Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New job and four months old

I'm in my third week of working at my new job, I was waiting to write about it for a couple reasons, mainly because I was giving myself some time to digest my feelings about leaving the kids and being seperated for the whole day. every day. But also because I wanted to get established in our schedules and new routines.

For the most part the kids are doing really great. The first week was excellent, Austin had his cousins at daycare to play with, and also his sister to help with.

Addy did great transitioning into having bottles during the day, and having naps and all the good stuff moms worry about when it comes to their littles..

I was pleasntly surprised when Austin wasn'y upset to see me go, and I thanked the Lord above for this because it would have broken my heart. And I honestly, am doing okay.

But when you add a women and mother who has spent the better half of two years being a home staying mother, some residual pregancy hormones and a little baby at home it could have been trouble..

I remember on new years eve I told Keith that 2012 was going to be a great year, I was 6 months pregant waiting for the birth of my daughter and was very hopeful. 2012 has not dissapointed yet, we have worked so hard in all aspects of our lives and it feels so good to finally feel like it's moving along..

This mommy is happy, I have such a rewarding job, I know my kids are safe, and seeing them after being at work all day really makes our afternoons so much sweeter. My babies are growing up so fast...

AND also.. Fall is here.. hello - all my favorite things..

Summer just flew by, but it was amazing

. Addison is four months old now. She sleeps through the night still, eats rice at dinner time, poops ALL the time ( lol) She has the sweetest laugh, we call it a taradactal laugh, its really more of a screach.. but oh so adorable. She loves her big brother, and loves loves loves to sit up.

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