Wednesday, November 7, 2012

pictureless post

So I've been without a camera for weeks, I can take the occasional outdoor photo, and I do. But with winter on the brink we are rarely outdoors, its COLD out there..
Photos have always been inspirational to me, they ignite my writing flames, they give me fuel to write. But without my camera I have found new ways to gain insipration, I find myself without many posts lately, and that bothers me..

Writing is my artist outlet, for many reasons. In years to come I will look back to these formative years in my marriage, and childrens lives and be able to remember things I wouldnt have otherwise.

Photos add to the texture, make the words I string together come alive, make it become a story that others can enjoy with us.

Since my last post, I have literrally taken zero pictures, but I have made memories.

We took Austin trick or treating last week, for literally five hours, he did so good. I could really see how much he is growing, and while it stung a little to realize he is almost four, it make my heart swell with pride. He went to the doors knocked, and was not shy, he would say somewhat timidly " trick or treat" and the people would oggle at his sister and how good he  was. It was fun.

Addison is too growing up faster than I imagined. She can sit up all by herself, play for up to 30 minutes without falling back onto her boppy. She is still having trouble with sleeping alone. Something I admit doesnt so much bother me when we cuddle all night.. A quickly passing phase I am grasping to for dear life. On any given night she will be found nestled between her momma and daddy. IF Austin wakes to find his siter gone he usually sneaks in as well in super stealth mode, I wont even realize hes there until dawn when Keith wakes up..

All in all, we are still here, kicking, and really enjoying our Holiday season.
This year a rather quiet Thanksgiving planned with only a couple family members, but so much love.
Im mostly excited because Austin is so into helping me cook lately.

Im off to cuddle and snuggle.
Happy Holidays

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