Monday, February 28, 2011

Unexpected "rainy"days

* yeah right, rain might actually be a nice change of pace...

** I am not one of those people who dont NOT complain about whatever season I am in, winter is too cold, summer is too bloody hott.. you get the idea...

As the past eight Mondays have gone, I am like one of those 9-5ers, except I work 830-400. But I get up, and I have a routine, and it works..

Today, as if you werent expecting it.. another nasty ass blizzard.. I mean.. you would think, we have enough, and how far do I have to go to let mother nature know I am serious about grass, and flipflops, and sun dresses???

This is what we woke up to this morning....

A whole lotttta snow!!!

To add to the dreafulness of it all..
Austin had a belly ache early this morning, which unfortunatly made us go through a lot of diapers ( if you know what I mean)
 *he is better now..

We didnt let it get us down..
Today we played with Playdough for the FIRST time.. At first he had absolutly no idea what to do with it, I mean of course he wanted to eat it first, then I showed him..

 "mush this"

He was sold.. LOVED IT!!!

Momma made a "kit-tee"

If you count, laundry,dishes, and floors BIG accomplishments, then by golly I got a lot done today..

On another note, luckily Margaret found the stocking that Loreda had ordered, but never got to start for Austin. And I was hesitant, and with much reluctantcy I have started, and thus far put in about four hours, and am doing quite well..

This is the Moose's head..

I have a long way to go, but I am taking it slow, and hopefully it will be okay..
Lately, as a "spending time together" incentive we have been playing games at night after dinner. Not that we dont spend time together, we do..Everyday ( I mean night) but it is mostly becomes co-exisiting after days and days, we wanted to invest in actual activites.. ( the games were Keiths idea )

Austin, of course is not always sleeping during these activities, and as a result is becoming a yathzee master.. He can roll dice ( we give him his own die so it doesnt interfer with our rolling, shhh dont tell him)

yes, we give him a score card too

he thinks its funny!

This weekend on our vacation, Keith put together Austin's toy box, and yes! it is FULL!!

it looks A-MAZING!!
Overall, I am one happy camper ( yes I would like to be camping, this darn snow is ENOUGH)

We got to go sledding this weekend, and I got alittle windburn.. OUCH! it does hurt! ( not as much a sunburn though lol)

Happy Monday!

yes, he is eating his saw!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello Spring..

I am writing to ask if you would please come early.. I miss you, and want to desperatly see flowers, hunt for easter eggs, and run through sprinklers..

* This week went by so fast, I am almost done my externship ( we are talking 40 more hours) and getting up early really helps the day go by much faster. I started a new routine, in which I spend my lunch breaks with Austin and Nana ( no I dont always eat her food) By the time I get back to work at 1, I only have two hours left, and it really doesnt hurt that I LOVE what I am doing.. I LOVE it!!

* My toddler, is coming into his own, his languge has taken a huge leap, and he now speaks in full sentences, which are surprisingly mostly legible.. ( unless your me, because I always understand him)
But this also means that he wants to be more independant, which yes, is good. But he also thinks that HIS way is the only way.. And we are having bedtime struggles, not that he cries, but moreso just sneaks over to his toybox and plays.. I know, its a process,

 and this phase of  child-rearing I WILL not rush, I WILL not pray for him to be older.. Because I already tear up just thinking about him being TWO..

Oh man. He is growing up so fast, so I will enjoy all the time we have at this stage, even though some of it does invlove me being the "bad cop" but hey! someone has got to do it.

* I am sooo thankful for people, like "meme" whom Austin loves with his whole being, and whom I trust with all of mine. I am sooo thankful I was born in 89, and am raising my child in an era where it doesnt make me a bad mom for liking my "alone time" and having sitters.. jeez you have no idea how much I am enjoying it right now...

