Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loving the weather!!

This week's weather has been such a blessing, and
call it the hormones, call it my crazy pregnancy brain, but I am!

32 weeks today!

We've been playing outside enoying this unseasonably warm weather,

Eating popsicles..

Austin's favorite is blue.. ( I like the purple)

Playing in the dirt..

And at night we relax in my well cooled off house, where I have all my window fans strategically placed.

And call me a weirdo, but being so close to meeting  my daugther, has really got me sentimental..

So thankful for who I've become, who I chose to become, and who I chose not to become..

Thankful for the man who I get to spend the rest of my life with, who is such a hard working, honest man!

And most certainly for my amazing son, who is growing up to be such sweet boy. Who yes, has that mosher/ mommy temper, but loves life, loves animals, and most of all is gentle and caring..

an unexpected visit with one of Austin's cousins - Joaquin aka "keke"

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky, to meet Keith so young, and to create life, and love being a parent, and wife, and growing as a women...

But sometimes it's not about luck, because bad things happen to everyone, with no rhyme or reason,
There is no tab that the universe keeps saying that when Becky is too happy we'll drop a bomb on her of misfortune and bad luck..

Truth is, the world has horrible people, who do horrible things, people get sick, or in horrible car accidents, that they didnt deserve.. no one does..

It's our job, espeically as parents, to make sure our children understand that there are people who do suffer, and that the world isnt perfect, but by living life to its fullest, and being the best vesion of ones self, can create a better world.
By living a life of example for our children, can hopefully create a better more tolerant generation for them.

I've learned a lot in my three years as a parent, but mostly I learn more every day..
I learn things I never knew, and am so thankful that I GET TO BE AUSTIN'S MOMMY! ( and Addisons mommy too)

Baby cousin Kiera,  months old

And guess what?
I WANT nothing more than exactly what I have.

I could go on, but really the bottom line remains,
I am who I wanted to become, and I am not done growing..
I am constantly trying to become better - a better listener, a better dish washer ( okay well maybe just the silverware, I hate washing silverware)
A better mommy, who always puts her children first, always listens to them, and who tells them she loves them
at least a hundred times a day..

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