Monday, November 12, 2012

terrible twos?

Of course every mother looks forward to their children hitting milestones,learning new things, and discovering things they did not know before, at whatever pace it may be.
But thanks to tradition, and a few old wives tales all moms clear their throats, and dig their heels into the cold ground when their babies start hitting their second birthday..
Because apparently ALL children are terrible their second year of life.. Personally the second was a peice of decadant chocolate cake compared to the gruelling third year..
I'm being overlly dramatic.. sort of..
When the third year comes, and comes, and comes, and it gets closer to the fourth year, a young toddler becomes an active, imaginitive, wild preschooler. Who sleeps less, eats more, and never stops learning, (or listening, but thats a whole different post.)
They really develop their own personality, they start to realize they are their own person, which in turn makes them push their limits..
Anyhoo Im somewhere between a very good boy and a wild and limit-pushing one..
It comes with ther terririoty, but believe me, if you want to question your ability to parent, on a daily basis..Have a son.
I've said it before, and I still mean it just as much,
It's a hard job, it's tough and it pushes you to your limits
But, at the same time, the return is sweeter than anything else there is.
It's the most rewarding job I have.
I swear he teaches me more than I could ever teach him..
Not to mention, he's pretty handsome too.

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