But you know.. I will run to see him, and scoop him up, because I miss him, but..... LOVE the little breaks I get.. LOVE them ( just notas much as I love him, but they are a second place)
I think they make me a better mom, I get the down time, to refresh.. to charge my batteries ( if you will) because with a two-year old the batteries get used.. A.L.O.T.

I am longing for spring. I smelt my fist skunk yesturday, I refuse to wear a jacket in boycott of this awful prolonged winter.. then... BAM 6 more inches. The only way to get through this winter wonderland is to snowmobile and icefish my Saturday away...

TULIPS... I cant wait to see you!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 things you must know..

1. I am longing, craving, hoping for desperatly that spring will spring up sometime soon. I want the BBQs, the bonfires, the green grass, the boat, fishing, SUN!!, oh and complaining about how hot it is..
( as if)

2. if we are watching a movie together, regardless of whether or not I have seen it before, I HATE it when you ask me questions through the whole thing... seriously! STOP!!

3. I only have 36 hours left in my externship.. and that means only 2 and half weeks... YAY me!!
I am graduating in June.. DOUBLE yay me!

4. Because of spring, and all its lovliness, I am planning ALOT of stuff.

5. and lastly... Austin's sleeping habits have spiraled out of control. HE takes forever to fall asleep, we give into his crying too often, and it has left us with a boy refusing to go to sleep until 9 or 10 some nights.. AND this has got to stop.. seriously, I am putting my foot down with myself, he is just too darn cute, and knows it, and thereby uses it to con me into letting him lay with me.. BUT NOT ANYMORE..
( yea, we'll see about that)

moral of the story: my life is great! I love it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My 5 day weekend....

*I was excited to have this many days off in a row.....

It was pretty exciting for me to have sooo many days off, where all I had to worry about was Austin and US!!

Wednesday night was the begining, and we all got some weirdo stomache thing, which gave our
"bellys boo-boo" But luckily it did not last too long..

We hung out in our jammies for a while..

always hyper

We colored, and played..

we went for some walks..

We "relaxed" with Daddy..

Austin was folding his arms, like Daddy, ( ps he is a monkey-see monkey do-er)

I started Austin stocking, with ALOT of help from Marg. Because I really just dont want to mess it up. But I feel pretty confident I will not..
It shouldnt take me more than 6 months.. ( im not sure if I am joking or not) Loreda said it use to take her 30 hours, and she was  PRO!!!

Keith wired a whole room, and we went to a birthday party yesturday for Jasmyn.. ( she turned ONE)
Austin had a blast with the little boys..

This weekend Austin is having a slumber party with G-grammie, and mommy and Daddy are going to a birhday party...

Very exciting stuff..

Have a good week!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

whoppie pies and religion..

Both my boys are fastly napping, and I am feeling theological....

I am not sure why it is so important to me, to follow through the act of going to church.

My hubby and I were raised differntly when it comes to religion, on the one hand we both had athesitic* families and home lives, which evenutally would lead us to similiar behavioirs,
but on the other hand, I also went to a private christian acadamy of 100 at most ( grades k-12) It is here I learned what religion was, what having faith meant.

It was there I learned, the different "catagories" of said religionious beliefs..
And it was there, that I learned that most people with the label of "christan" led the same lives of those in our familes, that had no interest in the God my peirs worshipped.

This is what lead me to my confusion.

Because, what was the point of worship, and organized relgion, if on the weekends, everyone went out and partied, got hammered, and went to church the next day?

This is why, after meeting my husband,( we were still teens) I backed off the church-going, bible thumping ways, I was mostly accustomed to.
Not to say, that Keith was the REASON.. But moreso, I was living in the actual "REAL WORLD"
and not the sheltered one of my highschool.

We have gone at times, and yes I still believe there is a God. I beleive everything the bible says, and teaches.

However, I do not belive that I can only go to heaven if I wear shirts, listen to classical music, have no tattos, and dont eat pork.

