Monday, July 23, 2012


One of my favorite things is family, and friends.. Getting together with my sister, and ALL three of her kids at once is so rare for me and my children, it's like a special holiday, especially for Austin who LOVES and adores his cousins so very much..

Cole . Austin . Joaquin.

All of their personalities are so different, I can almost picture them 10,15 and 20 years from now and see who they are going to be.. Not that I want to get there anytime, I am much contented right here with a handful of toddlers, thank you very much..

Joaquin will be rambunctious, and loud, probablly play football ( have you seen his shoulders, Im thinking wide reciever)

He has no fear, and dives right into anything he sees ( not always a postive when there are bowls of chocolate around, ;) ) including mud, rock piles and probablly when he's older - the ladies.. lol

Cole is an old soul, with his thoughtful expressions, and perfect abilitiy to make friends with everyone.

 He will be a class clown type, the funny guy who everyone wants to hang out with, because he can make you laugh with such ease..

Austin is more of an observer at first, he is methotical in all his choices, but give him a minute and he is right there on the front line ready to join in, conquer his fears and make friends.

With his gentle and caring personality he makes sure everyone is happy and most importantly to a mother, he is a real gentleman ;)

Whether my son and nephews decide to play chess, or star in a rock band, this momma/aunt will support and love them with her whole heart.

After all they have a tough job of protecting, and loving these two lovely little ladies

It's not gonna be easy boys!

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