Sunday, June 17, 2012


These past few weeks have been soo busy, and hectic and so worth all of the late nights I stayed up making beds, and folding laundry, in preparations of visiting family. Then staying up late catching up for the few short nights they were here. Austin and I were both so tired come Monday we sept until 10, but it was worth seeing my son see his family. He had such a great weekend

I've been thinking a lot lately about inspirtation, and how things like a beautiful ocean veiw, or hearing a man read vows to the women he is marrying, can stir something inside of us - to make us grow, or learn something or forgive, or love deeper.

My inspiration comes in the form of two beating hearts

four deep, soulful eyes

Defining moments in my life often have revolved around my being a mother. Becoming a mother stirred something inside me, which in turn made me, in time, a better wife, friend and family member. It has taught me so much.

Taught me to let the past go, and to not dwell in it
to forgive.. to listen..

Addison sophia one month

Taught me to enjoy even the small things, like dressing up like an elephant for no reason, on a random Friday afternoon, just because we can.

My family means the absolute most to me, I credit everything good in my life to them. For it is my children that make my heart beat, and my husband who takes such good care of us, and loves us so strongly.

Every family member in my life, whom I love and cherish mean something specail to me.
Whether they had a part of raising me, and who I became, or who came later and have a special part of my children's lives. And give them love and affection.

Another thing I have learned - you can never say " I love you" enough, and we dont.

We say it at least 100 times a day. Well, I do. Call it sappy, but I love them so much, it jsut pours out.

The Moshers - four generations
I dont want to have lived my life and ever question if those I loved knew how I felt. Knew that I aprreciated what they gave to me, or taught me.

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