Saturday, June 1, 2013


Summer is upon us here in western Maine, where we spend days laying in the sun, playing in the pool and cooking on the grill

And we try not to take it for granted when its 95, because summer doesnt last too long up here
Our family likes to do it up right,
Enjoying Addys birthday present


I have been enjoying my new job, it is amazing and so rewardng working at something, going to school and finally having the peices fall together.
This year, thus far, has been so fufilling, seeing my goals become accomplishments and dreams reality. Being able to model to my children the same characteristics   I find important for them to have. Being able to see the progress I have made professionally as well as personally,
Which I have to thank my children for, being a mother is the one thing I am MOST proud of, and raising my chilren is the greatest gift I could ever hope for.
These two make my heart beat <3 p="">

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