Thursday, May 9, 2013

three hundred and sixty-five

Last year around this exact moment I was sitting  in the dark, with my husband sleeping sounding, and Austin at meme's, awake and waiting anxiously for the safe arrival of my daughter.
It was magical, the reality of a new chapter was tangible, I could still feel her moving under my belly, just hours from meeting her. I was nervous and excited and could hardly sleep
Over the past year, my newborn became a crawler, and is almost a walker
She seems to know that I am grasping onto baby-hood and is giving me the few exrta days to relish in it. Because she is so close to walking it aint even funny
Sweet Addison was born weighing 9 pounds and 1 oz. and now weighs 25 lbs
Addison loves her brother something ferice, and he seems to always know how to keep her busy when Im making dinner, and ALWAYS can make her laugh
Addy sleeps through the night, and is switched over to cows milk entirely now
Addy spends her days at Nanas with brother, and comes home to play in the afternoons with the family.
Addys LOVES to eat, There is not a food she won't eat, and with the GUSTO of a 200lb weight lifter. Food is her friend :)
This year went by in a whirlwind of emotions and memories.
Addison, you came into our lives and into our hearts. We love you more than life, and could not imagine life without you.
365 days have gone by, and I love you more each day.
Happy Birthday my sweet love


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