Monday, October 7, 2013

All People Matter

This week's post was going to be titled " my favorite things about parenting", and I am still going to write that, but you know when you got something if it keeps you up at night.
I stayed up well into the morning with this post running through my thoughts. And like a writer, had to fight the urge to get up and go write it, and go to sleep so I could work today.
All. People. Matter.
It's not my opinion, it's not a question up for debate. It's plain, it's simple. It's true.
All people matter.
On a humane level we are all human, we are all the same. Our very different bodies all need the same things to survive, a beating heart and nourishment.
On a spirutual level, we all are the same people, who believe different things. Our feelings can be hurt, we can hurt others, we can lie, steal and cheat. We love, we live and forgive.
But every person breathing on this earth, matter, they mean something to someone else.
On an emotional level, we all need love, and security, and the feeling of worth to those around us in order to thrive.
As a mother and overall very in-tune-with-her-emotions person, I want my children to know this, and to live it.
The best way for this to be a normal occuring part of their everyday lives and values is to live it myself.
To be kind, to people, to animals, to my belongings. So they know that it's normal to be kind, and nice to animals, and to take care of their things.
And secondary to this notion to be a harmonic, and healthy and kind to others is the lesson we learn when we must decide and choose when there are people that are negatitve or toxic, or down right mean to us, when we decide that we no longer are going to be miserable because of them.
That they are no longer going to be a part of our lives, due to the pain they have caused, the benefits outweigh the risks of feeling sad due to the loss, and doing so will relieve a heavy burden on your shoulders that their pain was causing you.
In doing so, letting go of these people, it is not to say we stop caring, or they stop "matter-ing" as humans, we don't become malicious towards them.
We are letting them go, we are focusing on our main idea in life, to be happy. We realize that with the negative energy gone we find that those people in our lives who do truley care, love us so intensly, that the loss, isn't really a loss, it's a gain. A gain of knowledge, of experience, and perspective.
These people still matter as humans. They matter to others. But on an emotional level they no longer "matter" to you, they are a part of a previous chapter already written. In doing this, you are taking the burden of their hurt from you, and returning it.

Unfortunetly this is a normal occuring motion in our lives, as humans we have to let others go.
And it will be a hard lesson to learn, when they find that someone whom they thought loved them unconditionally did in fact have conditions, and they were met.
It will make them stronger, and smarter, and that much more caring as humanitarians.
There is value in the process of letting these people go, learning to trust yourself, and seeing the world in all the colors it has.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I'll never understand why people don't like fall,
my husband, bless his heart, falls into the catorgory of those who find fall depressing, becauce leaves are dying, and air is cool, and maybe even because the days of not wearing a shirt and bass fishing whenever you please are over for the year.
Cousins, Cole, Austin and the birthday boy, Joaquin
Me? I love fall, I love the air, I get to wear sweaters, and fleece and cute hats.
I love the colors, some of the most beautiful colors god created he saved for fall,
the hues of orange and red and all the yellow? I mean Spring has its beauty, don't get me wrong,
But fall takes the crown... by far!
When fall comes, not only is the season litterally changing, noticably, moreso in Maine. But our own seasons change as well, no more are the beach trips and late night campfires, now is the time for orchards and late night movie nights cuddled with your loves, your house filled with the aroma of fresh baked pies.
Fall really comes at the greatest time, yes summer is over, but fall comes to settle us in for the long and magical winter before us.
It's really a slow and easy sort of transition, and


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


When I think about school, and the fact that my first baby goes there, and rides the bus and has school lunch, I admit I get alittle nervous with thoughts that look like are the kids nice, does he have friends, is he nice, does he eat... and the list goes on for miles until I exhaust myself with the worries and accept that nature will know exactly what to do.

Change is inevitable. I know.. you know.. but when it comes down to it, it is hard, it is scary.

And knowing that this is right, and good is easy to say, but not as easy to live.

I know he is learning so much, and growing as his own person, and I embrace that fact like it's going out of style.

I accept my baby is growing up, I hold on dearly to the memories we've made thus far in his short life, and know that I molded him into the person he is.

That is something to be proud of, and I am very proud to be this boy's mamma, and his first love, and first teacher.

And now is the chapter of homework, new friends and a whole lotta new stuff he learns..

One thing, however that will NEVER change is my love for autumn.

nu-huh, no way no how.
 So I am off to decorate my brand new house with my soft orange tones, and gourds, and leaves.

I will leave you with my most favorite story Austin as learned at school:

Austin got off his bus, and like most days came in for a snack, Dad open his folder to read his teachers note. It  stated  that the class started "groups" at school, and each child is either in the apple, pear or pea group. It said make sure to ask which group your student is in

Keith asked Austin, what group he was in.

