Monday, September 19, 2011

Joaquin turns 3!!

my first nephew turned 3 yesturday, which is a big deal, I mean three! thats huge!

In three years, he has learned to speak, learned to pee on a potty, he wears big boy undies all the time,
he has grown up so much!!

He has a little cousin, a little brother, and a little sister on the way.

He is very blessed, and so are we to have such a good boy in our lives.

Not sure why its so hard to get all three boys together, even though we do live so closely.

BUT when we do, its cute, and HARD, to get them in a picture together. BUT sometimes it works.

and boy arent they cute??

Renee with baby Kiera

Nany and Austin

Keke loved his cake

ALL his gifts

the birthday boy

baby cole

It was a great day, and it has been a completely great 3 years knowing you joaquin, I cant wait to see who you become!

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