Monday, July 9, 2012


We've spent the past ten days enjoying a family vacation, Keith had an entire week off, and it was so nice to spend time all week, sleeping in, staying up late, going on adventures. We most defintly added to our memory bank, memories full of laughter, and lots of sunshine.

we watched some friends get married -and I love me a wedding

we took a trip to Storyland

we fingerpainted for good ole Uncle Sams birthday

I try to make vacations fun and exciting and different from our everyday routines, because where Im a stay at home mom, we do a lot of crafty things, but on vacation we all stay up late together, have no bedtime, watch movies, make homeade popcorn.. we even all slept in our room for the whole week.

I so love all the things about summer, we went swimming almost everyday, and Keith took Austin out on the boat a lot too, He still wont let him teach him to swim, but he did catch his first large mouth.. talk about a proud daddy

like father, like son
A vacation where all our meals were cooked on the grill.. and strawberry shortcake was involved.. yes please sir!

corn on the cob
There were plenty of naps to go around, daddy works hard, and he derserved it too

daddy's little girl
We went totally retro too, and tyed dyed us some hippy style t-shirts..

the 70's Mosher family
It was a stress FREE week, with so many memories made, just to remind me of how lucky I am to have this family, and these children to love and raise, and one handsome hubby to get groovy with for the rest of forever.. ( okay, that sounded wrong, I was just incorperating the 70's vibe)

back to the grind

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