Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bedtime Routines...

Life around the Mosher house, is hardly quiet, hardly predictable, and hardly boring..

As much as I love schedules, sometimes my hubbys spontaneious side is overpowering, and we end up doing things last minute..

BUT, we always have fun doing it..

One of the few things I like to keep constant, for the sake of my son, is routines, dinner routines, and bedtime routines are the biggest ones.

On a typical night
this is EXACTLY what we do, and in the exact order.
except every night  I Dont take photos.. lol

He loves bath time

a veiw from the top

we dry off and get in our pjs

take our vitamin

brush of teeth

" dont forget to spit"

read our daily bread

pray to Jesus

then Austin gets to pick a story, tonight he picked Chicken Litttle
Tomorrow I will feauture our morning routine!

" sweep dweams"

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