Monday, March 12, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

I was awarded the versatile blogger award by my friend Susan, who also
has her own BLOG 

she is a creative entreprenaur who crafts and makes jewelry 

My job is to tell you seven things about myself you might not already know!

1.  I LOVE my family ( okay thats obvious if you read my blog, its all I talk about) But I feel those words do not do justice to the amount of love that is inside my heart for these people.. My husband, who is not entirely the same as me, but whose opposite qualities bring out the best in mine, and whose unconditional love has helped me grow up from the once teenager I was when we met, where all I cared about was myself.
My amazing son, who in three short years has taught me so much about life, and growing up, and what type of mother I want to be for him, and his baby sister, who is still growing inside of me, who already, has made my heart capable of so much more  love and happiness than I ever knew myself capable of, and I havent even gotten to see her gorgeous face yet, or look into her eyes, and start our lifetime bond!

2. I LOVE taking pictures, of things that make me happy, which is usually my family, but rainbows, and sunrises, and open beaches, all make me happy too.

3. I LOVE to scrapbook and blog, of course. Scrapbooking, so I will never forget a single thing about these  fleeting stages of my life, and my childrens lives. And blogging becauce I feel like I have so much to say, and blogging has helped my writing skills grow, and my love for it also.

4. I absolutly HATE writing with pencils.. I dont like the sound, and I think ink is so much more professional looking.

5.  okay, I LOVE holidays and special occasions, its what I, consider myself, a professional at.

6.  As I grow up, find my adult-self and who I really am, I find myself needing to feel in control. Which means always wanting things to look PERFECT, or feel perfect, but I've also learned that if you try to make things perfect, sometimes you miss out on the fun.. It's something I'm working on balancing, the need for perfection with the delicate need for messes sometimes..

7. I am a self proclaimed cat-person.. BUT love my dog very much! Abby is very much a big part of our lives and family. And wouldnt trade her any day.. ( well, there was that time she ate a dozen whoopie pies, or a 5 pound box of fudge)

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