Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ending the year, with a jolly holiday

I bleed Christmas,
I bleed tradition,
I bleed memory making for my children

Christmas is no exception, in fact Christmas is the essence of teaching our children
what giving and recieving is, of really giving them a feeling of traditon.

And the extra magic that Christmastime brings doesnt hurt either.

A daddy and son.. doing what daddys and sons do

Our Christmas eve tradition, with some very special people

opening our Cheistmas eve gifts

His new Pjs and slippers

leaving some treats for Santa

reading The Night Before Christmas before nodding off to dream of those sugar plums

Look what Santa left us

Austin was soooo excited about the tree

He took his time with opening his gifts, stopping long enough to ask to play with each one

his FAVORITE gift from Santa, the CASTLE

his cho cho

Daddys, ahem I mean Austins race track

Christmas at Memes


I am a very blessed mama, with a great hard working husband, who loves us and takes care of us,
To have a healthy happy toddler, and a little baby girl on the way.
To have a great home, and great family and freinds...

2012 is a new year, one of new life, and new beginings..

Im going to be 23 soon, jeez talk about old, right?
Austin will be 3!! jeez talk about growing up fast!!
and my hubby, will be a quarter of a century old..

not to mention our baby girl on the way,
Addison Sophia Mosher!!!

Talk about a lucky girl!!!

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