I respect those that respsect these ways of living, and have nothing againest them, their faith and devotion are something to look up to.
However, I am more realistic, I know that no matter how I live, what I eat, or wear, it boils down to one thing.
Do you believe? or moreso, were you a good person?. Am I proud of my life on earth???

And, with that, I try to take my mistakes and learn something from them, knowing that it is making me into a better, person, friend, daughter, wife and mother.

I have no reason to beleive otherwise from what I was taught from the bible, because I was convicted when I learned it, I was not hyponotized into wanting to feel close to the maker of the universe, and maker of my son. I was convicted, I felt it in my soul. It was real.

Perhaps, I have somehwere, lost those convictive feelings, and want them back. I desire to be cloesr and feel more close to the maker. Moreso, to feel like my presence on earth was purposful.
This is why, I want to go to church. Not to be conformed to some robotic movement, and worship-ness, because this would not be sincere, my desire to have all my feelings and actions come from the place, where I WANT it, I do it because of this, not because I HAVE to.

For the same reason, we both want, our children to have this feeling,  so he can chose for himself what he belives, and what convicts his soul..

With all that.. I now have some whoopie pies to make..
Happy Race Day
ps gooooo GORDAN!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The best time to blog...

The way I see it is, you got two options, or two times to blog. Where you sit down you and just type EXACTLY what you are feelings.

Time 1. In the midst of a very stressful time, like right in the middle. Say you get fired, and you come home and blog right then. Before you have a chance to cool down. The plus size is that it makes for good reading, and good gossip, but however on the other hand, you may not mean everything you are saying, because you havent had a chance to let it boil over, and let yourself calm down..

Time 2. AFTER it's all over, and you are overveiwing an event. The day after you get fired, sort of blogging. I lean more towards this one, because more often than not, it portrays how you actually feel as opposed to how you feel in the moment.

Yet, sometimes, like for people like me, who usually stick with their initial feelings, will still feel the same way.
Im not saying this is a good thing, or one I am proud of, but I am the type of elephant that doesnt let things go, and that certainly doesnt forget them.

I guess I am an elephant in all sorts of the manner of speaking.. 1.  large, and I definatly have the appetite of one, 2. I follow all elehpant political veiws more often than not, and 3. I NEVER EVER EVER forget when something as happened to me.

I havent googled elephants, but if they are BIG drama queens, then I know I have found my match.

One must understand what a blog is about. I, however am not limited to just talking about family, religion, or elephants. I type. what I want. what I feel. oh, and also WHEN I want, or WHEN I feel.

This is something I do apologize for, if I catch you off your guard.



Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

It has been an evolution, in my entire life I started only liking it for the gifts. But really never liked it, never saw the point in spending money on one day to tell people you love them, I thought you should tell those people everyday, any day.
Which is true, you should, we should do this.

But its hard, with life, and work, and stress.

Its hard to remember that all loves need nurturing, not just marriages. So now, now that I am grown, I LOVE this day, I love the idea of it - to have a day to just tell those you love, that you love them. You cherish, and care deeply, you reallllly love them!

Becky and Keith

My marraige, my husband, my soul-mate lover.

We have been married three years. And we do not have a perfect marriage. We still bicker sometimes, I hate the sound of chewing, Keith hates the way I hate his driving.. We disagree, and sometimes get lost in the stressful day-to-day.. But really, all the things that have happened - the tears, the yelling, the drama, there has been even more good stuff - joy, love, honeymoons, baby making, I mean.. having a baby.. ( wink wink)

The truth is, I wouldnt change anything. Because everything that we go through, is a learning process, and through each argument, we learn something new about one another, and its one less argument we have later on. We are getting older, and more capable of grasping the idea of marraige, and its many complexities.

We married young, and thus, are still growing.. but we are growing together. Learning.

And in these past four Valentines days, I have loved him more with each growing year.

I really took the time to let him know how proud I am of him. How truly blessed I am, that I have a man, who is a man. Who takes the time to tell me too, who has a job, and a car, and loves his wife and child, and family.

