Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This weekend was a magical one. One that left me in a pile of emotions, ranging from happy, proud, and a little sentimental..

My baby girl is one year old, I cannot beleive it.

We celebrated at our house, with what was planned to be a backyard BBQ, that ironically turned into a sardine canned inside party, where guests gathered shoulder to shoulder to celebrate little Addy. Where so many people who love my daughter took time to let her know, she is loved. She has a support system and that will never change.

With the.. let's say diveristy of my family, with the size of it, I am lucky, and my children even luckier, To have so many realatives to turn to, to love, to spend time with and make memories with.

It's a truley amazing gift.

She is lucky enough to share her birthday with her grandmother, a special bond I know all too well,

And I was lucky enough to celebrate Mothers Day with my grandmother and with my own mother, and of course my kids.

Being a mother is so amazing, it has taught me more about humanity, and humility, and love than I ever learned the first twenty years of my life.

The benefits come in smiles, and the look on my childs face when they have accomplshed something new, or the snuggles I get at bedtime, or the wresting and laughing that comes when Daddy plays

I am blessed.

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