Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy August

With Autumn right around the corner I have found focus hard to come by. Including sleeping at night, my mind wanders  from trail to trail for at least 40 minutes, before finally setteling on some funky dreams.
But I vowed to have a helluva good August, and thus far is hasn't let us down.

With the past two weeks stuffed with most of my favorite things, inspiration wasn't hard to come by

an abundnace of babies, sunshine, water, birthday parties, weddings, blue hawians,fireworks and fun made for some really memorable memories, but now it's time for me to crack down.

Now that Addy is three months old, and thriving on life, this momma is looking for work, to again, start another chapter in life. The reasons are many, but mostly to lift the burden off my hubby's shoulders and start moving forward in our life together.
I have had a couple interveiws, and remain hopeful.
Addison Sophia 3 months

Daddy works some major butt off during the week, but still always finds time for his little ones,  and of course, me. ;)

Austin also got a big boy bed,

 He is learning how to swim,

 and is also, a total ladies man! ;)

But, I have to say, it does wear him out

Happy August, I am going to try my hardest to not complain about this humitidy, because once the dead of winter hits, and my fingertips are blue I will be begging for it to return.

Heres to making the most out of life, one day at a time.

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