He really takes care of us, and really and sincerly loves me. This is something undebatable, we love each other. And its amazing. The feeling of a deep inbedded love inside my chest.

Its amazing.

Austin Walter

There are many kinds of loves. And I would say, the greatest love, is the one of a parent for their child.

I got the most amazing chance to experience this love, two years ago.
And it is better than I have ever known it to be.
This little boy, who was once inside me, is so smart, so gentle and growing so fast.

The love I have for my son, the I-would-move-mountains-love.. is the most mind-boggling love I know.
I never knew I could love someone this much.
I didnt know this love existed.

I always imagined that a mothers love, was comparable to a childs love for their parent, which amazes me too.. The love that a child has for his mother/father also amazes me.
But its different.

However, seeing how much Austin loves us, its in his eyes, it just makes my love for him grow.
It is a wonderful circle, or is it cycle.

Bottom line.
Love is amazing. There are many kinds of love! and they all need nurturing.
There are so many people I love, so many different kinds of love I have, but I am also blessed to have those loves in return. To have so many people who love me!
I am truly blessed!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My very busy weekend

Friday night we had a babysitter, and we went out to a country music dance club. It was fantastic! Such a good time.

Saturday morning when I went to get bubbs from Bumpa's house, I also went and got Joaquin for a sleepover!!  The boys had such a good time!

First. We took a bath!

getting ready for bath

Is it ready yet?

Austin pointing at the toys

YAY finally!!
Then we had a delish dinner, in our mini-size table..

Then it was time to P-L-A-Y!! ( the best part of course)

abby sniffing jo


Lets tackle the dog

I had told them to hug..

The best one I got of them next to each other

Finally.. After hours of fun and excitement, we sunggled in with our pillow pets, and watched Toy Story..

Jo had a moose pillow pet, and Austin had a panda bear
This morning, we went to church. It is something we have talked about, and finally chose to do it..
And no, not JUST BECAUSE we dont want to spend eternity in a firey abiss, but because we just feel like its the right thing for us..

Here are the boys as we were walking out the door..
( underneath hose jackets, are really cute outfits)

A really good weekend..

Friday, February 11, 2011


So. This week, was seemingly very long. I got three paper cuts, and a mother load of non-important, but still pretty stressful things happen to me.

For starters, I broke down on my way to school, which I know you already know about.. because I told you. But I was frustrated to say the least, that it is still not even looked at yet.. Luckily I have the NICEST grandfather in the entire universe, and he has been giving me and Austin rides to daycare and work..

Are you ever in a bad mood, and because of this, other things, (that would not on a normal day, ) make you really annoyed?

Well they do me! I have been so doggone cranky.

Now, when I am riding ( because I dont have a car, which I think I already mentioned) I see cars with stickers all over the inside windows... This bothers me!
Why? I am not sure. I think it is because it is ugly. I hate it. The end!

When I see a man, in a women's scrub uniform.. It bothers me. BUT.. this also makes me laugh, because it makes them look like a girl. So I guess I like it, BECAUSE I get a good joke. But other than that, I hate it. The end.

The list goes on. But I am getting on my own nerves, because whiny B*****'s get on my nerve..

Oh and for all you ladies out there, who are thinking wow! I think I know whats crawled up her bum bum and making her crazy!!

Yes!! my aunt was in town this week, but she has left.

( I know TMI) But thats what I do, and I never forced you to read my blog. so there!

The End,

ps. Tonight I am going to a country music club tpye of thing, for a friends birthday. I am excited!

I am going to dance/party with the Captain.. ALLLLL night long! till my stress floats away!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hope bad days only come in threes?

Yesturday, was not so good.
* sick baby, pooping all over the place
* sick dog, puking all over the place ( she thinks Austin FAKE food, is her REAL food)
* gross mess to clean, dog likes to eat trash, and then puke it up, on the floor, EVERY.TIME.WE.LEAVE!!!
* go to school, oh yeah, break down on the middle of a busy highway at 5pm.... in the middle of the road...Keith forgot his cell... stuck for 20 mins, in the middle of said highway... Car wont start.. 
* come home.. more trash.. more poop..more puke...

