Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Have you ever taken an 400 mile impromtu vacation?

Well, if not, you really must try it.

In true 'Keith' tradition, on the spur of the moment, we decided to take a trip down to Jersy to see family.
It took less than an hour for me to pack the car, and by 1am we were snug at the in laws..

I keep telling myself, how much I like things to be planned, but this sort of spontanious behavior has its beauty..

We woke up on Saturday day morning and took a trip to the Zoo.

there were bears

and oh so many deer

not sure who loved it more



DADDY lions

even auntie ashleys

I never regret these trips..

I did regret not packing extra batteries, because on Sunday night, we headed over to PA, where all four of Keiths siblings got to be together, laugh, drink, and be extra super merry.

no pictures, on my camera, but I assure you.. They exist, and they are a riot.

Four siblings, all with such different personalities, is so cool to be around, and they make me feel like a part of the family and a part of the fun.

And what's better - they all LOVE our son..

And he loves them all too..

We had a great time, I only wish we lived closer. Because as soon as we pulled in austin said
" I wanna see Ashley, again "

And with September here, and labor day offically over, we now get to dust off the fall decor, clean our house, and prepare for the best season!!

Tomorrow, my house will be transformed..

And with the new seasons, come new goals.

While we are very happy, and love our family and lives, there is always room for improvement.

With a weekly family night, and dinners at the table, routine bedtimes, and date nights, we are leaning in and enjoying our trip through parenting, where our amazing son, Austin, teaches us something new each, and every day!

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