Friday, June 7, 2013

Goodbye Tball , it's been real

Over a month ago, if you remember
Austin started Tball, and after that first night I lost sleep, I worried, I called all the people who I call to comfort me, to give me mama advice and to lsten to my worrying rants about how I am doing everything wrong...
BUT, when we went back the second day for practice it was like my shy soft spoken little boy was a different person. Who played, and laughed and played Tball with his team.
And I never had to worry about him being shy after that, he was anything but.
I did, however have to stand with him on occasion to prevent the grass fights, butterfly chasing, and fighting over the ball that often occurs with a bunch of spunky four year olds.
He did good.
And managed to teach me something: some things you can't prepare for. Sure you can practice the skills like batting and running, or writing his name, and saying "please and thank you" but you can't teach a child how to act in a new setting.
You have to let nature take it's course. He will learn, he will grow and without his mother pushing him to do so.
You can't force a child to be brave, it is something that happens naturally.
School will be scary at first, he will miss me, he may cry and want to come home early,
I'm sure I will do all those things watching my baby get on a bus at first too
But he will learn, he will learn on his own, and he will do great! And
he will always know that I will be here, cheering him on, waiting to hear about his day when he get home.
Mommy will always be proud of you,
The innocence of children is magical and beautiful
When Austin recieved his trophy he was so happy, he later came up to me and asked me what a trophy was. He didnt even know, how adorable!
I told him a trophy is what you get when you win something, or do something really really good..
He gets a trophy for being so cute!

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  1. He is so cute. Becky you have done a great job!!