So.. I thought, okay. How could today be any worse, than my unfortunate and stressful day today..

*So. I set my alarm, because my wonderful and amazing grand father is bringing me to work and ozzy to day care.. BUT.. I Cant sleep through the night, because I am so worried I will sleep through the alarm, and leave him waiting, that I keep waking up to make sure I didnt sleep in!! - which I didnt by the way! ps thanks gramp..
* I thought/ was told that the car was going to the garage today, so in my dumb blonde mind thought it would be okay for Thursday.. Its not. It jsut got to the garage.. thanks to Keiths friend. ( I guess there is a benefit of knowing a million people?)
* Austin only wants cheetos for dinner. NO.. yesh..No.. okay. bedtime..NO! ( that was our conversation by the way!!)
*Austin tells me he had to pee, so I pull his pants down, he sits on the toilet, and says "all done" but didnt pee.. okay thats cute.. THE FIRST 27 TIMES.. but he does it all the time. and hasnt peed yet. so I'm like oh you have to pee? okay, go in your diaper.
* TAXES.. yea we got our taxes done today. YAY!! expcet out lady was... _________!
enough said!!
* shop talk. if you are married to a man who works with other men, than you know what I mean. and seriously?
Enough said.. again..
I could go on!
But I wont. Because Im hungry, and want to eat a box of crutons!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unexpected Day off

Today was a day, that I planned on not staying home.. I planned on getting in some extra hours, I planned a lot of things..
However it seems that at the strike of midnight last night, my day was destined to be horrible, and miserable, and down right unenjoyable..

pheww.. luckily it was not, however when I get a lack of sleep, life seems all the more unenjoyable..

Here's the scope. 3am.. Austin crys . Keith goes to check. Puts him back in bed. Austin sleeps. five minutes later Austin is at our door " mama dadda" ( whining voice) Keith caves and lets him sleep with us, I am miserable because I dont sleep well with Austin in our bed. However he wouldnt sleep, just scream!!! long story short, I didnt sleep much! I was going to get up and go get some hours in!!
BUT!! I did not..

I have decided that the "terrible twos" are not every two year old being terrible. Its every parent letting their child get away with being terrible BECAUCE they are terrible. AND.. this is not a road I am traveling down, becauce trust me, I have seen the outcome of terrible twoers, turned into just horrible kids in general who everyone hates because they.just.dont.mind.or.respect. authority.

I am cracking down. Thus far in our parenting journey, we beleive in spanking, and disicpline, and have a overall well behaved boy. However, when he cries, sometimes, some people give into little boys, not naming names, but men can stand to hear babies cry..!

Because, I have read enough to know, that this early, is where they mold their respect for authority, and by golly he is going to behave.

Okay. so, I was a little frusterated today, but so far my new technique of putting Austin in his room and shutting the door, not letting him come out until he stops crying AND says he sorry is working.

He has gone in his room, for punishment, TWICE today. Each time for less than three minutes before he came out and hugged me.

So. I am hopful that my boy will not just be one of THOSE boys, that women let misbehave BECAUSE he is a boy. Because I didnt get to misbehave, and I think its unffair to let males misbehave on that basis, this is where womanizing comes from. IT REALLY MATTERS!! if thier mothers let them.

So. with that.

We also did some fun stuff so far..

We went outside.. For less than 15 minutes. Because Austin wanted to wear his new shoes, instead of his boots. I told him they would get wet, but he insisted. So. we came back in after a few, but it was worth it to him!

We had lunch, and watched some Kipper, and Austin is now in his own bedroom, with his door shut, sleeping away..

making funny faces on mommys prompt

watching Kipper

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Potty Training / and the many happenings of our weekend!

