Friday, May 27, 2011


Bear with me, in my lack of posts, I am cramming for my insuranse exam hoping againest hope I can pass, so June 7th, make sure to pray for me!! :)


May was a month, of mostly rain! Some sun here and there, however the general forcast was RAIN!!!

So, after 10 days of nothing but crop-growing-wet-stuff, We had sun, and 80 degree temps. and my girlfriend and I, did not hesitate to take advantage of it.

So, we packed up our kids and headed to the beach. Where we not only found a deserted beach and playground just for the taking, but we also found a texas-size black flys nest*

* dont worry you out-of staters, your not missing anything with black flies

we got eaten up, and had to leave after about an hour.
BUT! We had a lot of fun!!

He has  ZERO hesitations about water
( also pronnounces " YABBA")

Playing on the beach

Baby Jasmyn

Say: "EEE"

sooo handsome!

all 3 kiddos

let's take a walk

Austin's favorite thing at the playground
as Jordyn would say: the swing!

After the beach I thought it would be fun to get pulled over, so I got that over with and then went to Nana's to play with "eddie" ( mckenzie) and " ee-um" ( Liam) ..

Yesturday we spent alll day at Meme's house.

We were throwing Nany a surprise party...

luckily Meme has a screen house
can you say: NO BLACK FLYS?

nany's cake - austin help decorate
So many pretty flowers in bloom (more to come)

Apple blossums we picked.. and forgot to take home
( you know me)

Nany and keke finally made an appearence and we had a blsat with the boys..

What a great Week!
Today is our Teddy Bear party at daycare!!!

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