Austin replied " what's a group?"


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Chapter's

As I sit and write, I realize it's been months since my last post, and between these past few weeks I have taken time off from writing, I have spent time with my family, gone house hunting, bought a house, started a new job in my career study, started my first baby in school, lost a loved one, questioned the universe and all it's matter..
Tonight I am sitting in my new house, with my dog by my side, a tea on the other, my babies sleeping in there own rooms and know, more than ever this is exactly where I am suppose to be.
And this understanding is exactly what I have needed after such a crazy whirlwind summer, that I am a wife, a mother to two littles, a hard worker, a homeowner and a friend, I am all these things, at the exact time I'm suppose to be.
You could say being a grown-up, and parent is like being a juggler, you see others do it with ease, and think to yourself that you wish you could be as smooth, BUT know,  that we all have our shining moments, our niches of perfection where we really do shine.
This summer was amazing, even with the sorrow, I see the bigger picture, I choose not to see the negative. I choose to be posititve, I have two children to raise, and I look forward to doing it in our new home.
We spent 18 plus hours working to make this home our own, and we are finally in. This is night three of staying here.
It. feels so right, we belong here.

Here's to another chapter in our life together

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer 2013

The Moshers are busy having great summer!!
have a sneak peek

Friday, June 7, 2013

Goodbye Tball , it's been real

Over a month ago, if you remember
Austin started Tball, and after that first night I lost sleep, I worried, I called all the people who I call to comfort me, to give me mama advice and to lsten to my worrying rants about how I am doing everything wrong...
BUT, when we went back the second day for practice it was like my shy soft spoken little boy was a different person. Who played, and laughed and played Tball with his team.
And I never had to worry about him being shy after that, he was anything but.
I did, however have to stand with him on occasion to prevent the grass fights, butterfly chasing, and fighting over the ball that often occurs with a bunch of spunky four year olds.
He did good.
And managed to teach me something: some things you can't prepare for. Sure you can practice the skills like batting and running, or writing his name, and saying "please and thank you" but you can't teach a child how to act in a new setting.
You have to let nature take it's course. He will learn, he will grow and without his mother pushing him to do so.
You can't force a child to be brave, it is something that happens naturally.
School will be scary at first, he will miss me, he may cry and want to come home early,
I'm sure I will do all those things watching my baby get on a bus at first too
But he will learn, he will learn on his own, and he will do great! And
he will always know that I will be here, cheering him on, waiting to hear about his day when he get home.
Mommy will always be proud of you,
The innocence of children is magical and beautiful
When Austin recieved his trophy he was so happy, he later came up to me and asked me what a trophy was. He didnt even know, how adorable!
I told him a trophy is what you get when you win something, or do something really really good..
He gets a trophy for being so cute!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Summer is upon us here in western Maine, where we spend days laying in the sun, playing in the pool and cooking on the grill

And we try not to take it for granted when its 95, because summer doesnt last too long up here
Our family likes to do it up right,
Enjoying Addys birthday present


I have been enjoying my new job, it is amazing and so rewardng working at something, going to school and finally having the peices fall together.
This year, thus far, has been so fufilling, seeing my goals become accomplishments and dreams reality. Being able to model to my children the same characteristics   I find important for them to have. Being able to see the progress I have made professionally as well as personally,
Which I have to thank my children for, being a mother is the one thing I am MOST proud of, and raising my chilren is the greatest gift I could ever hope for.
These two make my heart beat <3 p="">

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

This weekend was a rainy wet one, but we had a great time.
I asked Keith earlier if he remembered what we did last Memorial day, because I couldnt recall, he couldnt either, Addy was a newborn, and I was recovering from my surgery I suppose I didnt do much.
But I decided to title my post adter the holiday so if I forget again I can just look back
Looking back at the pictures, it seems impossible for Addy to be this big:
walking, talking, and so observant
We did spend all memorial day outside, where the weather turned around, we took a picnic lunch at the animal farm,


Sunday, May 19, 2013


Tonight we enjoyed my Mothers day gift my family surprised me with

I m sort of easy to buy for, I mean I carry a little wish list, so I don't have to know what I'm getting, but my family knows I am going to like it at the same time, because I wanted it.

This is the perfect gift,

Tonight we gathered round our pit and roasted marshmellows,

When we came in for bathtime, we all smelled like campfire.

A heavenly smell

We also had a date night, which is so nice to enjoy each others company and spend time together

I love this guy