Monday, August 20, 2012


When you hear the word 'milestone' a picture of a little newborn comes to mind, because in the first year our little ones reach so many. From the first smile, to holding her head up, rolling over, sleeping through the night, laughing out loud. These are all milestones in Addison's first year, that she has reached!

I remember the first time both my children smiled, it imprinted on my heart, left a forever memory, that just thinking about makes my heart swell with pride and love.

These two little creatures, who were once totally and completly dependant on my body for their survival, whose growth and nourishment came from my body after birth, whose happiness and confidence comes from my love and affection today.

This is the hardest job I could think of having, being a parent, giving of your natural selfish desires to put those of your children ahead of your own. It may be hard, having such a huge responsiblity, to raise a child with morals, and campassion, with respect and love, but I can honestly say, that when you see your child reach a milestone, whether developmental, like with Addison lately, or social like with Austin, it makes it all worth it.

It puts my entire life into perscpective, when I find Austin in the morning stumbling to surprise me with his outfit on for the day, sometimes all twisted around, and inside out, but to see the pride on his face, so proud he got dressed all by himself.  It makes me proud, and having children has made me a better person.

As Austin reaches the end of his third year of life, I can't help but get a little sentimental..
Three years ago he was as small as Addison, rolling over, and sucking his thumb, now he is a growing boy, so full of knowledge, and love.

I am one proud mama of the boy he is growing up to become, I know he will be a good  man. And this is because there are so many family members in his life for him to look up to, and who love them with all they've got.

He is already such a good big brother, and helps me with so much. Not because I tell him to, but because he loves her and wants to help every chance he gets.. Sometimes a little too much, like this morning when he thought she wanted to sit up, luckily I was right there to stop him from trying to lift her..

God bless his heart.

He has offically entered the "why" phase. Having questions about everything.single.thing he hears about. whether it be riding a motorcycle, making a smoothie, or the tough subjects like death, in the akward places like a store, in front of strangers..
I love the innocence of childhood

I love this stage in his life, and will cling to it as long as I can, grasping onto his innocence and sweet preschooler stage. But also look forawrd to his next milestones, which look like spelling his name..

I am one happy woman right now, high on her momma love, just thankful to be alive and as lucky as I am.

Today my daughter rolled over.

Life could not get any better than it is in this moment.

Here's to life!!

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