Friday, November 23, 2012

Mrs. Holiday ( no relation to Billy) *

That's my name, don't wear it out..

Coming in second to the most fesstive women to ever have roamed this earth, Mrs Clause obviously wins that hands down.. But besides her I bet I could win any pixie tossing, candy cane throwing, tinsil and garland contest there is..

Unitl I had children, I never grasped the awesomeness of the holidays..

OF COURSE, I understand what Christmas is all about, I was raised in a christan school, and I appreciate it, and even celebrate it. But am also thankful for the secular community's contribution to holidays, because part of being a child is really the essence of the holidays, not just the gifts, really thats the last best thing about it for kids.. Its the magic, the wonder..

And being the matriarch ( the coolest job EVER) of my family, I get to govern the magic and wonder of my childrens childhoods. and not just the Christmas ones... ALL of them..

The pen is in my hand, I am writing the story they will tell their children, I am holding the pink, frilly pen with the ink to their memories.. The way I chose to raise them will affect them for their entire lives, it will be with them and be their inner voice for their entire lives (believe me I know, I had parents) 

Our holidays kicked off in style, with our third annual thanksgiving dinner, hosted by yours truely.
And every year it gets better, and easier as a host. As I am growing up, and learning more, I find it funner. As a child I really disliked thanksgiving.. As an Adult its totally ones of my favorites..

And with Thanksgiving over, and our cornucopias away for another year, I spent the day relaxing, and vacumming, so we can unpack our nutcrackers, and snowmen..  We're gonna rock around the Christmas tree all weekend, dancing and decorating..

Because that's what we do.

* disclaimer : I have no clue who Billy Holiday is, I've heard of him though...

Monday, November 12, 2012

terrible twos?

Of course every mother looks forward to their children hitting milestones,learning new things, and discovering things they did not know before, at whatever pace it may be.
But thanks to tradition, and a few old wives tales all moms clear their throats, and dig their heels into the cold ground when their babies start hitting their second birthday..
Because apparently ALL children are terrible their second year of life.. Personally the second was a peice of decadant chocolate cake compared to the gruelling third year..
I'm being overlly dramatic.. sort of..
When the third year comes, and comes, and comes, and it gets closer to the fourth year, a young toddler becomes an active, imaginitive, wild preschooler. Who sleeps less, eats more, and never stops learning, (or listening, but thats a whole different post.)
They really develop their own personality, they start to realize they are their own person, which in turn makes them push their limits..
Anyhoo Im somewhere between a very good boy and a wild and limit-pushing one..
It comes with ther terririoty, but believe me, if you want to question your ability to parent, on a daily basis..Have a son.
I've said it before, and I still mean it just as much,
It's a hard job, it's tough and it pushes you to your limits
But, at the same time, the return is sweeter than anything else there is.
It's the most rewarding job I have.
I swear he teaches me more than I could ever teach him..
Not to mention, he's pretty handsome too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

pictureless post

So I've been without a camera for weeks, I can take the occasional outdoor photo, and I do. But with winter on the brink we are rarely outdoors, its COLD out there..
Photos have always been inspirational to me, they ignite my writing flames, they give me fuel to write. But without my camera I have found new ways to gain insipration, I find myself without many posts lately, and that bothers me..

Writing is my artist outlet, for many reasons. In years to come I will look back to these formative years in my marriage, and childrens lives and be able to remember things I wouldnt have otherwise.

Photos add to the texture, make the words I string together come alive, make it become a story that others can enjoy with us.

Since my last post, I have literrally taken zero pictures, but I have made memories.

We took Austin trick or treating last week, for literally five hours, he did so good. I could really see how much he is growing, and while it stung a little to realize he is almost four, it make my heart swell with pride. He went to the doors knocked, and was not shy, he would say somewhat timidly " trick or treat" and the people would oggle at his sister and how good he  was. It was fun.

Addison is too growing up faster than I imagined. She can sit up all by herself, play for up to 30 minutes without falling back onto her boppy. She is still having trouble with sleeping alone. Something I admit doesnt so much bother me when we cuddle all night.. A quickly passing phase I am grasping to for dear life. On any given night she will be found nestled between her momma and daddy. IF Austin wakes to find his siter gone he usually sneaks in as well in super stealth mode, I wont even realize hes there until dawn when Keith wakes up..

All in all, we are still here, kicking, and really enjoying our Holiday season.
This year a rather quiet Thanksgiving planned with only a couple family members, but so much love.
Im mostly excited because Austin is so into helping me cook lately.

Im off to cuddle and snuggle.
Happy Holidays