Wednesday, October 10, 2012

updates and routines

Well Fall is most certainly here,
And besides our Halloween countdowns, and pumpkin carving, and leaf jumping, and forest adventures, we have been getting into a full blown routine each morning, slowly working out the kinks, and trying to devlop some sort of routine

Two months into working and daycare one would think we would be all situated, but let me tell you...

EVERY. night is different. Some times Addy doesn't sleep, sometimes Austin has nightmares, sometimes we all sleep really great, but then forget to wake up at alarm clock and BAM we're late..

Sometimes Austin can't get to Nana's fast enough to play, other times it takes all I have jsut to get him out of his room.. Sometimes I remember everything I need, and sometimes I forget everything I can..

Some days are really great, and others are stressful. But no matter how hard, or easy, fun or stressful each day is, when I leave daycare, knowing my kids are safe, I go to work, and I work, and deal with whatever sort of day I am gonna have, and when I get home I try to leave it all at work, and dive into my afternoons with the kids..

Tuesady I had one of those days are work.. When I got home I grabbed a rake, and raked and raked until our pile was as high as the sky, and we jumped, and ran, and went for a walk. I dove right into my kids.

The ebb and flow of working and being a mom is sometimes hard. But knowing I have to, makes me feel like I am leading by example, what better way to show my children what good work ethics are, or how benifical and rewarding it is to help others in need. Not just words, actions.

I am blessed to have such a job, not something that gets me through the week, but something I love, and feel like I am making a difference in others lives. Hard work, but worth the work.

And working all day, makes it jsut that much sweeter when I come home to my kids.

This week Austin made his first cake - ALL. BY. HIMSELF. He will tell you " mommmy did the eggs, because those are hard" and also I put the cake in and out of the oven
But he mixed, poured, frosted and sprinkled ALL. BY. HIMSELF.

( sorry no pictures, my camera doesnt take inside pictures anymore :( )

BUT, we did go scouting, and Autin found some footprints, ALL BY HIMSELF..

He is growing up so fast, his birthday s right around the corner, and if you ask what he is getting its a kitty, and if you ask how old he will be he will tell you five.. He doesnt want to be four, he wantes to go to school.. so cute!

Today, Addison is five months old. Five months have gone by, but somehow I feel like I have known her my whole life.  She is so sweet, and is growing so fast. Minus her sleeping through the night mishaps, she is flourishing. She is stil lbreatfeeding minus two bottles a day at daycare. She also eats a veggie for lunch and for dinner. She can roll over, she loves het tootsies, and loves loves loves her big brother. He can make her laugh when even I cant.
Addy - we love you, and can't belieive you are so big!!

Mommy and Daddy are having a date this weekend, Austin askes me everyday " is it saturday yet" because he LOVES to go to his meme's.. But mommy is also very excited to spend time with her hubby.

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