Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Beauty in Parenting

Sometimes it's easy to forget, or rather easy to remember the importance of giving our children fufilling lives. In the day to day, we know that our childrens basic needs will get met, they will be full, they will get baths, they will learn and grow, they will feel be loved. The latter the most important.
Each day, even on a very bad day, I tell my children I love them.. a lot. And I mean if I were to ballpark it, maybe 50 times.. maybe.. probably more.  Because feeling secure, feeling loved is important.
Sometimes listening is hard. Sometimes I have a long day and get tempted to tune out my sons long winded, imaginary tales, and sometimes I do. But mostly it makes me realize the importance of listening to them.
Because now he his four, and trusts me, I'm his confidant, I still get kisses freely, and handholding, and cuddleing, but some day he will be fourteen, or forty and I want him to trust me, to know.
I will. always. listen.
I took a walk with my daughter, it was magical. With the turn of her first year fast approaching, I am in sentiment mode, everything she does amazes me.
As I was walking, she was sitting in her stroller watching the dog walk next to her, and I looked down at her little legs, so short and small. And the beauty of parenting is that those legs belong to MY daughter.
And MY daughters happiness and future rely soley on how I treat her, how I raise her.
It's so BIG. But it's so beautiful.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whats New Wednesdays

So, ok I have been slacking somewhat, but I happy to say that my slacking is thankfully limitied to my blog, I have been doing sooo many actvities with Austin, we have WEEKS worth of WW posts.
But this week, we will show you THREE things we have done, since we have missed three posts.


With Spring in full bloom, we found this adorable, and awesome idea.

We spent TWO dollars. A suet feeder, peices of scrap yarn and wool fresh off the sheep ( thanks to an awesome coworker) andVOILA, watch the birds build beautiful and colorful nests for their eggs

TWO: We found this super easy bird feeder recipe, with toilet paper holders, peanut butter ( all naturaul) and bird food

It said you could hang ribbon on it, but we could not find our hole punch, and liked the idea of just slidding them on the braches

and THREE:

Back in March we found this game to play for St Patties, but it has stuck, we hunt for gold coins ALL the time, and Austin loves it. If you are looking for a fun acitvity that doesnt involve the televison, this seriously keeps his occupied for SO LONG

All we do is hide the coins, he comes into the room and has tp lace them on the map.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Another First

As it really been a week since I last posted?
I have been so disconnected to the internet this week, I hardly even checked my email.
But it's good, I've gone for walks, and read more books with my kids, I let my son help wash the dishes, even thoigh all moms know that help from a preschooler is really just more work/time in doing the task. But the reward in watching him feel wanted, and feel needed is reward enough for time spent.
I went to bed early, lying next to my son, telling him stories, and listening to his breathing slow into a peacful sleep.
I comforted my daughter at night, like almost a year ago when we spent hours nursing into the wee hours of the morning, this time due to teething and discomfort of an almost one year old FINALLY getting her first tooth.
I can't believe how much has happened in just a year.
My daughter is almost a year old.
This week we did conquer a first,. a notch in Austins belt, and another page in his baby book
His First trip to the Dentist's Office
HE did very well. His personality shining through, nervous and anxious, shy and quiet.
that is, until he loosens up and his vocal cords run free
I love my little man

Monday, April 1, 2013

In a good way

,This weekend was the best sort.

One jam packed full of family activites, where diapers bags were packed, and memories were made.
We fit, it seems, a week worth of acitivtes into four days.
in a good way.
Continuing a family tradition,

with a new member this year,
We got up Early Saturday morning, got dressed and headed to the farm, where Austin enjoyed the petting zoo, an Easter egg hunt and pizza for lunch
hunting for eggs with Meme

my handsome guy

petting a weal wabbit

loving the weather and the pizza
Austin faced a fear this weekend, my favorite moment of the entire weekend.
He watched the other kids get their picture, he watched Addy touch the bunny.
I wasn't about to force him to do it, but out of no where, without a word
he walkes up to the giant bunny, his fear palbable, my nerves on edge, heart racing
He high fived the bunny, AND hugged him.
I was SO proud, and HE was so proud of himself.
It is moments likes these that make parenting SO worth it.
Later that night, fast forward three naps later to Bumpa's birthday celebration
Where cousins gathered to hoot and hollar, and share time together

And in Addy Updates
Addison stood up all by herself for MORE than ten seconds at grandpa's house
you go girl
Easter morning the Easter bunny left the kids thier colored eggs, AND a trail of eggs leading to a HUGE surprise.

The nice bunny ( probablly so proud of Austin for hugging him) left him MORE eggs at Memes

mommy's hunters
Spring is HERE, and that means walks, and flowers
AND my babies first birthday, which makes me an emotional wreck..
in a good way