Sunday, January 8, 2012

a great start to a great New year!!

This year, thus far has been splendid.

A lot of relaxing, hanging out, spending time together!!

When just one sippy isn't enough

I have started planning Austins 3rd bday party, and invites are going out this week!!

As for Daddy and me, we are celebrating our fourth anniversary this coming weekend,
not to mention my birthday next week..

watching the Backyardigans while wearing daddys work glasses

'baby sitter' as Austin often referrs to my growing belly, is doing very well, we had one minor 'scare'
which turned out to be nothing, thank goodness..
I have gained 4 pounds since my last visit, and Addison is kicking like a rock star, Austin and daddy both have felt her little high kicks!

I love feeling her move, and it never gets old, even if I do pee a million times a night!!
She moves the most after I eat, speaking of eating
I havent really had any weird cravings. Only random things that I MUST have, then after having it once or twice I move on to the next weird thing.
one week it was ham, the next cole slaw, then pork chops, then sweet and sour chicken.. now I really want a maple filled doughnut from tim hortons..

With Austin it was peporoni pizza, which I had ALOT!


Ill be back next week, to write an ode to my 4 year marriage!!
( I know, be very excited!!)

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