Monday, May 2, 2011

It may not be glamerous in the tom cruise, hugh hefner, sense..

But what isnt glamerous about..

my little helper?

my tennis ball obsessed dog?

playing peekaboo?

little smirfie smiles?

gorgeous lake front?

abby- austin's best friend

handsome hubby fishing?

"puppy" on the boat

bubba smalls "fishies"


a loving- imperfect- family


Our glamour is having burgers on the grill.. Cold bud in one hand, and bubbles in the other.

Staying up late, watching scary movies, listening to our baby sleep..

Its a wonderful life, and it's all MINE!!
( well and theirs too, but my point is, we are so lucky to have each other?? I mean did you see my hubby? I am a lucky women.... )

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