Thursday, March 8, 2012


Our desktop has been down for weeeks, but the few weeks of a break from basically everything online was really something I needed.
Sometimes we need to be unplugged for awhile to give us clarity. to help us feel refreshed.

But I really did miss blogging, among other things..

While I was gone, you missed a lot.

My first born, turned THREE!

playing with his birthday girft

 With our recent snow storms, we 'vehad lots of time to play in the snow,
Austin loves fishing..

he thinks the bait fish are his pets..

ice fishing with daddy

he told us he caught " A BIG ONE" but.. it was just the shiner.. shh
I wont tell him if you dont!

his new favorite phrase is "im so ecxited"
its cute!!

We made lots of snowmen,

he has mastered the art of rolling the snow ball

we built a TALL one on the lake..

Austin loves the snowmobile, as long as his ears are covered..

slidding down the hill

loving his daddy
As much as I do love winter, and I really do, I cannot wait for spring, with bunnies, and tulips, and egg hunts, and pastels.. Not to mention the birth of my daughter.

Did I mention I am offically 30 weeks today?

Addison and mommy are doing great, no major swelling or any blood pressure problems thus far.
I have graduated to going every two weeks now, and so far.. so good.

We are in the last leg, and this momma is getting excited!!!

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