Austin had his two year doctors visit last week!
And got a clean bill of health. Our little pudger is 31 pounds..
While there, I was told that he is doing great, no bottle, no nunny, sleeping in bed, eats well, drinks well, plays well with others. So I guess we need to start veutring into potty training.

For a while, I have been trying, and thinking about it, but really had/have no idea what  to do ,how to start..
I mean, I feel like  Idid when I brought him home, complete amaturer..
But now I am a seasoned pro, so maybe we will do okay.

The doctors advice was to let him go naked all day, have the potty in the living room, and set a timer, when it goes off, have im try to go.

So thats how we started.

He did okay..

He loved being "free" aka.. naked! I already knew this, because he does it, whenever he gets a chance..

But he wasnt too keen on staying on the seat for longer than .002 seconds it seemed like..

So, you know me, I had to add my own flare, and decided to go with a reward system.

If he goes #1 he gets an M&M ( he doesnt quite understand the concept of seeing candy and not getting it)
If he goes #2 he gets a matchbox car.. ( which  he hasnt yet)

So we did this for a couple few hours, with no pee or poo...

Then.. He said  " me pee"
and yes he did. On the floor!

So, we are taking it one day at a time.. baby baby steps..

Today at the store we let him pick out a couple cars, for when he does poop!

When we got home, he told me he had to.. so we get on the seat. And, without getting into the gross details.. he proved he knew what it meant, but he was constipated, and still hasnt gone.. He has a belly ache
or "bell boo-boo" as he says..

We also went snomobiling today.. THAT was fun!! Austin loved it!!! ( so did Abby)

When  I went to pull start the sled, I punched myself in the nose.. Thought it was broken, and was going to bleed everywhere and scare Austin half to death. Luckily, that wasnt the case. But it did hurt..
Keith was inside the house, laughing his a$$ off!!!
It was pretty funny! ( after the fact)

It was a good weekend! Last night we were bubba free, which is fun, yet we always miss him.. He loves spending time with his "meemee", and I am sure she enjoys it almost as much.. maybe more.. who knows..

All I know is, he talked to her on his fake phone, EVERYDAY, and if you mention going to her house, he is the first one out the door!!

We got to hang out with our neighbors, come home and have a couple drinks..

It was a good weekend,
Now I gotta work allll week, which I am sooo EXCTIED about!! I am almost done with this part, then I can start working!!

Have a great week!

Friday, February 4, 2011


side comment: This is post # 90...
( and also I think it will be a get-it-off-my-chest-post!!!)

For those of you who know me, and those of you who know me AND love me ( yes they are two different things, because lots of people know me, but fewer love me too)

You know, no matter which catagory you fall in, on a basic level, what type of person I am.
And if you still read this blog, after 90 posts, then you must know me, and want to know me, because you keep reading..


I am your basically average gal! I like shopping, I like realitiy television, I like cuddling, I like scary movies, I like gossip.. You know, the basics to being a girl.
I do these things, but on deeper levels, you may not know who I actually am. And sometimes I dont know compelety either.. In fact I would go so far to say I that I do not, I discover things about myself all the time.

And for sake of not bringing up the past, I would like to think that I have grown up a lot, and really truly learned a lot in the past couple years, more specifically, last year.

I learned ALOT of lessons, thus far.

Do I have any regrets?

yes.. and no.

yes, because I have hurt people along the way, and some of those people really mean/meant a lot to me, this I would change if I coud.. Yes, because I have lost people I love, and wish  I could have one more minute with them, I regret not spending more time with my Aunt..

No, because I am who I am BECAUSE of those things. And perhaps if they didnt happen, then I would not be me.

It's something I contatly battle with.

Or even more than that, trust.
But further, I would define my "flaw" as vengence..

