Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Chapter's

As I sit and write, I realize it's been months since my last post, and between these past few weeks I have taken time off from writing, I have spent time with my family, gone house hunting, bought a house, started a new job in my career study, started my first baby in school, lost a loved one, questioned the universe and all it's matter..
Tonight I am sitting in my new house, with my dog by my side, a tea on the other, my babies sleeping in there own rooms and know, more than ever this is exactly where I am suppose to be.
And this understanding is exactly what I have needed after such a crazy whirlwind summer, that I am a wife, a mother to two littles, a hard worker, a homeowner and a friend, I am all these things, at the exact time I'm suppose to be.
You could say being a grown-up, and parent is like being a juggler, you see others do it with ease, and think to yourself that you wish you could be as smooth, BUT know,  that we all have our shining moments, our niches of perfection where we really do shine.
This summer was amazing, even with the sorrow, I see the bigger picture, I choose not to see the negative. I choose to be posititve, I have two children to raise, and I look forward to doing it in our new home.
We spent 18 plus hours working to make this home our own, and we are finally in. This is night three of staying here.
It. feels so right, we belong here.

Here's to another chapter in our life together

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