Saturday, September 28, 2013


I'll never understand why people don't like fall,
my husband, bless his heart, falls into the catorgory of those who find fall depressing, becauce leaves are dying, and air is cool, and maybe even because the days of not wearing a shirt and bass fishing whenever you please are over for the year.
Cousins, Cole, Austin and the birthday boy, Joaquin
Me? I love fall, I love the air, I get to wear sweaters, and fleece and cute hats.
I love the colors, some of the most beautiful colors god created he saved for fall,
the hues of orange and red and all the yellow? I mean Spring has its beauty, don't get me wrong,
But fall takes the crown... by far!
When fall comes, not only is the season litterally changing, noticably, moreso in Maine. But our own seasons change as well, no more are the beach trips and late night campfires, now is the time for orchards and late night movie nights cuddled with your loves, your house filled with the aroma of fresh baked pies.
Fall really comes at the greatest time, yes summer is over, but fall comes to settle us in for the long and magical winter before us.
It's really a slow and easy sort of transition, and


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