Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what's the opposite of BAH-humbug!??

I dont mean to sound like I am singing the same old tune
for all you scrooges out there...


I seriously want to find a way to portray the love I have not only for this magical time of year, but for my family, and my child, and my health, and my life in general..

Let me sum it up...

I really think this time of here is magical. Just like Santa, there is something that makes my heart grow, and my love grow this time of year.
Yes, more people in lines, pushing and shooving ( that part I HATE)
but it is such a beautiful time of year, all the red hues and gold and greens..

Add this to the fact that even with 2010 ( the dreadful year) I am so blessed.
The bad has to happen so people can see the good.
I belive that with everything that has gone wrong in 2010,
2011 will be POLAR oppposite.
I dont just think, or feel.

and this makes me so happy.
On the rare occasion that I am not happy,
( when I dont get 100 on a final, or am called fat by my MIL)
I am still happy.
I hate to sound so cliche.
But I seriously love my life..

The joy of my world.
being a stay at home mom for the past few months, has made us closer, yes.
But also made me even more excited to start working..
IN MY CAREER... ( did I mention in less than a week I will be)

so happy!!!

I honestly wish everyone as much happiness as I feel, as much love as I have, and a Merry Christmas to Everyone.

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