Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catch - up

We've spent the month doing fall-ish things like raking leaves, and jumping in them

We had an impromptu costume day, where Addy wore Austins baby costume..
austins dinosuar costume from last year
Let me tell you, if you wanna get sentimental, just put your baby in your firsts baby's halloween costume... I had forgetten litle details from that day, when seeing Addy in it memories started flooding in.. We visted so many family members, had dinner and Austin ate squash in my dads high chair. Austin took his first steps at my step dads.. It was so sweet, and my babies look so much a like
of course I added a little girlish touch with the bow
 It was just what I needed after such.along.and stressful week at work,
Inspiration has been easy to find, but hard to hone in on lately.
Just call me Stella, Im trying to find my groove.. or get it back, with all this working, and sleepless nights..
 Sometimes it's easy to get a little cranky, the key I find, is to rally.. I fake it till I make it, including energy. When I have none, I hone in on some that I have stored in the recesses of my body and get the job done..

All in all, we are doing good, with the stressful comes the moments that remind you what you are doing, WHY you are doing it..

my reasons? My family. When work is so horffically stressful? I jump in leaves, or I have a reading picnic..

This past weekend was youth hunting day - Keith brought out his cousin.. We went shooting before, and unfortunaly they didnt see anything, but hey the season has only just began, and we are excited!!
( not abot getting up at the break of dawn)

Halloween is just around the corner, and its the first holiday in my magic holiday trio, I am not allowing myself to plan for turkey day until halloween is over, I gotta live in the moment, sometimes I get ahead of myself.. like planning Addys birthday? okay gotta slow down..

See you on Halloween with two cute little babies you just cant help but fall in love with.

Happy Halloween y'all

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