Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good-Bye 2012, you did us proud

Well, Christmas was a complete sucess in all senses.. We have so many family members who love us, we had plenty of figgy pudding, parties and good food to last a month..

Everything was as amazing as I knew it would be, cousins who never see each other gathered around and played

And at home when we were all done fo the night, my kids played for hours with one another. Austin is so good with his baby sister, he knows just how to keep her occupied.

And they both loved their new toys from gandparents, while mommy and daddy sat back and watched. Banking the memory. Because it is amazing. I often caught Keith with a huge smile on his face. Because this is what parenting is all about, the joy we see in our childrens eye, the communion of family, even when babies are poopy and toddlers are cranky.. its STILL amazing

And our own family continued our traditions,
Christmas Eve pjs

Our milk, cookies and fruit for santa

On Christmas Eve we all went to bed waiting for Santa to come visit. We didnt even open our eyes a sliver because he would know.. When the morning came, Austin said " can we open our eyes mom?"
The excitment in his voice when the cookies were gone, when he saw his stocking, and the letter Santa wrote him.. A-MAZING

We were lucky to spend all day Christmas with family. Whom we love and love us.
It was a truly amazing year, and the best Christmas thus far in my twenty-four years

Now we are in vacation mode, lounding around in our pjs, watching movies, drinking coffee all day, eatin icecream, playing candyland and pretty much enjoying doing nothing.. The way life should be

We are saying good-bye to 2012 in style, that is if bedhead and sweats are stlyish.. potatoe potatato

I will be back next year, ready and rerring to go!
Happy New Year Y'all

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