Friday, November 23, 2012

Mrs. Holiday ( no relation to Billy) *

That's my name, don't wear it out..

Coming in second to the most fesstive women to ever have roamed this earth, Mrs Clause obviously wins that hands down.. But besides her I bet I could win any pixie tossing, candy cane throwing, tinsil and garland contest there is..

Unitl I had children, I never grasped the awesomeness of the holidays..

OF COURSE, I understand what Christmas is all about, I was raised in a christan school, and I appreciate it, and even celebrate it. But am also thankful for the secular community's contribution to holidays, because part of being a child is really the essence of the holidays, not just the gifts, really thats the last best thing about it for kids.. Its the magic, the wonder..

And being the matriarch ( the coolest job EVER) of my family, I get to govern the magic and wonder of my childrens childhoods. and not just the Christmas ones... ALL of them..

The pen is in my hand, I am writing the story they will tell their children, I am holding the pink, frilly pen with the ink to their memories.. The way I chose to raise them will affect them for their entire lives, it will be with them and be their inner voice for their entire lives (believe me I know, I had parents) 

Our holidays kicked off in style, with our third annual thanksgiving dinner, hosted by yours truely.
And every year it gets better, and easier as a host. As I am growing up, and learning more, I find it funner. As a child I really disliked thanksgiving.. As an Adult its totally ones of my favorites..

And with Thanksgiving over, and our cornucopias away for another year, I spent the day relaxing, and vacumming, so we can unpack our nutcrackers, and snowmen..  We're gonna rock around the Christmas tree all weekend, dancing and decorating..

Because that's what we do.

* disclaimer : I have no clue who Billy Holiday is, I've heard of him though...

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