and put on Kipper, this made it easy for him to look
like he was looking AT the camera..
We didnt think of it until we were hald done, but it worked..
And this is what we got with less than 10 trys.

I was soooo happy with it..

Most are sent away, so be looking forward to it..

Since hunting season has leaked over into December this year with muzzleoading, Austin and I have a LOT
of quality time together, and if you dont know, things can get hectic fast with a toddler and a christmas tree..
He has been really great!
We put up our tree, hung the lights, and all the decorations..
(The only thing I could not do is the angel.)
Austin loved it..

we also made cookies..
( and they are almost all gone)

I am ALL DONE with shopping.. ( mostly)

only 19 days till Christmas.
very exciting stuff..

here are some of our "attempts"
for your enjoyment..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Right on time, the day after thanksgiving,
snow came ( and stayed) we went sledding ( austins first time)
and we decorated for Christmas, and started counting down the days..

( 24 to go)

I have been collecting nutcrackers since I can remember, and as I have gotten older, they have grown over the past two decades. It is something I am very proud of.
I have cowboys, and soliders, bakers, and teachers, the wizard of oz, and firrefighters, police, clowns, snowmen, and penguins.. ( the list goes on and on)

I love to hang lights as an outline around the room, this is also something  I have also always done..
( with the added touch of bows on the doors)

This is an Xmas placemat, from grandpa.

This year we started a very new tradition.
We got Austin a mini tree, (about 3 feet tall.) We put it in his room, and decorated it with all his yearly ornaments. If he is a good boy, santa will leave him a gift on Christmas morning.

Austin loved to help decorate HIS tree

I also made wreaths this year..
This is ours

We hung our stockings, and are still waiting for Austins to arrive.
made by loreda..
What would Christmas be without THESE
Thank you HUBBY!!!

I have to admit, one of my favorite things about being a parent ( besides the poop, and lack of sleep)
is by far, being in the role of chosing what traditions we keep from our childhood, and what new ones we make. I love that about Keith and I, we both love tradition and want Austin to have them.
I love all the traditions we have, and all the new ones we are going to have.

And I also love being a mommy.
more and more every day it seems..

Last night, as were talking about all our plans for our baby's second birthday..
I realized that Austin is going to be in a big boy bed, and for some reason, it seems so sad, he is growing up so fast. I want him to stay in a crib forever..

haha.. well I guess we all have to grow up. right?

Merry Christmas..