Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mommy Vacations

Tonight I had the best sort of vacation, not the sort that involves taking days off from work, or even packing a bag.. No, mine was simple. I escaped to the bathroom, and took a shower by myself, with the door shut, hot water steaming the mirror, savoring the quiet time. I shaved my legs with shaving cream, heck even shaving them at all sometimes is a conquer. I followed the drections on my conditioner bottle, I showered until there was no hot water left.
 I really thought about prolonging what I thought would be a warzone when I exited my heaven, a screaming baby perhaps, a stressed out husband, or a naked toddler, any of these are plausible in our household.. But I walked out to a father and son building blocks next to their baby jumping along in her seat. It was so funny.

On days when my job is particularlly stressful, or Austin has one too many toddler meltdowns, or Abby gets into the trash I often too easily lose focus on whats really important to me.

Mainly and most importantly, my kids. Their future, their present really - their childhoods. I want to be an example, and teach them right and wrong, compassion and patience. And while when one asks God for one such a virtue it is not hand deilevered fed ex for your immediaite usage, no, when one asks God for patience or kindness, God gives you a situation in which you can triumph and use it.

Austin's first time washing the car

My mommy vacation really help reset my mindset, I took a little timeout, and felt so much better for it.

Sometimes it's all you need to help find focus. I found my focus and I am ready to finish out the week with an overabundance of paitience and kindness.

Who couldn't just pinch these cheeks??

Happy October

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