Because Yes, I have hurt people, and the times when I was TRULY sorry, I meant it, and tried to make it up to the person.. Whether they forgave or beleive me, was their deal. I didnt EXPECT forgivness, but I did want them to know, that I know how I hurt them, and was deeply sorry! ( this is a generic statement, not always true)
So, when someone comes to me, and says they are sorry, it may be somewhat of a double standard, but I feel like I deserve some deep apology, because you have hurt me, furthermore, I find it hard to forgive people.
However, that is the thing I have learned. BECAUSE there is such a thing as change, and second chances..

The trusting is also hard for me, because once the seed of doubt is planted, its hard to get rid of it. It's not some dandelion weed planted in the grass that you can just pluck out.. Its the weed planted in cement, that once it settles.. ITS IN THERE.. FOR GOOD!!

I, however, have worked with this too.
I tell myself, that they can be trusted, but more than that, I just pretend I can, then I do..

However, and this is not a shocker for those who know me...

Letting it go! getting it our of my memory!!!! I just cant do it! Its so hard for me! I can forgive, I can 'trust' again, but I always look at you, and see what you did, I am not mad, I just cant get the memory out my head..

I cant change it either.. Its something that I have, because of the weird and bizzaro things I saw and 'went through' ( I know everyone says this, but EVERYONE goes through things) I find myself...

But.. I have so much love in my life!!!




So, we take our flaws, and learn from them, mix them up with out strong points, and live our life HAPPY!
and that my friends, I really am.. Happy.  and thats all that matters in the end!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MY photos

I have been working on sifting through some pictures I have recently taken, and cant wait to see how they do, on the grading scale.. Im not expecting some miracle...

Thought you might enjoy looking at them, and yes!!! I want feedback, especailly from those of you who are better at it than me you know who you are...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A strange day

First things first.. you gotta know TWO things before you know about my day!

1. I have a moderate to sever case of sleep anxiety*, ehich basically means that on nights I know I have to get up, I have trouble getting to sleep AND staying asleep. I usually also, wake up feeling like I never really slept.

and 2. I have a moderate to severe case of dramatic exageration

* I am not a doctor, and no doctor has ever told me this, I think I even may have made the word up, but its really true. and fitting. so I self diagnosed myself.. ( if you ever want one, I am free)

Okay now to my day...

Last night, we stayed up late watching INCEPTION, which was insanly good, then we went to bed, proceeded by talking about the movie until one in the morning.. I think I feel asleep at some points..

Keith went to work, I went back to sleep at 530.. And 6.. Austin joined me in bed..

laddy daddy..

when my alarm went off, I rolled over, looked at Austin, and chose to let him sleep, which in turn, made me fall back asleep. which meant I wasnt going to be late for work..
BUT.. at 730 I woke up, and hurried up, so I could go..we hurried and made it to the car alittle late, but still with enough time.. I THOUGHT..

I drive like I always do, yet today for some reason Mr. Cop had to see me, had to turn his lights on, had to get behind me, had to make me pull over, had to tell me I was going to fast, had to let me go because I told him that if he didnt, then he didnt have a soul, because I was late, and had to pee, and was a really nice girl that derserved a second chance at life...  So. he did! I pulled back out, feeling very triumpent, YET LATE.. LATE.. LATE..
I push my foot down alittle more, after all it was his fault I was late.. and went to go around a turn in market square, behind an insanly slow man, and BAM, more like rub * in a whispered voice* did I brush his tailgate with my bumper.. Did he keep going? Did he forget about it? What do you think????

NOPE!! he pulls over and starts yelling at me.. AT ME!! can you beleive it? He had the nerve to drive slow, then hit my bumper then YELL AT ME!! who the hell did he think he was?
AFter 25 minutes, and waiting for the cops to show, who else is it, none other than Mr. cop from earlier in the day..
and I still had to pee..

FAST FORWARD to 1030 when I made it to work..

Then it was easy flying, best day ever!!

DISCLAIMER: none of this was factual, in fact, I had the best day, more non-hard day of them all.. Just wanted to feel like I was super busy or something.. sorry if I scared you!!
( but you were warned)